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Pre-summer activity report from the EC

Pre-Summer Activity Reports from EC Members.


As EC member Gaya has been responsible for Working Group on Peace and CDN-FYEG relations.

WG Peace met on skype, elected two coordinators Michael Bloss from Germany and Ingrid Nyman from Sweden. The working group will have a workshop during CDN Summer camp 2011 on how nationalism serves war propaganda and hatred between different national groups. It should assess questions such as: Is there a peaceful nationalism? Do we need nation-states to live in security?The working group will participates in the Brussels working group meeting. The working group is developing the strategy of future actions. The Peace WG is planning address this topic in non-conventional ways and creatively challenge the ways peace and conflict are often described by media, politicians, academia, etc.

Gaya will be involved in CDN-FYEG stuffy session 2012 on policy writing and instruments for youth change. The application is being discussed.

Also, Gaya will be in the prep team of the CDN Caucasus regional meeting in the fall 2011. FYEG aims and perspectives will be included in developing the sessions.



Jakob spend most of the EC-time with climate/energy-related activities:

Climate and energy:

  • COP17 Energy Revolution Workshop in December: The necessary financial support by EGP and GGEP is quite certain, preparation work has already started, including the search for partners, call for prep- team has been issued
  • Campaign on Energy: started drafting basics, issued call for campaign-team

Work on other topics:

  • EU-Citizenship: 2nd Seminar is in preparation, call for participants sent
    Agriculture: resolution on agriculture and the CAP at the Seminar in Kassel, following CAP Working Group of EGP

Internal and external communication:

  • published 5 newsletters
  • supported the Ecosprinter editorial board (a little ;-))
  • general minor communication related work (supplying the webmaster with material for the website, the mailing lists, meeting with PR of Austrian Greens, investigating communication platforms for EC etc.)

Member organizations:

  • Contact to most of my MOs in central Europe could be established. Unfortunately some have serious troubles unfortunately. Managed to pay short visits of MOs in Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Austria.



Maggie as the treasurer spent some time on calculating costs for planned projects, checked the accounts in the FYEG Office in the end of June and continuously works closely with the Office on financial matters.

Volunteering is a topic for a huge event that is organized by the European youth forum. Maggie follows the preparations and will participate there with more FYEG people.

Maggie participated in the Czech green summer academy that took place at the end of July and joined the prep-team of project called Made in? focusing on consumerism.

Digital rights working group

The WG members met on skype and elected two coordinators: Kristian Normand from Norway and Geraldine Arndt from Germany. Since FYEG got approved a project application for a winter camp on digital rights, most of the WGs work after summer will be dedicated to preparations of this event. The hosting organisation will be the Swiss YGs, they still have to apply for more funding through Youth in Action program.



Merja has been busy with several gender and student related issues as well as with cooperation with Global Young Greens.

  • Study session about gender policies in the EU in Strasbourg in October/November: Our application for funding finally got accepted for this long-dormant project. The original prep-team has been regathered and the planning for the agenda and speakers is going on with full steam.
  • LGBTQ seminar series in Balkans in 2012: There is a plan to have three seminars about sexual minorities and their rights combined with participation to a Pride March. The seminars will be in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. A provisional prep team has been set up, and at the moment we are working for securing the finances and
    planning the agendas and possible partners of the seminars.
  • Green International Campus in August in Berlin: The German young greens host a congress for green-minded students to gather, and FYEG acts as a partner organisation. The agenda is full of highly interesting conversations. For FYEG, the aim is also to promote our Green Students’ Network through this activity.
  • Global Young Greens: FYEG is still striving for establishing the relations between FYEG and GYG formally to our structures. At the moment, discussions are going on about a cooperation paper and a possible change to our IRP’s which would clearly define the ways of cooperating between the two organisations.
  • Member Organisations: Connections have been kept with and tried to establish with the member organisations in Nordic countries and in the British Isles. There are also plans to find ways to Involve youth organisations that are not yet members into FYEG activities!

The Gender working group has elected Razvan Sandru (razvan.sandru@gmail.com) and Juliane Groetzke (juliane.goetzke@gmail.com) as coordinators of the working group. The group is preparing an action plan for the forthcoming year. The plan includes cooperation with green economy working group about a seminar of women in economics and with CDN about the topic of the Summer Camp 2012, intersections of oppression. The working group participates to the Brussels working group meeting and has a workshop on gender in the CDN Summer Camp 2011.

The working group has decided to have two themes for the year, queer theory and prostitution. Not only these topics will be discussed, though, but the group also has started working on the FYEG Political Platform renewing process, brainstorming ideas we want to include to the platform and planning to discuss these topics. The action plan also includes plans to participate to gender related days, have a gender-related article series in Ecosprinter, and to make a video of gender issues. Wait till you see it!



Nikola spent most of his EC time on democracy and regionalism issues, but as well on cooperation under Falafel Network.

Application for seminar in Barcelona under the Title "Revolutionary movements for Democracy" in January have been submitted. Application was submitted to Youth in Action Program on both European and local level. The main idea is to compare these movements in East,South East Europe and Mediterranean, Middle East region, in order to understand what is the best way to fight for democratic mechanisms during and after revolution.

Currently a draft for project called "Youth empowerment in Politics" has been taking places. Idea and great load of work has been taken by our office assistant Zofia. The project would aim at supporting youth political organizations in the region in terms of increasing their organizational capacities and performance on the political scene.

Third project related to Falafel Network is supposed to be Network Meeting in Jordan, Amman, during the Spring of 2012. At a moment we are working on the call and application. Purpose of the meeting would be to
bring as many Falafel members as possible at a spot, but also new interested organizations. Time of meeting is meant to be used for development of concrete proposal for cooperation.

Democracy Wg has done all necessary work to structure its communication and functioning. This enable Wg members to put a focus on political discussions that should contribute to the work of Political Platform
Committee and hopefully result in certain Policy Paper for the GA. Step by step we are aiming to prepare our activity plan, so we can coordinate ourselves with other Wgs and overall FYEG plan.

Regionalism Wg had slightly problems in the beginning to have the first effective skype conference and successfully launch its work. Now we managed to fit out personal schedules and to start working. The phase of creating initial back bone has been still going on and the first plans and responsibilities has been taken.

Nikola is mainly in charged of FYEG MOs in the region of South East Europe. Contacts, have been established and communicational channels are open for further work. There are still some obstacles in communication with Macedonian Young Greens due to the wrong contact details, but it will be soon overcome.



Terry is responsible for the green economy wg which mainly focuses on the preparations of the g20 summit and the rio+20 conference at the moment. Additionally, they are planning to apply for a seminar on green economy and feminism together with the gender wg.

Terry attended the founding congress of democracy international for fyeg and gave a dinner speech.

Member organisations: dwars, jonggroen (attending the summer barbecue in the end of June), gruene jugend (attending the council meeting where she gave a presentation of fyeg), Cyprus young greens and Maltese young greens.



Nic's main work in the EC turned around external communication.

He helped drafting Press Releases, taking care of the Press Officer, Alumni Network, FYEG promotional material and such.

Additionally he organized the workshops at the Green Summer University and was responsible for the Working Group on Migration.