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2013: Extraordinary GA

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Dear Green Activists and Delegates of the FYEG Member Organisations,herewith, we warmly welcome you to our extraordinary General Assembly in Bad Hersfeld focused  on preparations for the European Parliamentary elections 2014. During this GA we strive to build the framework through which we, FYEG and its Member Organizations, will conducting a joint election campaign!


1. Documents and deadlines overview


2. GA Procedures


3. Technical information


4. IMPORTANT ACTION: Join the Hochtouren of Grüne Jugend



The core GA documents are1. The updated Campaign Plan with 3 annexes:1a. Implementation plan1b. Campaign Budget1c.  Campaign Fundraising StrategyIn order to get ready for the campaign, the Campaign Team and the Executive Committee has worked hard in the last year on putting together a Campaign Plan, that has been approved by the GA in May 2013 and since then has been developed into a more specific activity document with implementation proposals including financial part.Deadline for amendments: 29th of August 20h CET2. Young Green Election Manifesto

Download ManifestoFor the development of the Election Manifesto we used the plenty of submissions received based on a call and as outcomes of workshops at summer camps. Diversity of FYEG was confirmed by the gathered input, which happened to be conflicting in several cases. Confrontation with the FYEG political platform was done by the EC and CT, who discussed the compatibility and structure. Outcome of this procedure is a document containing different demands that are expected to be debated further and be approved by the GA. Deadline for amendments: 30th of August 20h CET3. FYEG Budget 20144. External Communication guideline

Download External Communication Guideline Hereby we would like to invite you to the draft documents, to talk about it with your boards and members and to provide us with feedback and proposals for improvements in the shape of amendments.Deadline for amendments: 30th of August 20h CETFor proposing your amendments to the GA, please use following link: http://fyeg.cvtx-project.org/?page_id=7

You can find all documents here: www.fyeg.org/main/downloads/ExGA2013/


Procedure @exGA1. VoteProcedure-wise the vote at the GA will be set up for adoption of the Manifesto and the Campaign Plan and the Campaign Budget.2. EndorsementThe Campaign plan contains 3 annexes which are open documents that will be developed at the GA and at the end of the GA 2 of them (Implementation Plan and Fundraising Strategy) will be proposed for endorsement. As the campaign influences also the FYEG general budget for 2014, this document will be opened for discussion too. Additionally to that we would like to ask the delegates to endorse the External Communication strategy, which is especially important to be followed in the campaigning time.Furthermore, please find the agenda of the General Assembly as well as of the Autumn Conference that will be part of our program thanks to the support of the Green Group in the EP.In addition to the FYEG program, relevant parts of the program of Gruene Jugend's event launching its campaign for the German parliamentary elections is included. At this point we would also like to thank to Gruene Jugend for hosting our meeting and for their support.*Note: The agenda is still a subject for a change.

Last but not least, at the exGA FYEG intends to support young candidates running for the lists for EP elections 2014, therefore we would like to turn your attention to the Call for support for young Green candidates. ExGA Documents here: www.fyeg.org/main/downloads/ExGA2013/

Technical info:


The Federation of Young European Greens has the pleasure of inviting you to its extraordinary General Assembly (exGA) and the Autumn Conference.

Why another GA this year?

FYEG organised its GA in May but due to the fast approaching Elections of the European Parliament in 2014  this meeting is necessary for preparing the campaign process together with your respective representatives and for giving your final consent to the FYEG campaign plan.

The Assembly will be held from the 29th to the 31st of August in Bad Hersfeld close to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The exGA will be connected with the Congress of Grüne Jugend, who kindly agreed to host and support the exGA. Their Congress will be especially interesting and important because the campaign bus tours will be launched there and GJ will spread to streets of Germany and campaign for their coming federal parliamentary elections!




Accommodation and participation feeBooking of ticketsIMPORTANT ACTION: Join the Hochtouren of Grüne Jugend!


Program1. Extraordinary GAThe main focus will be put on finalising and adopting our young green manifesto and the preparations of our election campaign.2. Autum ConferenceSignificant part of our program will be dedicated also to various topics related to the Young Green manifesto proposal that will be discussed at the  Autum conference. 3. Congress of German Young Greens and HochtourenThe exGA will take place at the same time and the same place as the Grüne Jügend (GJ) Congress. The program will be separated. There will be a common action with the GJ and the delegates interested in joining their Congress are welcome to do so.

