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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) leads FYEG on behalf of its member organisations and is the deciding body between General Assemblies. The members of the EC are elected by the GA on a voluntary basis.

Executive Committee Reports

The EC is committed to transparency. It regularely uploads minutes for its meetings and other records. VIEW EC REPORTS

Antoine Tifine
Les Jeunes Écologistes, France – ecolo j, Belgium – 27 – he/his/him – FR, EN, ES, DE

Antoine is a Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty Activist from Rouen (France), currently living in Belgium. He joined the French Young Greens seven years ago and took part in his first FYEG event in 2012 in Barcelona. He was a member of the French Young Greens Executive Committee during three years and of the Global Young Greens Steering Committee. Since he graduated in European Politics, he worked for a small-scale farmers union and for different environmental NGOs and collectives and he works now in the European Parliament. In his free time, Antoine loves cooking, singing, blocking polluters’s HQs and riding his bike.

Responsible for External Relations, Communication, Northern European Member Organisations, Training for Member Organisations.


Mina Tolu
Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ, Malta – 28 – they/their/them – EN, MT, IT, DE

Mina Tolu is a trans, queer and feminist activist with over 9 years experience in communications and campaigns. Mina has worked with LGBTQI organisations on the national and European level, including for TGEU - Transgender Europe. In 2017 Mina met FYEG for the first time at a Demasculinisation of Politics training in Istanbul, Turkey. This inspired them to take their activism to a different level. They started volunteering for the Greens in Malta and joined FYEG’s campaign team to prepare a European-wide campaign for the European Parliament. Mina loves cycling and making rubber stamps, they are currently based in Malta.

Responsible for External Relations, Communication, Eastern European Member Organisations, Office.


Stefanie De Bock
Jong Groen, Belgium – 23 – she/her/hers – NL, EN, FR

Stefanie was co-spokesperson of Jong Groen until October 2018. She was already involved in several FYEG activities like AlterCop and Demasculinization of Politics. In September 2018 she got the opportunity to start an internship at FYEG office. Today she is an anti arms trade campaigner and a provincial councillor for Groen in Vlaams-Brabant. In her spare time, she loves to shout through a megaphone for social and ecological justice. Stefanie is super interested in the history of movements, political parties and how they advocate for change. One day she hopes to write a book about this.

Responsible for Finances, Future of Activism StS, Southern European Member Organisations, Transparency and Privacy.


Nils Rübelmann
EC Member
Grüne Jugend, Germany – 25 – he/him/his – DE,EN,FR

Nils is an antifascist and climate justice activist from Dresden, Germany. He believes in movements, direct action and the power of determined people. That’s why he organizes and participates in demonstrations, direct actions and other forms of protests. And he believes in party politics, because parties can transform political ideas into concrete change. That’s why he joined FYEG and Grüne Jugend, was member of the FYEG Working Group “Future of Europe” for two years, became treasurer of Dresden Young Greens and worked tirelessly in the FYEG campaign team to bring the Green Wave to the European Parliament.

Responsible for Movements, Western/Central European Member Organizations and the Young Candidates Platform


Mariam Vatsadze
EC Member
Georgian Young Greens - 19 - any pronoun - GE, EN, DE

Mariam is a member of Georgian Young Greens where she found the second family and strong willingness to fight against capitalism and patriarchy. Two years of active engagement in Georgian political life, contributing her organisation to grow, she comes to FYEG to bring new perspectives from Eastern Europe. She currently studies physics at Tbilisi State University.

Responsible for CDN relations, Eastern MOs and webinars.


Stalo Demosthenous
EC Member
Young Cyprus Greens / Νεολαία Οικολόγων, Cyprus – 26 – she/her/hers – GR, EN

Stalo holds a degree in Environmental Science & Technology and a master’s in environmental Strategy. As a student she founded the Environmental Club at her University and she was the chairwoman for two years and she was the student representative for her course. Throughout her studies and still today, she is a volunteer for a Search & Rescue Team in Cyprus because Environmental and Social issues go hand in hand for her. Stalo worked for Young Cyprus Greens for the past year, where she engaged with youth work, public policy, social issues and environmental issues. She loves quality time with her family.

Responsible for Training for Member Organisations, South European Member Organisations and External Relations


Eleanor Morrissey
EC Member
Young Greens of England & Wales, United Kingdom – 25 – she/her/hers – EN

Eleanor joined the FYEG family as an intern last year. Since then she joined the Social Working Group and Coordination Team – helping out at the 2019 Unconference and Summer Camp – all focusing on social rights activism. Her day job is communications - first interning with the Greens/EFA Group and Council of Europe before starting at a consultancy in Brussels. She loves making politics accessible and understandable to the public – which means she is fluent in emoji. When not advocating about social and human rights, she likes to escape with a good book and hot cup of tea.

Responsible for: Social Rights Work Plan, Membership Coordination, Central and Western MOs, Webinars, Social Working Group.


Wanja Kaufmann
EC Member
Grön Ungdom, Sweden - 23 - she/her/hers - SWE, DE, EN, (FR)

Wanja is the former international secretary of Grön Ungdom (the Swedish Young Greens) and has been active in the Green movement for ten years. She was on her first FYEG-event in Prague 2016, and has beyond being engaged in the young green movement also been active in the international work of her mother party (Miljöpartiet), both as an EGP council delegate and in the board of the Green Forum, Miljöpartiet's aid organization. She has a burning passion for global justice, and is especially interested in aid and security topics. At the moment, she's studying humanitarian action, and she hopes to be able to work with climate related human security issues in the field one day. In her free time, Wanja loves playing and composing folk music (mostly klezmer and balkan), cooking delicious vegan food, doing long hikes and having intense (verbal) fights with conservatives.