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Online Meeting - 16/09/2014


7pm CET - 16/09/2014 ¦ Platform: Hangouts

Present: Marie Pochon, Joan Groisard , Julia Boada, Krassina Demireva, Michael Bloss


Moderation: Krassina Demireva

Minutes: Joan Groisard

  1. Personal updates:

Everybody is fine.


  1. Office updates


The priorities of the  office are the applications for projects funding and the reimbursements of the latest activist exchanges.


  • Secretary General

Another part of EGP 3.5 contribution documents submitted, Summer conference report in progress, financial part almost done. Updating budget, administration...

Maggie will depart to Scotland for supporting Scottish Young Greens, several activities planned. She asks a small contribution from the FYEG of an amount of 50EUR.


  • Project assistant

Preparing for workshops this weekend to be offered on a project we are partner of: Powershift Suomi (they will cover all costs), Summer conference report, Funding request for COP seminar, support Marie & Pepa on project partnerships, arrangement with Migration Seminar host-Malta ADZ, Moniteur Belge, training with Kristian on website programming, collaboration with EGP for the climate march Sept 20-21, CEWG support, advice for Global Justice WG on their project application, orientation for the intern Edu Loren Garcia with an introduction to EU funding.


  • Intern

Edu Loren Garcia started on Monday, had expectation session and was introduced to his main task: Twinning cities.


   3.   Approve minutes of last meeting




  • Sedcretary General  discussion on the vote :

    • Deadline for voting is Thursday evening.

  • Felix Deist’s nomination for the European Youth Forum

    • The discussion already took place in the last EC online meeting, but we were missing the quorum. The email from Felix was received last week.

    • There was an online doodle, on which results Felix is approved to be supported by the EC. Krassina will confirm to him the good news.


  • “YES campaign support”

Long participative debate over the possible support from FYEG to the Scottish Young Greens in their “YES campaign”, taking into account our position as a Federation of MOs with not the same opinions on independance questions.


Final EC vote priviledges a balanced position : appreciating the Scottish YG’s campaign and supporting their efforts, we will write an article about it to be published on FYEG webpage.


  • Granting Maggie with 50EUR to travel to Scotland

According to our treasurer, there is no budget issue related to this, and it’s pointed out that it’s important to have FYEG presence in a context important for one of our MOs. The 50 EUR are approved.

   4. Activities: Updates and plans


  • TTIP (update) Micha

      1. ECI:

        1. The ECI group hasn’t been formed yet

        2. The whole situation has been thrown back because Commission has rejected ECI.

      2. CETA:

        1. Next summit is on 26th september.

        2. The Social democrats stand against ISDS - provoking some delays.

        3. There will be actions together with Canadian young greens.

>> Plan : draft a campaign plan to discuss.


                 b. Olive Tree Branch (if update) Joan   

    >>> Plan : to propose plan of action at the next call.


         c. Climate campaign Joan/Shenna/Marie


UPDATE: Climate Change and Energy WG had its first skype today. The Project Assistant took contact with the EGP & GGEP for the upcoming peoples’ march on Sunday 21st. Marie helped with MO mobilisation for the march, in inviting the MOs via the mailing list. There is a need to put on a strategy for the campaign til 2015.


Things that need to be done :

  • check the progress on the applications and visitors accreditations from MEPs for the upcoming COP Seminar.

  • Work on the Green Group funding request.


   d. Far right, populism and inclusion (if update) Josef


         e. Capacity building exchange (if update)


   f. Twinning cities (if update) Milena


A concept document was sent by Milena (on concepts of the project and ideas for implementation) to the EC and the intern. An online call is planned, with the people that are interested in working on the project development.


               g. WGm  (30 October - 2 November) (if update) Krassina

UPDATE: logistics - Hostel and Venue are booked.

EP visits have been requested.

  • We got total of 50 visits on Friday morning, from MEPs Terry Reintke and Ska Keller.

  • Marie will not be there / Julia - Joan don’t need accommodation in Brussels.

