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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) leads FYEG on behalf of its member organisations and is the deciding body between General Assemblies. The members of the EC are elected by the GA on a voluntary basis.

Executive Committee Reports

The EC is committed to transparency. It regularely uploads minutes for its meetings and other records. VIEW EC REPORTS

Zuzana Pavelková
Mladí Zelení (Czech Republic)

Zuzana is a Young Green activist from Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. She joined Mladí zelení (Czech Young Greens) after working on the European elections campaign for the Czech Green Party in 2014. Zuzana studied international relations and human rights law in Germany, France, Hungary and the Netherlands. Her main interests include asylum and migration, human rights and gender. Zuza’s favorite tools for changing society are law, civil disobedience, and memes. What she likes about FYEG the most are the regular train adventures she experiences when travelling to EC meetings or other events.

Responsible for Office, Election Campaign, External Relations, Alumni Network, Eastern European Member Organisations and Sustainable Europe Working Group.

Email: zuzana@fyeg.org

Katri Ylinen
ViNO (Finland)

Katri is 27 year old green activist, feminist, and European politics geek passionated about climate justice, free movement, indigenous peoples’ rights and telling fascists to go f* themselves. She’s been active in Finnish Young Greens in regional and national level since 2014 and in 2016 she found her European family when she started her internship in FYEG office.

Currently Katri is working as a EU-project coordinator for Young European Federalists in Finland. She should be writing her thesis on EU policies on biodegradable waste management but she rather spends her free time with FYEG activism.

Responsible for External Relations, Northern European Member Organisations, Welcoming and Inclusive Europe Working Group, external Gender Officer and Gender and Inclusion Working Group.

Email: katri@fyeg.org

Antoine Tifine
Treasurer and EC Member
Les Jeunes Ecologistes (France)

Antoine is a Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty Activist from Rouen (France), currently living in Belgium. He joined the French Young Greens seven years ago and took part to its first FYEG event in 2012 in Barcelona. He was member of the French Young Greens Executive Committee during three years and of the Global Young Greens Steering Committee. Since he graduated in European Politics, he worked for a small-scale farmers union and for different environmental NGOs and collectives. In his free time, Antoine loves cooking, singing or binge-watching series.

Responsible for Finances, Transparency & Privacy, Alumni Network, Central and Western European Member Organisations, Food System and Animal Rights Working Group and UNFCCC delegation.

Anna Gumplova
EC Member
Mladí zelení (Czech Rep.)

Anna is a student of international area studies, focusing on Turkish foreign politics, and long term environmental activist from Prague. She is currently working for a Green deputy mayor for urban planning in Prague City hall. Her political interest lies in digital rights and digital security. Besides university, work and FYEG, Anna is involved in czech anti fossil fuels movement Limity jsme my, the Czech Young Greens and the Czech Green party.

Responsible for Central and Western European Member Organisations, Welcoming and Inclusive Europe Working Group, Commons Working Group, coordination of the Strategic Planning Committee, External Relations.

Email: anna@fyeg.org

Cansu Yetisgin
EC Member
Genç Yeşiller (Turkey)

Cansu holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations. Parallel to her studies she worked for youth and environmental organisations, which later lead to her to be an activist and politically active with the young greens. Originally from Istanbul, she has lived in Brussels, Armenia and Lyon where she is currently based. She likes to try DIY stuff, spend time in nature and swim. Her favourite –ism’s are feminism and environmentalism.

Responsible for Eastern European Member Organisations, coordination of Educational Activities and Recruitment Day. Contact person in case of harassment.

Email: cansu@fyeg.org

Gergely “Greg” Csaszar
EC Member
Lehet Más a Jövő (Hungary)

Greg is a young political activist from Hungary. He studied East Asian culture and currently political sciences. He is a member of the Hungarian Green Part, LMP and of the Hungarian Young Greens. Prior to being elected to FYEG’s EC he, alongside Cansu served as CDN’s executive committee members for one year. He lives in Budapest and participated in the recent general election campaign of the local greens. His favorite European capital is Prague and he believes our societies should be based on equity.

Responsible for Membership Coordination, Southern European Member Organisations, Social Europe Working Group, External Relations, coordination of the Structural Planning Committee.

Email: greg@fyeg.org

Irene Vivas
EC Member
Red Equo Joven (Spain)

Irene Vivas Lalinde. 25 years. ES/CO. Irene has been involved in green politics for two years at the Red Equo Joven and FYEG level, but her passion for human rights and climate justice dates back to her childhood. She thinks her best qualities are determination and optimism.

Internal Gender Officer , Responsible for the coordination of Working Groups, Southern European Member Organisations, Feminist Committee

Email: irene@fyeg.org

Sam Murray
EC Member
Young Greens of England and Wales (UK)

Sam Murray is a Green Artivist and proud trade unionist living in Middlesbrough in the UK. He is the former co-chair of the Young Greens of England & Wales, during the 2017 snap election campaign, and co-authored the party’s Youth Manifesto. He currently works as a creative industries researcher with Creative Fuse North East and is completing a PhD in music-based cultural policy. He is also a professional musician playing clarinet in the band Me & My Friends and sitting of the north regional committee of the Musicians’ Union.

Responsible for the Election Campaign, the EcoSprinter, Social Europe Working Group, Global Young Greens. Contact person in case of harassment.

Email: sam@fyeg.org