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As an organisation, FYEG consists of different bodies: the General Assembly, the Executive Committee, Working Groups, the Ecosprinter Editorial Board and the office. Their structures and workings are described in the following documents.


Read our Statutes which entered into force in 2020 which form the basis how FYEG is organised as a registered youth NGO.


Internal Rules of Procedure

The Internal Rules and Procedures govern our political work to ensure an orderly conduct of deliberations, decision-making processes and its approval. The current version has been adopted by the General Assembly in 2021.


Reimbursement form

The standard paper-version of the FYEG reimbursement form.

Please use the online form instead, if possible.

If needed, xls-download can be found here.


Activity Plan

The Activity Plan 2021-22 was adopted by the FYEG General Assembly in 2021.


Strategic Plan

The three year strategic plan, as adopted at the GA in 2018.


CDN-FYEG relations

CDN-FYEG relations as amended at the GA in 2011.


Inclusion Plan

This document aims at identifying causes for exclusion in FYEG and setting a clear pathway to create an inclusion plan for the organization. Adopted by FYEG General Assembly in August 2019.