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Working Groups

FYEG has many dynamic working groups. They are a place for our activists to meet, debate topics and develop campaigns and ideas. If you are interested in engaging with other European activists, do not hesitate to contact us and become part of the creation of new greens ideas for Europe! For more information, please reach out to the working group responsible, which can be found by clicking on the title of each working group.

Social Europe

Young people are having a hard time in Europe. We want to talk about work and income, debate around topics such as basic income and minimum youth wage and inspire our election campaign with great ideas and proposals. Youth unemployment and precarity shall be the priority of this working group and it is already the priority of FYEG, as we have been working on projects that will fund activities in 2019 and will allow us to re-politicize these topics. EC responsible: sam@fyeg.org, greg@fyeg.org

Sustainable Europe

The Paris agreement and the 2030 Agenda have been signed but much still needs to be done in the energy, water, waste transports and industry sectors. The ecological transition has started but we have to make sure that this transition is fair for workers, farmers, women and essentially, for the next generations, who will pay the costs of our actions. Do you know/have expertise about these topics or would like to bring your energy and passion to the table? Be our guest! EC responsible: irene@fyeg.org, zuzana@fyeg.org

Welcoming and Inclusive Europe

Fascism and racism are the skeletons in the closet of Europe. We want to push for a Europe where everyone is welcome, where freedom of movement is seen as a fundamental right and where we overcome difficult situation through empathy, solidarity and cooperation. With the rise of far-right movements, islamophobic and anti-Semitic attacks (also homophobic and sexist), we must stand up. We need a big crowd of activists working together to bring ideas to keep Europe inclusive, strong, open, feminist and proud! EC responsibles: anna@fyeg.org, katri@fyeg.org


In 2018, we had a seminar on Social Commons in Poland. This July we will gather in our summer camp in Croatia to learn about Environmental Commons and, finally, we will learn about Digital Commons in Budapest next Autumn. This working group will be working on a Dictionary of Commons, an Ecosprinter edition on the topic and other follow-up activities for Commons lovers! If you are a beginner, don’t be shy, we will welcome you as well! EC responsible: anna@fyeg.org, project.manager@fyeg.org

Food Systems and Animal Rights

In this Working Group, we will be working on making our food systems more sustainable. How can we ensure all citizens have access to good and healthy food? How to allow farmers to earn a decent income? How should change our food system to make it fight climate change and the loss of biodiversity, rather than contributing to it? How can we defend animal rights in this context and in others? Join THE discussion and foresee the future you want regarding this topic. EC responsible: antoine@fyeg.org

Gender and inclusion

Inequality, discrimination, violence against women or other marginalized genders do exist, despite many do not want to see it. A patriarchal system works in a similar way than fascist or capitalist systems, where there are clear structures of power that, in this case, prevent women, girls, and the LGBTQIA+ community from having a fair and fulfilling life. The MeToo and Time’s Up movements are just the tipping point of the iceberg, as race and economic status turn most of the victims into silent victims. Join our feminist battle! EC responsible: katri@fyeg.org