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Retreat Meeting - 15/07/2015

FYEG Executive Committee Meeting

17-19 July 2015

Ötztal, Austria



0 Organising this ECM


1 Meta-discussion on how to organise this ECM - 30’

            1.1 Going through agenda


Laura presents agenda.


            1.2 Timeline

            1.3 Roles (moderation, minutes, timekeeping)


I State of play and vision


2 General Assembly - 45’

            2.1 2015

                        2.1.1 Evaluation

                           Our evaluation


Clarification of roles (EC and other structures).

Selection of host organisation needs to be clear. Clarification of IRPs in selection.

Clarification of EC's role in preparations and timeline of preparations (incl. task division).

Emphasis on planning of funding of GA.

3-person group responsible for making next GA more inclusive, more democratic, more efficient.



                           Presidency’s evaluation

                        2.1.2 Follow-up


                           Other documents & decisions

            2.2 2016

                        2.2.1 Timeline


Delegated to EC Coordination to prepare this in detail for next ECM.





3 FYEG 3-year strategy - 75’

            3.1 Understanding of strategy


            Was discussed together with 3.3 - mixed discussion


The idea was to have a plan in order to get specific funding.

Introduction : what FYEG is, experiences, what are the priorities

Chapters : proposals based on what are already been done and improvement possibilities

adopted as a resolution, so not a binding document.

Certain things in the 3YP will need a plan to be implemented – formalize procedure to incorporate them into what we do.

3YP is a good mapping and can be used to have a broader look at our strategy and what we want FYEG to become (example of Austrians/Luxembourgish amendments 2015 GA)

Conclusion: 2 people are responsible for strategy, setting the MO strategic meeting (at least part of the responsibility), erasmus+ application


            3.2 What parts of the strategy are most relevant for this EC mandate?

                        3.2.3 Vision for activities


                        to be discussed under point 5


                        3.2.3 Capacity-building of EC + Office members to be discussed under


            3.3 Strategic planning meetings


II Actions and partners


4 MOs - 45’

4.1 Relation EC-MOs


Discussion on the role of the MO coordinator:


Role: 1, be aware of general political situation in Europe and how it is relevant for our MOs, 2, know about our MOs campaigns and experiences to help them connect.

Responsibility for making sure that the information reaches the MOs.

Extraordinary newsletter with relevant information for the MO

MO guide exists and needs to be updated – it would be great to use it to explain the system


Discussion about the division in zones:

explanation: North = Scandinavia (with Denmark), UK and Ireland, Baltics

Eastern = Balkans (former Yougoslavia) + Albania + Romania + Bulgaria + Caucasus + RUMB

South = 2x Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, France, Greece

Central-West = Benelux, German speaking, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary



4.2 Current MOs

            4.3 Candidates

            4.4 Potential future MOs


5 Activities - 90’

5.1 Past activities

            5.1.1 Spring Camp

               Status of report

Morgan, Laura and Tornike will help with proofreading and cross-checking.


            5.1.2 Media training

               Report from Johannes, Marie and Morgan

Oral report given.


GEF proposed to have a follow up event with us organizing. GEF is changing their approach regarding the partners and it will be important to follow the change. Green journal and ecosprinter collaboration could be interesting.


            5.1.3 Migration training

               Report from Gio, Marie and Teo

We applied twice and we got it second time with ADZ Malta green Youth. The project was focusing on youth workers from 10 mediterranean organizations. 7 days comprehensive training.


We accomplished the goals and are pretty glad with the content.


            5.2 Ongoing activities (in preparation)

5.2.1 Youth Congress Budapest

                                       Update from Gio

Youth Congress in Budapest : GEF biggest partners, partner orgs since 2013 Annual meeting, contributed in Thessaloniki 2 years ago. Our part was to spread the call and get participants on board. Huge majority of participants             are FYEG ppl. Since 2-3 months ago we are involved in program development, half of the day where we take care of 4 parallel workshops (digital rights and space)


                        5.2.2 Climate change in Balkans conference

                           Update from Shenna

GEF/CDN/FYEG follow up project. FYEG is responsible on administration and program. We have already selected participants, confirmed everyone and started the Moodle learning program (online platform), we’ve received 30% of the project funds, we are prepaying some of the project costs and the rest will be done later. We are looking for MEPs for specific session on European trade scheme, Laura is also a participant, she has suggested to have an introduction session on green idea regarding the ties GEF/CDN and FYEG have. Our campaign team has a big role and one of the team members is expected to facilitate the session on climate topic related campaigning.

