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Report: EU-China Meeting

The EU-China Forum took place in Brussels from the 7th to the 9th November 2011. In this meeting high level representatives from both the EU and the Chinese side were discussing topics such as sustainable development, trade policies and democratic systems. It was the continuation of a meeting that took place earlier in Beijing.

Felix Deist, member of Grüne Jugend, and Terry Reintke, Co-Spokesperson of FYEG, took part in the Green delegation as representatives of the Young Greens. At the end of the meeting a youth forum was set up aiming at facilitating a dialogue between young people from China and the EU. FYEG together with GYG has been trying to build up cooperation with Youth groups from China over the last years. After this meeting we will continue our efforts to find possible partners on the Chinese side and to try to start planning joint activities.

Topics that were discussed at the meeting ranged from democracy, human rights to sustainable development and efficient energy use. Due to the fact that most discussions were organised in panel debates, the intervention of the floor was rather limited. When discussing the different "models" of democracy in China and Europe, controversy came up concerning what should be the basis of a fundtioning democratic system. Another aspect that was present during all the debates was the Euro-Crisis. The role of China is considered to be crucial for the future developments in the world economy.

It was an interesting meeting with a lot of insights, challenging debates and questions to think about. If you are interested in getting more involved in this issue, please don´t hesitate to contact Terry: terry@fyeg.org