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Report from CDN General assembly held in Gonio, Georgia

The CDN general assembly was held from the 18th to the 20th of February. CDN elected a new Executive Committee and welcomed a new organization in the network.

During weekend of 18th- 20th February, the General assembly of CDN took place for the first time after changes of CDN Statutes, where the Network meeting has been changed to General assembly meeting in accordance with Belgian law, which is now relevant for CDN, since it is now registered as international non-profit organisation in Brussels.

Maggie went to this meeting officially representing FYEG. Nicola from FYEG EC was also present representing Serbian Young Greens.

The GA was opened on Friday evening, when all delegates and guests arrived. The meeting started with welcome words of the CDN EC and Secretariat, introduction and get-to-know-each-other game.


Nicola and Margharita (Armenia) were asked to lead the whole meeting as Presidency. Maggie and Johanness (Germany) helped as Electoral committee.

Program started with approval of the agenda. CDN Activity reports 2009 and 2010 were presented as well as CDNs Activity plan for 2011.After that Candidates for member organisations (GreenAz from Azerbaijan and MODOM from Macedonia) and candidates for the Executive committee got space to present themselves and to answer questions from the delegates. Also special agreement on cooperation with Kazachstan was proposed to delegates. It was initiated by the interest of Kazach Young Greens to be officially able to be involved in CDNs activities, because the current IRPs and Statutes do not contain membership cathegory appropriate for Kazach and similar YGs from other regions. Observatory type of membership was then proposed as amendment to IRPs, approved by GA and thus Kazachstan and other relevant countries and organisations will be able to apply for observatory status since next GA.

Discussions about amendments for documents were on the program in the afternoon. 
CDN Internal rules and procedures were updated; besides other amendments to the CDN Political platform, statement from CDNs summer camp was implied into this document; Mission statement 2011-2012 about more detailed work for the EC was also shaped

In order to update document about cooperation of CDN and FYEG „CDN relations with FYEG,“ CDN EC proposed few amendments to this document. Proposals were sent to the FYEG EC prior the CDN GA. FYEG EC was internally in favour of the amendments and this was presented at the CDN GA as an advise from FYEG EC for delegates to approve the changes. Amendments passed the voting and this document shall be voted upon later at the General assembly of FYEG, as well as a special agreement between CDN and FYEG EC should be prepared by then.

Closing point on the agenda for Saturday was presentation of Financial reports and plan.


Voting session for documents and for candidates was the most important part of the forenoon and ended with following results:

GreenAZ from Azerbaijan became Member organisation of CDN.

Durukan Dudu (Turkey), Teo Comet i Kortman (Switzerland) became re-elected EC members, Sopho Mchedlishvili (Georgia), Antonina Yelistrativa (Belarus) and Marina Pejović (Serbia) were elected new members of CDN Executive Committee.

In addition Stevan Petrović annonounced his resignation from his possition as office-coordinator. New office-coordinator will be elected by the new EC.

Reports on work of CDN working groups on gender, culture and CDN structures were the last part on the agenda for the GA.

Maggie and Nikola

FYEG EC congratulates to the new member organisation of CDN and to new Executive Committee of CDN and looks forward for further close cooperation!