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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) leads FYEG on behalf of its member organisations and is the deciding body between General Assemblies. The members of the EC are elected by the GA on a voluntary basis.

Executive Committee Reports

The EC is committed to transparency. It regularely uploads minutes for its meetings and other records. VIEW EC REPORTS

Mina Tolu
Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ (Malta) - 29 - they/their/them - EN, MT, IT, DE

Mina Tolu is a trans, queer and feminist activist with over 9 years experience in communications and campaigns. Mina has worked with LGBTQI organisations on the national and European level, including for TGEU - Transgender Europe. In 2017 Mina met FYEG for the first time at a Demasculinisation of Politics training in Istanbul, Turkey. This inspired them to take their activism to a different level. They started volunteering for the Greens in Malta and joined FYEG’s campaign team to prepare a European-wide campaign for the European Parliament. Mina loves cycling and making rubber stamps, they are currently based in Malta.

Responsible for South European Member Organisations, relations with the Greens in the EP

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Eleanor Morrissey
Young Greens of England and Wales (United Kingdom) - 26 - she/her/hers - EN

Driven by eco-socialism, feminism, and human rights, Eleanor joined the Greens in 2016 and became active in FYEG in 2018. Her day job is communications and policy for a health NGO federation. She loves making politics accessible and understandable to the public – which means she is fluent in emoji. When not advocating for social and human rights, she’s drinking tea with a good book or binge-watching detective dramas.

Responsible for Central and Western Member Organisations, Global Young Greens

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Stefanie De Bock
Jong Groen (Belgium) - 23 - she/her/hers - NL, EN, FR

Stefanie was co-spokesperson of Jong Groen until October 2018. She was already involved in several FYEG activities like AlterCop and Demasculinization of Politics. In September 2018 she got the opportunity to start an internship at FYEG office. Today she is an anti arms trade campaigner and a provincial councillor for Groen in Vlaams-Brabant. In her spare time, she loves to shout through a megaphone for social and ecological justice. Stefanie is super interested in the history of movements, political parties and how they advocate for change. One day she hopes to write a book about this.

Responsibilities for Finances, Awareness, South European Member Organisations

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Milan Zlatanovic
EC Member
Zelena Omladina Srbije (Serbia) - 27 - he/him/his - EN, BCSM

Milan is an activist from Serbia who considers himself a “Green anthropologist”. He has a Bachelor in Archaeology and a Master’s in Ecological Politics. He is passionate about learning about different cultures and contributing to creating a green and just world. Right now he is exploring the dynamics of East-West politics and sustainability in urban areas. In his free time he likes to spend active time in nature, play video games and daydream about abolishing capitalism.

Responsible for Eastern Member Organisations, Democracy and Inclusion Working Group, Just Transition Work Plan, Work Plan 2021, CDN relations, Young MEPs

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Clara Winkler
EC Member
Grüne Jugend (Germany) - 22 - she/her/hers - EN, FR, RU, DE

Clara is a European feminist climate activist. She started with activism in 2016 and looks back to several years of experience in the international work of Grüne Jugend, as co-spokesperson of local activist groups and being active in the Feminist Network of FYEG. Her superpower is creating feminist and inclusive structures. Currently, she is studying International Relations and Law. Almost every minute of her studies and free time, she is spending on learning and teaching about environmental protection, climate justice and gender equity. In the rest of her time, you can find her outside, mostly climbing in the mountains, hiking or sleeping in a hammock.

Responsible for Central and Western Member Organisations, happiness and mental health, Feminist Working Group, European Ideas Lab

Social media information: facebook, twitter, instagram


Gülce Yeniev
EC Member
Genç Yeşiller - 23 - she/her/hers - EN, TR

Gülce is a feminist activist involved with the greens for more than 4 years and was an executive committee member & international secretary of Genç Yeşiller until 2020. She took part in her first FYEG event in 2019 in Bologna. She holds a degree in political science and economics and is very into theoretical debates about equity and inclusion since then. She loves to cook and ferment unusual things, to sing lousy music and tries to calm herself by writing slogans about smashing the patriarchy in her free time. She is currently working on the establishment of the new green party in Turkey.

Responsible for: Eastern Member Organisations, Relations with GEF and HBS, MO Forum, Feminist Network coordination and Relations with Foundations

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Liam E. McClelland
EC Member
Young Greens of England and Wales (United Kingdom) - 32 - they/their/them - EN

Liam is currently completing a Master of Research degree in Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield. They recently completed their undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Theology at the University of Nottingham. Liam identifies most with the ecofeminist movement. A movement that is intersectional and centres the voices of marginalised communities at its very heart. Raised vegetarian, Liam has always been aware of the impact of industrial farming on the environment as well as the cruelty it has on animals. Liam is no longer talking about how individual action can avert a climate breakdown. They are focussing on empowering communities to pressure governments to enact legislation that will force the 100 companies who produce 71% of global emissions to act!

Responsible for: Gender and Inclusion Officer, Awareness Group, European Youth Forum and Foundations, Just Transition Working Group, Member Organisation Training, Northern Member Organisations

Social media information: facebook, twitter, instagram


Wanja Kaufmann
EC Member
Grön Ungdom (Sweden) - 24 - She/her/hers - SWE, DE, EN, (FR)

Wanja is the former international secretary of Grön Ungdom (the Swedish Young Greens) and has been active in the Green movement for ten years. Wanja was on her first FYEG-event in Prague 2016, and has beyond being engaged in the young green movement also been active in the international work of her mother party, both as an EGP council delegate and in the board of the Green Forum, Miljöpartiet's aid organization. She has a burning passion for global justice, and is especially interested in aid and security topics. At the moment, she's studying humanitarian action and working for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. In her free time, Wanja loves playing folk music, cooking delicious vegan food, doing long hikes and having intense verbal fights with conservatives.

Responsible for Coordination of Member Organisations, Northern Member Organisations, Alumni Network, Internal documents

Social media information: facebook, twitter, instagram