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Online Meeting - 21/10/2014


7:30pm CET - 21/09/2014 ¦ Platform: Hangouts (until suitable alternative is solved)

Present: Gio, Julia, Milena, Shenna, Micha, Joan

Apologies: Josef, Marie

Quorum: Yes (by 1)


NB - prioritise all work to be done ready for WGm




  1. Personal updates:

  2. Office updates

  • Secretary General/ SecGen Ad Interim

Part by part doing the transfer period especially in terms of bookkeeping + finances, for the report to the accountant. We are also taking care of the taxes of FYEG.

Maggie is finishing all finances during her term. Shenna will be in charge of WGM onwards. We will have a financial meeting with CDN office on the 28/29th (morning). Guiding Edu in Twinning projects meeting & conceptualisation. Had good lunch cooked by Edu :)

  • Project assistant - call to go out hopefully tonight

>> Shenna to send out on list, share out on social media tomorrow.

  • Intern

More time this week as Strasbourg week!

Finalising the survey for MOs on twinning projects, coordinating with Milena & office next steps, fundraising for the meeting on Dec. 2 (partly covered by MEP Vana), administering FYEG social media

-JGP Question about spare capacity.

-Shenna - 60:40 split - Parliament:FYEG. He needs time to visualise the structures of how the twinning project is going to work. With additional social media responsibility, this takes on a fair bit of time, but doing it well. Should continue to keep him inspired about TC.


>> Shenna + Miléna to work together to coordinate meeting with CDN.


  • Minutes: Agree upon new format and how to work on minutes

>> Joan still to work on

  • Office Work:

    • Status of any open applications

Check here

e.g. GEF support for COP20 2000K ok,

Climate Core group support 6K = waiting for EP Finance approval,

-GGEP request for Spring conference=drafted,

-Status of any pending reimbursements - Maggie is in contact with those needed to be reimbursed still

Parliament visit slots:

Micha, Krassi + Shenna worked on this.

Submitted request for all 85 slots for the EP visits (COP20 & Twinning cities).

Interest by COP20 team to increase participants- therefore out of additional slots - 10 more for COP

35 for twinning cities meeting

Preliminary contact list already there.

Invitation will be sent before end of survey.

Still attempting 2-day meeting; will need to co-fund.


Monica Vana - hosting us 2nd Dec. Meeting on Dec 1 + 2..

>>Deadline 2 weeks before. All details 12th/13th Nov earliest.


COP - 10th of Dec

Better to start on 9th to follow COP

Shenna not available on w/e of 6-7th

  3.   Approve minutes of last meeting (Last minutes (14/10/2014))



  4. Activities: any updates, and current plans

    1. TTIP (update) Micha

  • Invitation from Jong Groen to present FYEG anti-TTIP campaign & activity plan this Saturday

                b. Olive Tree Branch (if update): Joan

     c. Climate campaign Joan/Shenna/Marie

  • Trick or ThREAT action & fundraising after our EP visit = being discussed with assistants

    • Maybe here some discussion on concept (micha)

>> JGP to propose first draft

  d. Far right, populism and inclusion (if update) Josef

  • Discussion to move dates of Camp & Conference to save costs (to April 1-8 instead of April 3-10)

    • Start with Conference over the weekend, Followed by SprincCamp

     e. Capacity building exchange (if update)

  f. Twinning cities (if update) Milena

  • Survey to send to MOs is being finalised. Edu will send it this week.

    • Q by MB - should survey be translated in different languages? Local groups always not so comfortable with English

    • Proposal by MC - ask international officers to translate.

  • Twinning Cities meeting at the beginning of December: we’re working on it.

  • A new partnership in creation between Sweden and Germany (yeah!)

              g. WGm  (30 October - 2 November) (if update) Krassina

>> Shenna + Krassi to have dedicated call


  • Agenda - still waiting for Saturday part from Zara

  • Open space  Workshops

    • Currently no proposals.

    • >> Miléna + Micha/Júlia to work on TTIP/TC workshops to get WGs involved

    • Call for suggestions:

  • action - skype conference. Include climate WG in doodle.