Download Agenda

Gruene Jugend program of the Hochtouren kick-off meeting going on parallel to FYEG  exGA

Accommodation and participation fee:

Each full member organisation, candidate organisation and applicant organisation has the right to send one delegate whose accommodation and food will be fully reimbursed as well as travel costs, provided you comply with the financial conditions attached.Each full member organisation can also send a second delegate. This person would however have to pay her/his own travel costs as well as a participation fee of 50 euros. The  participation fee is halved for full member organisations, if at least one of the two delegates is a woman. Additional guests are also welcome, but they will need to pay their own travel costs as well as a participation fee of 50 euros.

Please note that registration is closed!

If due to travel arrangement  you need accommodation before General Assembly please contact the Secretary General - office@fyeg.org.

The venue of the GA is Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk Landesverband Hessen e.V.  The map can be found here.

Note: There will be no organized travel to the venue and it is not possible to stay in the hostel before 29th.

One of the easiest ways to get there is by train from Frankfurt or Erfurt. There are many good connections that can be found here:  www.bahn.de

Booking of tickets

Please book your tickets as soon as you have selected your delegate. FYEG does not have project funding for this event so all money that can be saved by booking tickets early can instead be used for FYEG activities!

Arrival should be Thursday 29th of August in the morning. Your departure is foreseen for Saturday or Sunday in case you are interested to join the Congress of German Young Greens.Please write your arrival and departure dates when registering.

VisaIf you need a visa for Germany, please contact the FYEG office ASAP, so that we can start thisprocess! All visa related costs will be fully reimbursed.


IMPORTANT ACTION: Join the Hochtouren of Grüne Jugend!

Gruene Jugend program of the Hochtouren kick-off meeting going on parallel to FYEG  exGA

What? Bus tours with Grüne Jugend activistsWhen? For one week between the 1st and 22nd SeptemberWhere? Somewhere in Germany (8 regional tours)Why? Europeanise the German elections!

Sarkozy is gone, let´s make Merkel join him! The weekend of the 7th and 8th of September will be dedicated to the topic of Europe. All over Germany young Greens will show their support of a Europe for all that needs social, ecological and democratic change.

The basic idea of Grüne Jugend Hochtouren is campaigning with other young activists doing actions, joining discussions and organising any kind of campaigning activities with the local groups of the Greens and the Young Greens. The main language of the campaign is German, but for us it is not mandatory to speak German as we think we already live in multilingual realities.

GJ offers: Unique experiences with many awesome people! Get close&personal in the most exciting part of the election campaign. To register, use the (german) online form (http://www.gruene-jugend.de/node/17387) or send an email (hochtouren@gruene-jugend.de) containing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your age
  • From when until when do you have time to volunteer?
  • What do you want to do? (Hochtouren, campaign office, supporting local greens)
  • Do you have a preferred region of Germany to support us in; if so, where do you want to go?
  • Do you have a drivers' license; if yes, how do you rate your driving experience/skill? Did you ever drive in Germany?
  • If you want to go on the Hochtouren: Do you prefer to drive a bus or do you prefer to ride along?
  • Do you have first aid training/experience?
  • Do you have election campaign experience? If yes, where/when did you campaign before?
  • Anything else you wish to tell us




Instructions for registration:Visit the event page at Green YeapsY (our new application handling secure plaftorm): https://green.yeapsy.comLogin/register in Green YeapsY.  Navigate to Events -> FYEG General Assembly 2013 and click to see the extended information.Click on "apply to this event" or  scroll down to the bottom. Fill in the application form information for  the event and submit it.Your application should now appear in  the list of your applications. You will be automaticly emailed when your  application is reviewed.Remember fo fill-in your YeapsY profile  when you have time, as the personal information is necessary to  participate in this event.YeapsY is under testing. May you encounter technical difficulties, please write to webmaster@fyeg.org.Apologies in advance.

