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Working Groups

FYEG has many dynamic working groups. They are a place for our activists to meet, debate topics and develop campaigns and ideas. If you are interested in engaging with other European activists, do not hesitate to contact us and become part of the creation of new greens ideas for Europe!

For more information, please reach out to the working group responsible, which can be found by clicking on the title of each working group.

Just Transition

Tomorrow’s world cannot be imagined without a just transition to a carbon-neutral society. We need to stand up for our rights because being fossil free or having "progressive climate policies" doesn't necessarily ensure a just future for young people. In 2020, FYEG will organise several activities in relation to the topic of Just Transition as part of a work plan supported by the European Youth Foundation. Project details can be found in the long description, by clicking on the working group’s name. Act together with brave activists, give your contribution in saving our future because it’s not just a transition! EC responsible: Antoine (antoine@fyeg.org)

Feminist Network

The Feminist Network is a Europe-wide platform where we listen, share and take action! It is the place where we exchange knowledge about inspiring feminist movements and how we can be a part of it. Here, we can work as an expert team on the implementation of safer space policies and gender mainstreaming in our organisation as well as organising empowering events. We work alongside the political platform of FYEG to explore the possibilities of doing online campaigns, webinars, publications or writing policy papers. Please note that the working group consists of women, trans and genderqueer persons only. EC responsible: Stalo (stalo@fyeg.org)

Social Europe

There is no climate justice without social justice. In 2019, FYEG was hosting activities and making plans for a Social Europe, with fair healthcare access, education, workers’ rights and housing for all. The 2019/20 Social Europe Working Group is continuing these plans with discussions, actions and sharing knowledge of different social rights contexts across Europe. What are Green Economics? How do we achieve inclusive education systems? Why are mental healthcare systems failing? Young greens are discussing these topics and more with focus on their impact on young people. EC responsible: Eleanor (eleanor@fyeg.org)