  • task distribution in case Krassina not there

    • Gio to help with presentations etc

    • Joan to help with action

    • Someone needed to keep track of small details during training

  • Partaaay? :)

    • >> Shenna to check cultural agenda in case something we can join

    • Private space vs joining a venue?


  •   Politicising the Personal (if update) Gio

    • Meeting with guy who will develop the platform

      • good first impressions, discussion on technicalities as well as concept

    • Written proposal next week - useful to present to Terry’s office


  5. EC meetings

  • What happens after Turkey?

    • FYEG-CDN Strategy meeting during the joint conference: Reaching out to Europe in Tbilisi on Nov. 27-30.

      • Finalise date/timeslot on both sides for the meeting. Who is coming?

      • >> Prepare in advance as EC, as only 3 people can go.

    • ECM during COP20 seminar (Dec. 9-13), preferably the weekend of Dec. 13-14 then early Christmas party? :)

    • >> Doodle to figure out next ECm in December, over weekends - Júlia.

  6. Network* & Partner updates

  a. MOs

  • Catalan + England&Wales GAs

  • Spanish GA cancelled

  • Greek situation

  • Federal forum of Jeunes écologistes in Grenoble: Miléna going


  b.  WGs

Climate WG will join the Halloween plannig WGM party and action ideas brainstorming

  c.  Partners

  • EGP

    • Urgent decisions?

    • Everything else to be discussed next week + amendments

    • Deadline for Amendments: 31 October. Please put your ammendments here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KMmGMbtZEwHESzUSmRVGjdnDoEeWpGVYZHBi...

    • Resolutions:

    • For every Emergency Resolution we need 5 supporters

    • Mar and Saraswati requested a meeting. I told Sara that Meeting on WGM is possible

    • FYEG workshop on the Topic " Green respond to the military intervention in Kobane"

    • FYEG action

      • Krassi will lead on, Gio to help when available


  • Greens in EP

DECISION: Do we want to have a meeting with Linnea during the WGM to talk about future cooperation (like what we had we Terry)? >> Yes.

  • GEF


  • CDN

Petra of Green Window (Croatia) as new project coordinator

  • GYG:

Steering committee meeting here in Brussels on Friday (Oct. 24) to talk about admin matters, tax, future collaboration? TO include Global Greens on our COP20 seminar agenda

Milena and Josef will have a skype meeting with the steering committee on Thursday.

  • YFJ:

  1. GA on Nov 20-22: Krassi, Julia & (Shenna) to go.

  2. Joan has started drafting the Climate resolution & now there are input from climate policy wonks :) Need to finalise it before end of Oct. at the latest in order to consult it with Sustainability group of YFJ & to check with other MOs working on climate esp. COPs. Deadline for submission: Nov. 6

  3. Shenna + Maggie to check if Shenna can go as the expert on the thematic square. How this to be arranged. Last EC meeting was taken decision for two EC delegates there - Krassi and Julia registered for it.

  4. Info Day on Funding opportunities on Nov. 13-14 Milena & Shenna attending

  7.External Communication

  • Newsletter

  • Social media

  • PRs


DECISION: Mos Maiorum PR? in line with EP discussion tomorrow.

>> Ska Published an article - someone to share with MOs.

Bullfighting subsidies voting in EP

EP vote on Team Juncker


Call for COP20 seminar participants

Call for articles




Jong Groen TTIP Info Day: with FYEG campaign plan presentation in the afternoontwinnddddd


England + Wales GA (Joan Attending)

JOVES GA (Julia)







  8. Communication tools

  • Mumble (input from webmaster in the mailing list)

    • postponed


  • Website (Gio)

GA documents were uploaded


  • Corporate Identiy:


  9. Finances

  • GGEP financial request - until the end of the month to be finalized.


  • Situation of EP visits

  • Closing of campaign budget

  • Austrian YGs situation: skype tomorrow lunch


  10. Internal structure

  11.Other political issues this week



  12. Invitations

  13. AOB

- Gio - it’s a pity that Economic Compass is just on the website without proper promotion. Would be good to promote - e.g. Send to MOs Green

>> Josef to ask if it’s possible to translate to different languages.

>> Gio + Micha + Pepa responsible for launching event, and invite youth organisations + MEPs

>>  Krassi to add to agenda of WGm


  1. Issues postponed for discussion next week: