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Report from the meeting of Structural Commission in Berlin

During the weekend form 28. to 30. of January Structure Commission held the meeting in Berlin.

During the weekend form 28. to 30. of January Structure Commission held the meeting in Berlin. Delegates of the Dutch, Finnish, German, Luxembourgian and Serbian Young Greens were appointed to continue the work started at the meeting in Zagreb, unfortunately the Dutch delegate didn't manage to participate. All other delegates were present. Principles of work on the proposal of the new IRP were clearly stated by the Structure Working Group and strictly followed by the Commission. All the time discussion was lead by the idea of making coherent text in every sense, without any contradictions and obsolete references. Also, a lot of attention was put on the attempt to clearly show in which direction the current IRP was going to be changed, giving different options where political change could happen.

On the first day delegates gave their personal updates and went through agenda. Using the accepted general structure of the new version of IRP, the agenda was split into two topical blocs. The first included Finance, GA and Gender chapters, the second dealt with the Election and voting procedures, Membership and Bodies chapters. Afterwards, discussion about potentially problematic issues took place and was continued by the search for the most suitable glossary and a template for the future process.

When the introductions were finished, discussion moved to the concrete chapter proposal that had already been made by delegates as a result of conclusions from Zagreb. Through very thorough analysis, proposals were improved both in a sense of their content and structure. As time passed, it became increasingly clear that chapters were obtaining their complete form and also a logical way of referring to each other.

The second day was left for final overviews. Delegates agreed upon the questions related to the whole document, such as the table of content, the glossary, use of terms, bullet points and fonts. Once more the general structure of the IRP's and the structure of every chapter were determined. The procedure that was going to be implement on the GA for presentation and amending of the proposal of new version of the IRP was recognised as a particularily important issue. There was a consensual decision to present the proposal well in advance of the GA, so as to give time to MO's GA-delegates to discuss it with a members of the Commission and finally to put a deadline for the amendments to it.

Eventually, the Commission divided task and put a deadlines for the rest of the work, so the proposal can be ready, in a coherent form, and with approved amendments, for the beginning of the GA.

Terry Reintke, Nicolas Schaefers and Nikola Mladenovic on behalf of the EC