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The office of FYEG is located in close proximity to the European Parliament, and is shared with the European Green Party. Staff members in the office include the Secretary General, a Project Assistant and a paid intern. In addition, FYEG is supported by a webmaster on a voluntary basis.

Secretary General
30, Poland

I was born in coal-mining region of Silesia in southern Poland. I studied in Poland, Singapore and Indonesia and I graduated with MA in Comparative Culture Studies from Jagiellonian University in Kraków. During my studies I got interested in discourses on development and the issue of climate change and I started engaging in education for sustainable development. Before joining FYEG as Secretary General, I've been working for several other organizations, including United Nations Development Programme, Green Zone Foundation and Heinrich Boell Foundation. I was also an academic teacher in International Relations at university in Malang, Indonesia. Besides that, I work as a freelance trainer on topics of sustainable development, development education and climate change.

Office Assistant
26, Germany

Laura joined FYEG in September 2016. She studied her B.A. in European Studies at Malmö University and Science Po Bordeaux from 2011-2014. Since 2015, she organises workshops with the women's network Period here in Brussels. Currently, she is also doing a Master in Environmental Management at ULB. She is a convinced cyclist even in rainy Brussels.

25, Germany

Christoph has been with FYEG since 2012. His main responsibilities are keeping the website up-to-date, managing the over 100 mailing lists and helping the office as well as the EC with IT-related problems. You can also contact him regarding concerns over security and privacy. A student of Economics and International Relations, Christoph is interested many Green issues—especially those of inequality. You can send him encrypted emails using his PGP key.

Communications Officer
27, Georgia

Gio Megrelishvili is a green political activist since 2009. He is a Social Science and Gender Studies faculty graduate from Tbilisi State University and Malmo University. His main research area is looking at the intersections between masculinity, sexuality, climate and anti-capitalist activism.Between 2012 – 2014 Gio was leading a regional project at the Young Greens in Georgia and is working for FYEG on planning and administration of the educational projects since 2015.

Project Manager
28, Croatia

Petra assumed the position of FYEG project manager in February 2017. Her responsibilities lie in implementing FYEG's Activity Plan and thematic projects, from submitting grant proposals and applications, to financial management, coordination of prep teams, evaluation and reporting. Before joining our team, Petra worked for two years in FYEG's sister organization Cooperation and Development Network (CDN) as a Network Coordinator. She graduated Environmental sciences on Faculty of science in Zagreb, Croatia.

28, Spain

Paz  was born in Mexico but raised in Madrid. She holds a MD in Political Science by the Complutense University of Madrid, and specializes in International Affairs and Latin American studies. She has always been involved in political activism of any sort, especially working with migrants. She joined the Spanish Green movement in 2011. She's a member of Red Equo Joven's Permanent Commission and is also involved in their mother party Equo. She's part of the researching team at Spanish green think tank, Ecopolítica and the Migration WG at FYEG.