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Online Meeting - 28/10/2014


7:30pm CET - 28/09/2014 ¦ Platform: Hangouts (until suitable alternative is solved)

Present: Micha, Krassina, Milena, Gio, Josef, Shenna, Júlia

Apologies: Joan, Marie,


Moderation: Krassi

Minutes: Micha


Personal updates


Office updates


Approve minutes of last meeting: Approved


Activities: any updates, and current plans


Olive Tree Branch (if update): Joan

  • Call: Done

  • Project Outline: Done

  • Decision on Meeting: Member Organisation can indicate to the EC/Joan whom they see representing their organistion best. Joan to agree and take note


Climate campaign Joan/Shenna/Marie

  • Campaign plan initial brainstorming draft

    • We need concrete numbers on costs very soon so we can talk with numbers to MEPs: Micha to write it to Marie and Joan

    • Offer of Benjamin to help in the campaign planning & Oleg as free trainer for COP20 seminar

  • Money was received and a meeting with the Group was requested by Shenna

    • The Group allocated 3.000 Euro to FYEG for Climate Campaign

    • Fundraising Plan: Haloween Action, Adopt a Negotiator

    • Communication with the Group goes through Co-Spokes

  • Halloween Fundraising has to be done on Monday. Micha and Joan and Shenna to work on it


Far right, populism and inclusion (if update) Josef/Micha

  • Define further process:

    • Micha to finalise proposal, Josef and Micha will speak about it at the WGM to clarify then submit proposal


Capacity building exchange (if update)


Twinning cities (if update) Milena

  • Updates on the Parliamentary Visits

  • Shenna will update us tomorrow on confusion with the parliamentary visits

  • Shenna will update Milena in order for her to follow-up on the meeting

  • We already have 2 local grous (Juhuu)


WGm  (30 October - 2 November) (if update) Krassina

Shenna + Krassi to have dedicated call



 5. EC meetings

  • Decision from the doodle:

  • Agenda and Meeting during Working Group Meeting (on sunday)


 6. Network* & Partner updates





Update: Peace&Conflict WG chose to work on the Israel/Palestine conflict this year.



  • EGP

    • Council

    • Amendments will be coming in. We will meet on Friday on the WGM to discuss them.

    • Middle East: All Amendmets are ok, except for them that Marie and Micha bring to the attention of the EC


  • Technical aspects: registration, accommodation, arrival/departure:

    • EGP informed us now: 2 weeks before the start of the congress that we have to pay 60 Euros per night for the non-delegates. Micha will communicate with Shenna and Marie on if there are cheaper hostels. EC will stay together in one place. Possibly all stay in the 4 rooms that we have.


  • CDN: financial meeting tomorrow Oct. 29


  • GYG: they are at the office last Friday


  • YFJ:

    • Decision: Julia and Krassi will go to the GA of YFJ

 7.External Communication

  • Newsletter

  • Social media

  • PRs

















 8. Communication tools

  • Mumble (input from webmaster in the mailing list)

    • postponed


  • Website (Gio)

GA documents were uploaded


  • Corporate Identiy:


 9. Finances

  • GGEP financial request - until the end of the month to be finalized.

  • Closing of campaign budget

  • Austrian YGs situation:


 10. Internal structure

 11.Other political issues this week



 12. Invitations

 13. AOB

- Gio - it’s a pity that Economic Compass is just on the website without proper promotion. Would be good to promote - e.g. Send to MOs Green

>> Josef to ask if it’s possible to translate to different languages.

>> Gio + Micha + Pepa responsible for launching event, and invite youth organisations + MEPs

>>  Krassi to add to agenda of WGm


  1. Issues postponed for discussion next week: