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Online Meeting - 25/11/2014


7:30pm CET - 25/11/2014 ¦ Platform: Hangouts (until suitable alternative is solved)

Present: Gio, Marie, Micha, Milena, Júlia, Shenna



Moderation: Julia

Minutes: Micha


  1. Personal updates


  1. Office updates

    1. Work this week

GEF-FYEG-CDN-Gy Tbilisi project

Talk with accountant, settle admin tasks: tax (done), bank (in process)

Talk with GEF on climate seminar partnership, Ecosprinter-GEF Journal bloggers training,



>> All - speed up project assistant selection (Julia has not voted yet)

RC is only available tonight & tomorrow night for interviews


  • Long-Term Cooperation with CDN?

  • GEF Application DL 14 Dec. (added as Agenda Point)

  • Pro Bono work Giuliana from February to April

  • Follow-Up for Climate Horror Fundraising?

    • send emails MEPs

Previous deadlines

  • Feedback from non-EU EP visit reimbursements? Quaestor approved for TC, waiting for Climate seminar

  • EP reg for climate seminar - real DL tomorrow according to DGCOMM

  • Climate Campaign team selection - will send EC applications

  • EGP financial report (justification of 3.5% & joint budget line of activities)

  • Accountant visit


    1. Upcoming deadlines

Dec. 17 - Erasmus+ Operating Grant 2015 application

  • Milena and Shenna to work on it

  • Integral to our operating

Dec. 14 - Project applications to GEF for 2015

Dec. 19 - Report for GEF Tbilisi project

Dec. 19 - EGP Report Justification of BL 3.5 & Joint activities

January - Report for Erasmus+ Operating Grant 2014


    1. Priority setting

      1. Erasmus Operating Grant

        1. Has possibly less money to distribute.

        2. Hiring Office assistant: Decision to be taken next EC in situ meeting

      2. Twinning Cities

        1. 35 Participants


  1. Financial update

  • change of mandate for bank account,

  • Participation fee for the Young candidates of Krassi & Terry still to be paid by FYEG.

  • Smooth cashflow


  1. Approve minutes of last 2 meetings

Miléna to be apologized for 18/11 (if ok with everyone)


  1. Invitations and matters requiring consideration

    1. Invitation to lobbyist events

      1. Vattenfall (conflict with the Twinning cities meeting)

        1. Shenna check if it is still possible to go there and informs the rest. Milena to ask ecolo j/Jong Groen

      2. US Embassy (neither Micha nor Shenna are free to attend)

        1. Publish the Invitation and that we are not going. Gio to put it up

    2. Invitation by ecosprinter

      1. Recruitment of new Ecosprinter:

        1. Ecosprinter can co-opt two members. They dont have voting powers though, as voting powers derrive from EC election

      2. Write Motions in Article Forms

        1. Micha writes within 2 Weeks Short Paragraph on Ebola

        2. Pepa writes on Intercontinental HOTEL? Within 2 weeks


    1. Selection of Project Assistant



  1.  Communication

    1. Newsletter >> Everyone to complete their part, DL 27 Nov

    2. Social media + PR plan

      1. Reach is going low without payment

      2. Next year possible budget on fb?

      3. Gio will propose visuals for our content

      4. Please be in contact with Edu as well on social media



EP Strasbourg


Reaching out to Europe Conference /


Reaching out to Europe Conference / YFJ GA


Reaching out to Europe Conference


East-West Relation







    1.  Mumble progress

      • postponed

    1. Website

      1. Who wants user access - Krassi, Joan

    2. Corporate Identity

      1. Logos for projects - ad hoc or start a plan?

        1. EC to return Questionaires

        2. Only Micha and Marie filled it

        3. Gio will send it around again

  1. Activities: any updates, and current plans

    1. Politicising the Personal Gio

      1. Current draft here. >>  5 people approv

    2. Olive Tree Branch Joan

  • Call is closed. Any updates?


    1. Climate Joan/Shenna/Marie

      1. Alter-COP20 Seminar preparation

      2. Climate campaign

  • Selection of campaign team - see email by Shenna and vote until 2nd December

  • Campaign plan initial brainstorming draft

    1. Far right, populism and inclusion Josef/Micha

  • Update on final dratf?

    1. Capacity building exchange

    1. Twinning cities Milena


  1. Network updates

    1. MOs

      1. Updated contact details - deadline?

      2. GA report form Irish YGs. 0 is it published?

      3. Ask your MOs about their GAs

      4. Other?


    1. WGs skipped for this week

Krassi will send it this week the evaluation report


    1. Ecosprinter

      1. Joint GEF-Project Proposal? - Marie

  1. Partners

    1. YFJ

    2. EGP

    3. CDN

    4. GYG

    5. GEF:

      1. What should we apply for? EC to react to Shenna’s email until the 4th of December?


  1. Reimbursements and  EC meetings



  1. Internal structure

  2. Previous actions recap


  1.  AOB

  2. Postpone to next week