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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) leads FYEG on behalf of its member organisations and is the deciding body between General Assemblies. The members of the EC are elected by the GA on a voluntary basis.

Executive Committee Reports

The EC is committed to transparency. It regularely uploads minutes for its meetings and other records. VIEW EC REPORTS

Teo Comet
Finland (ViNO)

Teo Comet is 29 years young and has been doing Green activism and politics since 2005 with ViNO (Finnish Young Greens) and FYEG. From 2011 to 2014, he worked as Office Coordinator of CDN, FYEG's sister organisation in Eastern Europe. Teo has worked on a variety of Green topics, including social justice, reinforcement of democracy, migration, and human rights. He is also very interested in non-formal education and organisational development. Teo is a European at heart, with roots in Finland, Switzerland and Catalonia. When not occupied with FYEG stuff, he is probably lost somewhere in the Balkans.


Email: teo@fyeg.org

Twitter: @teocomet

Marie Pochon
France (Les Jeunes Ecologistes)

Marie is 26 years old and has been involved in green political activism, at first within the Jeunes Ecologistes (France) since 2012. Concerned with the multiple crisis at stake in Europe, the non-respect for Human Rights and climate inaction, she got involved in FYEG to be able to take action at the level that felt the most able to answer these challenges. Marie is the Executive Committee of FYEG since 2 years and divides her time between political activism, cultural reporting ad volunteer work with refugees in Istanbul where she lives, when she is not at her parent's farm in the south of France.


Email: marie@fyeg.org

Jean-Michel Muhire
EC Member

I started my activism with ECOLOJ in 2013 as a treasurer of a local group while I was in my first year of bachelor in social and human sciences at the University of Mons.I also volunteered in several associations in Belgium which lead me to work in the field of climate change, peace & democracy, education and divestment.

My activism inspired my study choice: I am doing a Master in Environmental Management.


Email: jm@fyeg.org

Anastasiya Kastushkina
EC Member

Anastasiya is engaged in Green movement since 2013 and stated her activities in Germany where she was involved in Grüne Jugend. Proceeding her green career in Belarus, where she is rooted from, she was most deeply concerned with the educational development of the country while making internship for different international foundations and developing together with other young belarusians a great education resource Adukacyja.Info. Now she works as a communication specialist and do at the same time researches for think tanks in Germany and Lithuania and volunteering for children rights defense organisation in Belarus. Her main interests include equal education opporunities, human rights defense, green economy and political technologies and communication.



Adrià Belenguer
EC Member

Adrià is engaged in Politics since 2013 when he was involved in Joves d’Esquerra Verda (Catalan Young Greens). In 2014, during an internship with the Green European Foundation he got to know FYEG and since then he has participated in several events. He is main interests are: climate change, human right, green economy and social justice. He works as project manager for a persons with disabilities federation. 


Email: adria@fyeg.org

Paula Espinoza
EC Member

I started my environmental activism in Greenpeace Valencia in 2006. In 2011, when I was studying Political Science and I've decided to engage myself in political activism. Nowadays, I'm a member of Red Equo Joven which is the young green organisation of the Spanish Greens and also part of the Valencian Green Party (VerdsEquo). In 2014,  I was living in Brussels and it was this moment when I started to participate in FYEG activities; since then I have decided not to quit it! The areas that I like the most are the ones related to climate change, migration and feminism. In my free time, I love to collect stamps from all over Europe!


Email: paula@fyeg.org

Maria Kola
EC Member

Maria is a 25 year old climate geek. Her educational background is in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing. She is a member and a representative of The Young Cyprus Greens at FYEG for the last four years. She really engages with Climate Change and Climate Justice Issues, with main focus on Technology and Sustainable Development. She is also an active member on the Climate Change and Energy Working Group of FYEG for 3 years and the during 2014-2015, she was one of the coordinators. Within these canals she has followed the Climate Talks since COP19 in Warsaw, where she was a participant at the parallel workshop of FYEG. In 2015 was her second year as an FYEG delegate at the UNFCCC and she was also a part of the team for COP21 in December when the Paris Agreement was settling. This year she is running as a candidate with the Green Party at the National Parliamentary Elections in Cyprus. In  possible turn out of this she will keep on fighting for her believes.


Email: maria.kola@fyeg.org

Fabian Wagner
EC Member

Fabian is a Global Justice activist passionate about International Development, Refugees, Human Rights and global civil society. In FYEG he’s been active in the working groups and the Ecosprinter. Besides that he worked for think tanks and international organisations in Africa, Latin America and South Asia. Whenever he hasn’t been online for more than a couple of hours he’s probably working, studying or traveling somewhere in the jungle :) His home base is Mainz in Germany.


Email: fabian@fyeg.org