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Call for Participants: "Level-up" European Year of Youth Festival


The Federation of Young European Greens is opening a call for participants coming from FYEG’s Member Organisations to attend the “Level Up! Accelerating Change” event in Brussels and get financial support from FYEG.


The European Commission declared 2022 as the European Year of Youth and they are organising several events in this scope, one of them being the  “Level Up! Accelerating Change”, which will take place on 28th-29th of October in Brussels (Belgium). Level Up! is a youth event that is organised for the European Year of Youth and will gather more than 1200 local activists and offer space to boost their skills to accelerate the change in their community.


In the context of the European Year of Youth and as part of Level Up! evening networking events, FYEG is also organising an event with our young Green MEPs and elected representatives. The event is called “European Generation in Crisis”. This event will be a space for us to raise our concerns about the future of Europe as young Europeans and talk to European decision makers. The event will take place on Friday, 28th of October in Brussels (Belgium) from 18:30 (time TBC). You are also welcomed to read our Manifesto: Generation In Crisis, adopted by the FYEG General Assembly in May 2022, to get a bit of background on the reasons behind this event.


Participants to the Level Up! event selected by FYEG through this call will be required to attend the “European Generation in Crisis” evening event too.


FYEG will offer financial support for the travel, food and accommodation of participants that need to travel to Brussels for the event. Please note that FYEG will not organise accommodation or meals but will only reimburse expenses. Please read the financial conditions very carefully.


Please note that Level Up! is organised by the European Youth Forum and the EU institutions and FYEG has no control over its program, content, logistics or other requirements.


Participants: The Level Up! event is open to young people between 15-30 years old. We welcome applications reflecting diversity in all forms; therefore we encourage applications from those who identify as women*, LGBTQIA+, POC, or with a disability or other health impairment.

Language: The “Level Up! Accelerating Change” event will provide translation into EU languages. You can check more details on their website. The “Generation in Crisis” event is foreseen to be in English.

COVID guidelines: The European Youth Forum and the EU Institutions set the COVID guidelines for the Level Up! and FYEG has no control over the guidelines. Please consult their webpage for more information.


DEADLINE for submitting applications: Sunday, September 18th 2022 at 23:59 CEST. You will be informed about the results of the selection before the end of September.