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Report August 2014


The new EC mandate started with a very nice EC retreat, that I prepared. It were intensive planning efforts with good results. A good start has been done and it seems that we have a very motivated team. Since then, I have worked to constitute the Working Group on Structures and Planning. We have been starting the work on the TTIP/TiSA/CETA campaign and unfortunately suffered the blow, that the European Commission did not accept the European Citizens Initiative against the TTIP and CETA. Still, the majority of the people in the EU are against these treaties and we will work hard on putting an end to them. I was also involved in brokering our statement on Israel and Palestine.


I feel very excited to work for FYEG one more year. So far we had a productive retreat meeting with the new Executive Committee where we consolidated our work and gave our Executive Committee a big start. From the different responsibilities I took this year, I will continue to help for general working groups’ cooperation. We received 90 applications for the 10 working groups we have, which is a big number of members I haven’t seen so far. Now I am working on preparations for the working groups’ meeting. I had skype with the new Democracy working groups’ members, and joined also the EGP working group on populism. Soon is coming the next EGP Council that we all prepared for. There are many interesting event, but also meetings with FYEG members that I feel excited for.




It’s great to be working in such a motivated team and everyone is settling down into their roles and responsibilities. This year I will be supporting the Climate Change working group -which has now started working - and, alongside Marie, co-coordinating the work in the run-up to COP21 in Paris. This set off with good young green participation in marches throughout Europe, some of which you can find here. We will also try to push through a climate-related motion for the EGP which we are currently drafting, as we feel this needs to be a key priority over the next 14 months.

My next steps are to work with Júlia on a concrete strategy for the European Youth Forum assembly, and keep working on the strategy to implement the motion “Olive Tree Branch” about the Israel-Palestine conflict. It’s a huge honour that the team are trusting me to work on this sensitive topic, but I’m looking forward to interesting and open debate to move forward on this.

Another aspect I committed to work on is finding better processes for managing our online work, from platforms for decision-making to more efficient meetings. We have trialled some new voting systems but this is still work in progress.


I'm really happy to be elected and to be part of this team! It's a big challenge that started during the retreat in Slovakia. There, we did a detailed radiography to the state of the Federation and started to work and organise our commitments. Hopefully, after hours of discussions we have time to cook together and enjoy a rafting session -good way to create confidence between us!-. Since then I've been working on setting up Youth Working Group and Global Justice Working Group, start thinking about TTIP campaign together with Micha, contacting “my” Member Organisations (with different results), start preparing the Youth Forum Assembly with Joan and trying to plan feasible agenda. Step by step I'm being comfortable with all my new tasks!


I unfortunately couldn’t go to the EC retreat because of family commitments, but I still feel very much part of the EC anyways considering all what need to be done! I went through the all budget and fundraising plan in a more detailed way and I think I am now ready to explain it to anyone interested! It’s the same with the Erasmus+ programmes. So far, I am trying to secure our fundings for 2014 events and look for ways to finance the ones in 2015. I am also responsible for the twinning project. I’m drafting a project proposal and try to include the people who worked on it before. For sure, it will be an existing project! Last but not least, I went to Brussels for few days and was really happy to spend some time in our office.


Our retreat in Slovakia was great. Every time it is better to work in real and this is much true because this team is very cool and diverse. Our (not just) political discussions have much more sense then. But at least we have a chance to see each other during regular meetings and other real EC meetings are coming soon. Well done.

Otherwise, as many of us mentioned, Israel – Palestine conflict has taken some time to discuss and we really wanted to achieve consensus. Unfortunately time was a bit against and whole thing showed that there is need for genuine discussion among whole Federation. Moreover, then came already bleeding Ukraine where our position on this conflict shaped further cooperation across EC.

My main interest during this mandate will be inclusion and according to it far-right and hopefully also Green Economy WG, which has already had first meeting and it seems very interesting. Therefore, I am now working mainly on FYEG Spring Camp which is called Mission: Inclusion; will be in Slovakia in April next year. As a part of my EC mission in the name of inclusion I prepared and suggested workshop to upcoming EGP Council in Istanbul, but unfortunately it does not fit to their agenda this time. We must wait until next year.

All together it is great challenge and indeed very pleasure meeting and cooperation with engaged people, all together for Europe where nobody is discriminated and natural environment is respected if not non-discriminated too.


Very happy to have been elected in the new EC, I flew just after the GA to Istanbul, where I spent more or less the whole summer. In this period of EC holidays, I was very active in drafting a compromising statement on the situation in Israel and Palestine. I unfortunately couldn’t participate to the EC Retreat in Slovakia due to work, but I took on afterwards my tasks, on setting up the WG on Migration, Culture and Identity, establishing contact with the MOs, preparing the Falafel/FYEG Project on Migration with contacts to our partners, and preparing the Newsletter (which is actually taking most of my time…). I am also co-coordinating the COP21 mobilisation, so I built close contacts with the French Jeunes Ecologistes on their strategies for the coming months, and have been coordinating the mobilisation of the federation for the Climate March, hoping this will be amazing ! As responsible person for the Ecosprinter I was with Morgan from the board to the European Green Journal Meeting of Correspondents in Vienna from 5 to 7th September where we discussed great projects ahead - soon :-) and I also represented FYEG in the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Action Week in Berlin. I hope we can discuss this issue in the Peace Working Group this year and mobilise on Nuclear disarmament.