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Report General Assembly Luxembourg (4th-8th May 2011)

fyeg logoAround 70 young Greens from all over Europe gathered on a sunny May weekend in the city of Luxembourg to hold the annual General Assembly of FYEG. The General Assembly was hosted by FYEG´s Member Organisation in Luxembourg – Dej Jonk Greng.

During the General Assembly a new Executive Committee was elected. The new members of the FYEG EC are: Terry Reintke and Nic Schaefers (co-spokespersons), Maria "Maggie" Dokupilova (Treasurer), Jakob Schwarz, Gaya Sargsyan, Merja Kähkönen and Nikola Mladenovic.

The main point of discussion was the restructuring of the internal rules of procedure within FYEG which we successfully did in order to make FYEG more inclusive and efficient. We accepted a 40/40 gender quota, made the replacement procedure for EC members more transparent for the MOs and simplified the deadlines before the General Assembly. One other change was the creation of a new body in the IRPs – a presidency for our General Assembly.

Furthermore, we discussed a lot of political motions and resolutions on the topics of Nuclear Energy, Patriarchal Violence, an UN Parliamentary Assembly, Direct Democracy, Debt and Austerity, Ukraine and Agriculture.

For the next year, we gave a mandate to a group of six people (Delfina Rossi, Durukan Dudu, Vesna Jusup, Markus Drake, Sebastian Power and one person from the FYEG EC still to be appointed) to revise and restructure our political platform.

You will be able to find all the updated documents as soon as possible on our website!

Thanks again to all the delegates for making this GA a wonderful event and especially to our host organisation – the Luxemburgian Young Greens – for doing an AMAZING job!



EC 2011 group picture