  • The Agenda of the meeting is in the google drive but this will be restructured. We are still looking for a good trainer.

    • Every EC Member should inform their Working Groups about the dates of the meeting. Three people from each WG can come and be financed.

    • Ecosprinter Board is approved to be financed as well.


  • Ecosprinter

UPDATE : Last weekend was held the Green European Journal Meeting of Correspondents. There, was discussed the possibility to hold with the GEF support a Training for young journalists and communicants. Also the Ecosprinter Board will launch a Newsletter. How can the Ecosprinter be involved with the activities of the WGs? Two options here :

The Ecosprinter can decide where to register, but it is advised from the EC to register only on the WG coordinators list.

Marie will contact the webmaster to get a @fyeg.org adress for the Ecosprinter.

The EC says the concept developped is a good idea but has already been implemented by the past. The Ecosprinter board should contact the webmasters.


  •    Politicising the Personal (if update) Gio


  •    Economic Compass Gio/Shenna

   5. EC meetings

   a. 3th Oct – 5th Oct

UPDATE: It is possible to have additional ECm in Brussels.

DECISION: Book tickets.


   b. EGP council – 7-9 November – Istanbul  

UPDATE: No update



   c. Georgia Meeting 28 Nov - 2nd December



   6. Network* & Partner updates

   a. MOs



   b.  WGs

Miléna: Question: do we have to publish somewhere the minutes of our WG meetings?

UPDATE: No they are internal for the WG and the EC responsible, we only have WG bi-monthly reports


   c.  Partners


  • Council in Istanbul

UPDATE: Proposal to write a request for change of language of sensitive issues in the program. It will be drafted and shared with the EC before the final launch.

On the 26th Sept is the deadline for the resolutions for the EGP Council, which means a week.

>> We will propose a resolution on Climate Change and one on Youth Issues



UPDATE: GEF GA in october 7-10. Usually they don’t ave observers and FYEG can maybe be part of the EGP delegation of four people, but we need to check FYEG/EGP agreement.


European Youth Forum: 19-22th November, Romania

FYEG will send three delegates (Joan, Julia, Krassina). We need to check the budget.


   7.External Communication

  • Newsletter


  • Social media


  • PRs






Scottish referendum













   8. Communication tools

  • Mumble (input from webmaster in the mailing list)

    • postponed


  • Website (Gio): What happened with the training? When do we upload EC information and GA documents on the webpage


  • Corporate Identity:


   9. Finances

  • GGEP financial request

UPDATE: in progress. Brainstorming about topic for the spring conference (the one linked to the GA) could be helpful. If not possible, we can try to leave it open.


  • EP visits



  • Closing of campaign budget

UPDATE: in progress

There are pending activist exchanges reimbursements


  • Financial report to EC and MOs: planned for end September



   A: applications (Shenna)


Deadline 1st of October:



  • Migration seminar: contacted JEV (still no decision from Erasmus+), invited detention centre in Malta to be part of project, got positive feedback from Maltese National Agency on availability of funds for trainings there, establishing new partner orgs beyond MADA network, host: Malta ADZ, update application to Maltese app form, Marie following up partners to sign mandate forms & PID


  • EYF

UPDATE: Mission INclusion - call for partners within MOs published, need to contact non-MO partners directly, reopening of the online application on the EYF portal, brainstorming with Pepa on necessary revisions of the application in terms of aims & learning methodologies, DL for partners 24/9.


  • Partnership with other youth orgs

EDRA for EVS, CNJC for EuroMed TC,



  • pending financial reports by Silvio: Internet Governance, EnCatra


  • Summer conference - in progress


   10. Internal structure

SG applications (Krassi)

UPDATE: Tonight is the interview with  the two candidates for the Secretary General . Vesna and Minttu will do the interview and until Wednesday evening send the EC  their feedback in order for the EC to vote.


FCC election process

     11.Other political issues this week



   12. Invitations (link to activity overview)


   13. AOB

  • Issues postponed for discussion next week: