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Trasfer Meeting 14/07/2014


Transfer EC meeting 14/7/2014

Attendees: Kristian, Clarisse, Maria, Gio, Micha, Krassina, Maggie, Josef, Joan, Milena, Marie, Júlia


Ukraine resolution

individual work


Intro round – to say who was responsible for and what will they finish

Maria: no involved in campaign, doing basic byrocratic work in the EC: agendas, minutes, archiving, no long lasting projects, only prep of GA, youth events

STILL TO DO: minutes and updates in the drive, administrative work – reimbursements with Maggie


Kristian: restructuring archive – new system, drive organisations, websites development

STILL TO DO: some small work with the website, train new EC about the website


Clarisse: not present during elections, responsible for office

STILL TO DO: Battal case tries to finish it till the end of summer and will pass it on if needed then later, will pass on reports from evaluation meetings to new office responsible,


Recommendations of old EC:

  • not forget about Battal case

  • take into consideration office high workload

  • not forget ENGS in networking

  • improve preparations of online meetings    

  • follow up tasks from meeting properly, do not forget tasks

  • press release, take care about English in advance, do not write it with mistakes, proposals prepared by people who have better English skills

  • follow-up on your MOs and keep personal connections and make sure they get all information

  • take into consideration the personal workload and capacities when taking over tasks and deciding on activities

  • be honest how much motivation and time you have for your work

  • if you have urgent work to do and you dont do it, say it! Somebody can take over/save it.

  • To consider working style with working groups/discuss how to deal with them – focus on constitution of WGs

  • do planning also on personal level        


  • check Darcy's report and evaluation of the youth campaign for getting intro about how to fundraise and organize such big project (eg. For Twinning cities)   

  • use crypted email

  • the best way to learn is to do mistakes

  • improve FYEG branding and visuals

  • for spokes: to have contact list and pass it on properly to new EC


new EC tasks interest:

Retreat agenda points:

  • decide on place: Vienna, meeting in Slovakia

(specification: own space, in nature, out of the city, not with CDN)

- date: 14 arrival, working days: 15-17, 17th evening departure

  • proposal: include external expert     (even paid)

  • teambuilding expert

  • training expert   

  • personal preparations: personal plans

  • training and teambuilding on     friday

    • session on stress management,  work balance etc. how to organize information coming, how to organize ourselves, how to be efficient

  • Sat: FYEG intro + AP

  • - training on communication, project     management, office intro, administration procedures and work on finances

  • Sunday: implementation of Activity     and related task division + general task division, explanation of     activities

EC holidays: 18/7 – 1/8

office holidays: 18/7 – 13/8

GA: not clear if May or June

WG: middle November




  • press release (Micha, Krassina) DL: today

  • formally congratulate candidates that were not present at the GA, but were elected: Ecosprinter, FCC, Mos (spokes)

  • formally inform, candidates not present they were not elected, encourage them to stay with FYEG (spokes)

  • share task grid (Maggie)


  • refresh mailing lists (Maggie)


UNTIL 18th July:

minutes (presidency)

update of GA documents – email to Mos (Maggie)   

call for FCC member (Maggie)

call for Wgs (Krassina)

book tickets to retreat asap (all) – inform maggie

plan retreat - contact experts + agenda (Maggie)

refresh website (Kristian) - everybody to send picture to Kristian


register moniteur belge (Maggie, Shenna)

EC approves Kristian Normand to represent FYEG at the Norwegian summer camp.



  • develop small tasks overview

  • keep activity overview