                        5.2.3 Left in Europe and Israel-Palestine conflict

                           Update from Laura

The team didn’t get funding but Gruene Ugend is proceeding with organizing the seminar. GJ asked if we could send a reminder for the deadline for applications. I’m involved in the prep-team on behalf of the OTB team, but it’s happening at the same time as the climate seminar and I don’t know how to be at two different places at the same time.

                        5.2.4 Politicizing the Personal

We should discuss this along with external communication strategy. We’d rather integrate this idea with Ecosprinter

            5.3 Future activities

                        5.3.1 2015

                           Twinning Cities

Didn’t get project funding. The letter from E+ says that we are very much encouraged to re-submit the application under different key action and this might be the option. We’d need to ensure the continuity in WGs work, thus we might need to organize this by the end of December. DL Oct 1 for E+ funding

                           Alter-COP (see 6.1.2)


Discussed together with the TC.

                        5.3.2 2016

                           Sex ed seminar

It could be done as a study session unless there’s a longer plan.


                           European Youth Convention

This needs to be broadened a bit to what our MOs are doing in relation to austerity, Euro, democracy etc. We might have a brainstorming for the possible shapes of the project.


There were few good ideas to organize a follow up seminar on Migration training in 2016 – a seminar linking migration and climate change.


Decision: mandate people to investigate the feasibility of including an idea of the seminar linking Migration/COP


            5.4 Deadlines (fundraising, priorities of partners)



            Erasmus+ : Oct 1 (Jan-May) Feb (June-Sept) Oct (Sept-Dec)

                        more educational, process and empowering young people

                        need partner orgs- make sure our MOs are eligible

            EYF: Oct 1 (April 1 +)

                        more open minded, more restricted, history of cooperation with FYEG

gender, peace building, equality, middle east region, Ukraine

keep in mind to connect with ECHR, developing NFE + empowering youth workers who are creating sustainable work in the end, need co-funding (25%)

need partner orgs-

            GEF: ? before Nov?

                        most flexible, building knowledge and networks, 3 priorities (follow up, preparatory for large cooperation projects 5 green foundations, large cooperation projects- global scale), Mediterranean idea?

            Other partners: co-funders, GEF partners

            European Youth Event- deadline Sept 4, bring 40 people to Strasbourg, for May 2016, mandate someone from EC to look into, organize a side event for FYEG, use to fund statutory meeting for FYEG



            Erasmus+ (3 year grant) : Oct 1

            EYF (2 year grant) : Oct 1


            5.5 Timeline


Do we have capacities to implement these projects, 8 activities at least (3 statutory), take office capacities, none start before February, organizing an activity 3 months also reporting, that means EC + office will be working on 2 projects at a time, also the quality of the events we are organizing, and consider filtering assessing the priorities.

Also climate campaign until December, then migration campaign in second half of year.

Define office and EC’s roles in these projects, to insure that office isn’t burning out, study session can be done by EC member of WG member, Twinning Cities also done so doesn’t use office capacities, consider that we may or may not get these events


6 Campaigns - 45’

            6.1 Ongoing campaigns

                        6.1.1 Keep Europe Together

People planning ‘Future of Europe’ project need to take this platform/campaign into account.


                        6.1.2 Climate Campaign*

The team has been sending out the memes to adapt them according to the context. We have a climate campaign section on webpage.


We strive to have a combination of different methodologies, so it’s not one dimensional educational event. If we are using climate core group GGEP money there will be a precondition to have at least one MEP present. There are going to be some big MOs who are planning to come to Paris anyway. the aim is going to be to bring a lot of young people in Paris before the COP. the education is just a by-product. I would check if its ok to use the free money for bringing smaller MOs with clear responsibility to organize some educational activity aside.


