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Report from the Third Structure/ Future Group Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia

From Friday the 19th of November until Sunday the 21st, a group of nearly 20 delegates from different Mos gathered in Zagreb to launch the structure process which was demanded from the last GA in Bratislava.

The main objectives of this meeting were on one hand to agree on  methods, aims and a timeframe and on the other hand to appoint a follow-up group that makes sure all proposals are transformed into something that actually be presented to the next General Assembly.

On the opening day, after the mandatory introductions, the delegates studied the EC proposal, as well as inputs from the financial control committee and the Gender Working group. There was a wide consensus about the analysis of the current text. It is deemed to complicated to work with, incoherent both in style and structure and on top of that contains some contradictions. The idea to restructure the text with a more clear topical division as first priority was accepted. Delegates also felt like it was totally acceptable for them to strive to eliminate all language mistakes and obsolete references as this changes are not of a political nation despite being deletions.

In a second phase, smaller groups were built that went over different sections of the text to analyse them in detail. This brought up a discussion about how to handle truly political problems. As the structure meeting is not a decision making body and the GA is the best place to deal with matters of such great importance there was consensus around the following mode of procedure. The Structure Commission will provide a cleaned up version of the original text and then write its own amendments whenever possible. By proceeding that way it is ensured that all critical points will be discussed about at the GA. The cleaned up version of the text constitutes a global amendment which of course an MO can submit amendments too.

To make sure every MO can have their voice heard, it was agreed upon having this general text proposal by the Structure Commission presented well ahead of the GA. If funding allows for it the Structure Commission would also have a follow-up meeting in early 2011. The delegates present also elaborated a catalogue of very concrete changes for this commission to work with in many areas of the text. It is appropriate to clarify that this commission has as main task to make sure we have a document to vote upon at the next GA. In order to influence the process an MO must not have somebody inside of this commission but inside of the structure working group which will receive updates and previews to comment on all along the process. If your MO was not represented in Zagreb, please make sure you have a person appointed to the working group!

Despite or maybe because of the very pleasant working atmosphere and a wide consensus around this mode of procedure the meeting seemed very productive and a lot of interesting questions still remain to be debated upon.The EC wished to thank every MO present for their constructive approach to the process which for every political and thinking individual at times involved putting the process in front of their individual appreciation.

Nic Schaefers and Terry Reintke on behalf of the EC