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Working Groups

FYEG has many dynamic working groups. They are a place for our activists to meet, debate topics and develop campaigns and ideas. If you are interested in engaging with other European activists, do not hesitate to contact us and become part of the creation of new greens ideas for Europe! Please click their title below to find out more about each individual working group or to get in contact with the coordinators.

Gender and inclusion working group

The gender working group aims to raise awareness among young green organizations and among the wider public on gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights, Improving the gender and LGBTQ+ policies in young green organizations as well as fighting against sexism, patriarchy and gender based violence. In addition, FYEG stands for an open, intercultural and fair society where individuals are free to express themselves and pursue happiness. To do this, we want to empower traditionally excluded minorities and other discriminated against groups. This working group will discuss these issues and examine ways how we can make this a reality.

Food Systems and Animal Rights working group

This working group will provide space for exchange of information around issues ranging from food production (including agriculture/ agro-ecology, horticulture, permaculture and indoor food production) to food consumption (from alimentary restrictions and recipe sharing to freeganism and ethical shopping tips), animal and environmental rights.

Migration, Culture and Identity working group

Recognizing the freedom of movement as a fundamental Human Right is one of the core principles FYEG is built upon. In this very challenging period for the continent and amid ongoing humanitarian crises, the Migration Working Group has been working for years on promoting such principles - through online advocacy, group reflections and concrete organisations of awareness-raising actions all over Europe.

Climate Change and Energy working group

With global climate change, mankind faces its most crucial challenge ever. Energy and climate policies are at the core of the green project because we stand in solidarity with the global south, the first victim of the climate change, as well as with future generations. FYEG’s working group focuses on understanding the links between human behaviour and its consequences on the planet as well as promoting political solutions for a sustainable future.

Future of Europe working group

Through the current multiple crisis we need awareness, solutions and solidarity at a European level. Our aim is to open new debates and lines of action in order to strengthen the European project and enhance our future. In this working group our projects and debates will focus on a social Europe (trade and austerity) and democracy (Post-Brexit Europe). We attempt to connect young greens with their future, creating opinions and bonds between different backgrounds, countries and Member Organizations.