Within two weeks we will have information that will help us to make decision regarding Alter-COP. The responsible person will also look into the possibility finding accommodation for our activists


                           Social media communication responsibilities (EC/CT)*

It’s not the point of who’s posting but when we are posting. we need to have a clear scheme and timeline for posts on social media. The CT has a timeline.


                           Mediterranean organizations inclusion*

Some organizations are interested sharing the campaign.

                           FYEG logo on EGP material*

They don't have ideas for spending money and we can use this for our benefit. It’s important that the green political family is taking us seriously. If we are part of their plans that would help us to influence certain decisions.

We need to have max two persons who will be working with the CT. one with the interrail and delegation and the other with the campaign


                           Replace Morgan*

We can look at the participants at the Albanian seminar and approach someone from there if we see the potential. We also need to ask the Team what they will need help for and start searching for people accordingly.

We should rather focus on gender balance than on regional aspect


            6.2 Future campaigns

We are continuing on Keep Europe Together and Climate Campaign .

                        6.2.1 Migration

There are some people who will prepare a plan/concept on it in the next weeks 

                        6.2.2 Others

Having one campaign at a time is recommended.


7 Working groups - 30’


            7.1 Relation EC-WGs*

Proposition of having someone who supervises - this person should be responsible for GGEP allocation of seats.

WGM was really successful and good training for new coordinators, the communication between the EC and the WG coordinators was not good. We have to open a call for new working groups by the end of September. It created difficulties with electing coordinators. How much autonomy the WGs they need to have. The question is how, and some of the answers are in the guidelines.


            7.2 Status of the different WGs

                        7.2.1 Topical WGs (ongoing/future projects, level of activity, number of active/less

active members, link with FYEG future projects <-> Brussels meetings/MEPs



We are skipping this point


                        7.2.2 FALAFEL


One person will be in charge of elaborating a strategy regarding this.


                        7.2.3 Ecosprinter

                           Relation EC-EEB

                           Printed Ecosprinter

We can discuss that under communication.



8 Partners - 75’

            8.1 CDN

Same people responsible on Eastern Europe region could be responsible on relation with CDN.

8.2 EGP


EGP is working on their activity plan and we could try to influence it. I will see on coming meetings what are their priorities and what can we push for.

we vote and are represented at the councils.


            8.2.1 EGP 2016 Activity plan

            8.2.2 EGP Committee election

            8.2.3 EGP Council Lyon

            8.3 GGEP

                        8.3.1 Spots in Brussels <-> meetings

Spokes together with the responsible person will elaborate on the proposal of the EC.

We need to decide what do we use the MEP parliament visits for and when, 20 slots per event, which will allow us to organize something.

We should also try to combine ecosprinter board meeting with the WGM.


                        8.3.2 Group meetings vs Bureau meetings

We need to know what’s going on in GGEP, however this meetings are related to administration mostly. I’d spare our time on getting to those meetings.


            8.4 GEF

We have a delegate - Shenna is current member associate


                        8.4.1 Update relationship

The person responsible the projects will look into this. we need to group funders and make sure that we have a plan how to keep good relationship with them.

                        8.4.2 Ongoing/foreseen projects

                           2016 Nordic Green Academy


                        8.4.3 Change in funding policy

            8.5 EYF (European Youth Foundation)

            8.6 European Commission / Erasmus+

            8.7 YFJ (European Youth Forum)

                        8.7.1 YO! Fest (23-25 October 2015)

                        8.7.2 European Youth Event (May 2016)

We can have 40 people from there, also have a workshop, Sept 4

Have 2 people responsible (1 Spokes, 1 EC), next hangout decide if we participate or not


            8.8 Other partners

                        8.8.1 GYG and GG

The person responsible needs to make an overview of the relationship and possible developments.



III Administration and structures


9 Finances - 75’

            9.1 Principles of budgeting / EC role

                        9.1.1 Where does our money come from and what is it for?

                           Distinction admin budget - project budget

Tornike will change the budget structure.