If you have further questions, write to our webmaster: webmaster@fyeg.org




Manifesto HEADER copy


Action summary. Please:1. Start consulting your members on the political priorities at European level 2. Give input to the content of the Manifesto by filling out the Questionnaire or using the attached template and returning it by email, by July 14th3. Get in touch immediately if you have any questions about the manifesto or the process.___________________________

Dear MOs and friends,

As you probably know, one of the main elements of the common campaign for the 2014 european elections will be a common Manifesto. In order to ensure, that the manifesto is truly representative,  we ask you, the Member Organisations of FYEG, to give us initial ideas of what should be in the manifesto.The idea is that this will be a short document that will hopefully gain the consensus support from all FYEG MOs and will underpin the overall vision and demands for Europe. Obviously every MO will probably have more specific demands, but having one common basic manifesto will help europeanise these elections! Please find below the call for submissions. Note the deadline of 14th July! Extended deadline: 28th of July

Many thanks, and please write to joan@fyeg.org if you have any questions!Many hugs,Joan Groizard and Christoph JahnFYEG Campaign Team#FYEGteam14(PD: Attached you will find a template that may make your submission easier!) ____________________________ *Call for contents and demands for Common European Young Green Manifesto*FORMAT AND PROCESSFormat of Manifesto

  • 6 pages:

Page 1: Preamble - State of Europe (focusing on Youth), what the problems are and where the solutions may lie. Page 2: Social Europe (tackling youth unemployment, investment pact, green new deal...) Page 3: Democratic Europe (democratising the EU - structural reforms at the European level-, new EU convention) Page 4: Gender and LGTBQ Page 5: Energy, climate change and agriculture Page 6: Migration and free movement (intra-EU mobility and external migration, circulation of people and goods...)

  • Each of pages 2-6 will have a preamble (quick overview of the topic) and *5 key demands*.


(All summer)- In each of the summercamps where FYEG training has been booked, the manifesto procedure will be explained and feedback will be gathered to feed into the drafting or ammending process. Until 14th July - MOs debate and submit their proposals in the format described below. 10th August - Draft will be published and circulated to MOs. This is 3 weeks in advance of the Extraordinary GA and will allow time for reading and submitting ammendments. 10-29 August - MOs to read the draft, debate internally, and (if relevant) propose amendments. 29 Aug - 1 Sept - Extraordinary GA: Debate amendments and approval of the Manifesto. Afterwards - Translation of the Manifesto into each MO language, and opening of a process to allow people to vote online for their favourite demands contained within the Manifesto.

In addition and for your information, the Manifesto will also constitute the main political program of FYEG's candidate for EGP Primaries (Ska Keller). The procedure for how we will combine all gathered proposals and write the draft, and the selecting/voting of the main demands for final approval at the GA will be explained later on. Format of Proposals and How to SubmitIn collaboration and consultation with your members, you should submit a proposal with in following format (the attached document should guide you through this structure):

  • (up to) 300 words of the overall vision of Europe: Current situation, what the main problems are, what we want to do. Give your ideas in bullet points so you can say more in less words, and they are easier to collate!
  • For each of the 5 topics:

up to 200 words of  overview (situation, problems, vision). Use bullet points! 5 key demands or policy points - how can we address the situation (in each topic) from the European level. You can also include a short explanation (1-2 lines!) to provide context to your demands, so they can be interpreted and combined/collated correctly.

Please send your MO's proposals to 


- Make it clear if you are only sending part of the proposals from your MO, so we can take into account the rest when it arrives.- The language of the proposals should ideally be English - however because we want this process to be as inclusive as possible, we will accept submissions by the deadline even if they are in your local language (as long as we can have a translation a few days later).Suggestions to MOs for debateDespite the very short time available, we would like the writing of this manifesto to be as participatory and transparent as possible. We therefore offer the following proposals for internal debate, which we hope will help each MO to come up with a great submission! Please also take into consideration that there are only 2 WEEKS to get your initial input for the manifesto.0) Start immediately with the process!1) Communicate to your members that this writing process is happening!2) Open up different ways in which individual members can send their ideas (email address? online form? online collaborative document?)3) Use social media to prompt your members, asking for ideas or "provoking" them with controversial proposals.4) Use collaborative documents to keep the drafting transparent and encourage proposals and comments. For example on piratepad.net or Google docs, you can create documents that can be accessed by anyone who has the link5) Follow @FYEG on twitter and Facebook to get ideas and join the debate online.6) Organise an FYEG workshop at your summercamp or general assembly  - book a trainer by emailing terry@fyeg.orgThank you very much for your collaboration and note that the deadline for the submissions is in 2 weeks on the 14th of July!With the warmest greetings,your FYEG Campaign Team and EC _____________________________________ Download FYEG Manifesto Template Call for ExGA Presidency The Executive Committee of FYEG is looking for people who are interested in joining the Presidency of the FYEG Extraordinary General Assembly (exGA) taking place from the 29th until 31st of August 2013 in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. Download Call for ExGA Presidency __________________________________________