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General Assembly 2015


Many thanks to all delgates who have attended the 2015 General Assembly in Tbilisi. You can find a draft of the minutes here.


The Federation of Young European Greens has the pleasure of inviting you to its 2015 General Assembly (GA) and Summer Conference. The assembly will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia from  of June 4th to 7th 2015. The topics of the conference will be related to Climate Change, Peace and Democracy and young Greens from all over Europe will meet at the East of the continent to discuss and plan positions and activities for the next year.

Before writing further practical information, FYEG would like to kindly thank this year’s host organisation, Georgian Young Greens, for their support and work in organising this General Assembly. Same thanks goes to Ecoloj who offered assistance in the preparation.


The tool for amendments is here. The deadline for amendments for the IRPs, the political program and the Strategy Plan is thursday 7th of May.

Other documents it's possible to ammend will be published in the amendment-tool after their deadlines (7th of May for most documents).

3 weeks before FYEG General Assembly in Tbilisi, the Executive Committee and the secretariat is happy to present number of strategic documents, along with annual reports. 




Other documents

NOTE: All the documents can also be viewed, downloaded and amended using our amendment tool.

Practical information

Practical information to come.

For any questions, send an e-mail to office@fyeg.org


Candidates for the different positions in FYEG will be published three weeks before the start of the GA (14th of May).

All applications have been removed for privacy reasons.

Member applications