                           Principles of reimbursement for EC members


Everything is supposed to be covered, but for example for the overspending of the retreat we shall check with which lines we can finance it. Shenna sent few days ago indications and guidelines on how to #reclaimyourmoney. EC also can have 20 Euros reimbursement for communications when it concerns EC related communication.


We have three conclusions

-       Get clarity on 9.2.4 ASAP !!!!!

-       To as soon as possible have a clear detailed timeline on how to get 30 000 Eur or the one 2016 adopted by the GA - to see which we can expect

-       to continue discussing the topic on how to manage FYEG. if there is a need for external consultant


            9.2 Current status of FYEG budget 2015

                        9.2.1 How much did we get? (A)

                        9.2.2 How much have we spent? (B)

                        9.2.3 How much are we expecting to get? (C)

                        9.2.4 How much do we expect to spend and on what? (A-B+C)**

            9.3 Fundraising

                        9.3.1 2015

                           Climate Campaign?*


We already discussed the Alter COP so that point is closed. How are we going to organise the coordination to Paris , do we have capacities in the CT and the EC. Shall we find money for someone to organise everything , and coordinate the action on stage.

Next meeting the office + treasurer will prepare a donation policy.


                        9.3.2 2016

                           Admin budget



10 EC - 90’

10.1 Meetings

                        10.1.1 Coordination of EC work




   Tools Coordination note*

                        10.1.2 Timeline of meetings



Laura presented Coordination note proposal based of ecoloJ procedure.

Had weekly meetings and not assigned roles, but now with responsibilities and in summertime less hectic (project writing, climate interrail), try until September have coordination notes and bi-weekly meetings, then after Albania access the situation


            10.2 Roles

                        10.2.1 Tasks

                        10.2.2 Division of tasks


11 Office - 45’

            11.1 Division of responsibilities

                        11.1.1 Intern

There is a document that explains the task division in the Office. The previous interns concentrated on some specific tasks:

-  on twinning cities, political days of action (e.g. global day of action against hunger etc, the intern will prepare). The intern should work on projects and funding applications as well as supporting the EC coordinator. Office and EC work are overlapping. On a strategic level the Sec-Gen should have a solid place in the EC.




-       Office coordinator should develop a clear role description of Sec-Gen.

-       Define Project Assistant’s role and their job description, to have a role description for the new Intern and evaluate the last intern’s role in the organisation.

-       EC office coordinator to define the EC - Office relationship and task division.

This should then be followed up by a training for Office people, based on results of the evaluation.


                        11.1.2 EVS?

            11.2 Communication Office-EC

Will be done by Office EC coordinator

            11.3 Time management

Will be done by Office EC coordinator


12 Communication - 75’

            12.1 Internal communication

                        12.1.1 Principles (internal reports, minutes structures)

If someone attends an event please write a report.

Balance the importance of an event with its significance to our work. Political events are important but balance the length and take into account length of writing and reading to practical significance.



                        12.1.2 Tools

                           Mailing list

                           Facebook chat/Whatsapp/Facebook group/Skype/Hangouts


Decision: Create a document to define in a document what platform should be used for what and to define which tool (mailing list) should be used as decision-making tool and or informal communication tool.


                           Google Drive

Place documents in appropriate folders. We need to move away from Google and investigate how to move to an OS system.

                           Teamwork tools

                           Coordination note

This is discussed and some disagreements are voiced. The principle the using Coordination note is not doubted, but its implementation and process of creating this document. 


Discussion about deadlines and decision making process.. 48 h suggested, flexible deadlines, using other tools to remind people and aid this process.

5 in favour of having an indicative 48 h deadline



                        12.1.3 Responsibilities

            12.2 External communication


                        12.2.1 Target groups

                        12.2.2 Decision-making approaches

                        12.2.3 Media



                                       Press contacts

                        12.2.4 Social media






12.2.5 Visual identity*

Discussion about the process about what should happen now. Two points have been identified to make a decision on. 1 - Can/should we adopt the new visual identity and how does the implementation strategy look like and what is the impact.

 Gio, providing summary of the process: Talking about the logo, the grassy green combined with an everlasting yellow will last for a long time. Adaptability of the logo to be a feminist logo and have different colours.


Decision: Visual identity adopted!