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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) leads FYEG on behalf of its member organisations and is the deciding body between General Assemblies. The members of the EC are elected by the GA on a voluntary basis.

Executive Committee Reports

The EC is committed to transparency. It regularely uploads minutes for its meetings and other records. VIEW EC REPORTS

Antoine Tifine
Les Jeunes Ecologistes (France)

Antoine is a Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty Activist from Rouen (France), currently living in Belgium. He joined the French Young Greens seven years ago and took part to its first FYEG event in 2012 in Barcelona. He was member of the French Young Greens Executive Committee during three years and of the Global Young Greens Steering Committee. Since he graduated in European Politics, he worked for a small-scale farmers union and for different environmental NGOs and collectives. In his free time, Antoine loves cooking, singing or binge-watching series.

Responsible for Finances, Transparency & Privacy, Alumni Network, Central and Western European Member Organisations, Food System and Animal Rights Working Group and UNFCCC delegation.

Eleanor Morrissey
EC Member
Young Greens of England & Wales

Mina Tolu
Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ, Malta

Stefanie De Bock
Jong Groen, Belgium

Nils Rübelmann
EC Member
Grüne Jugend, Germany

Mariam Vatsadze
EC Member
Georgian Young Greens

Kristy Louise Rhades
EC Member
Grön Ungdom, Sweden

Chrystalla Demosthenous
EC Member
Young Cyprus Greens