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Online Meeting - 14/10/2014

Present: Micha, Josef, Gio, Shenna, Joan

Apologies: Julia, Milena


Moderator: Joan

Minutes: Krassi


Calls at 7

Hangouts - until suitable alternative is solved


  1. Personal updates


  1. Approve minutes of last meeting (link)


  1. Project updates: any updates, and current plans

  • WGM

Krassi had skype with Sara, she sent already her proposals for the training.  This week another skype to finalize the agenda of the WGM, then it will be sent out. Everyone can check the current draft agenda in the google drive. One more skype with Shenna is needed, so we clarify technical task division (maybe next week). Still the workshop with Gio on communication to be collaborated. Sara said she can integrate it within the training.

Infosheet -to be sent by Shenna


Halloween party - need to check for small amount of money to organize it and a place for it

Fundraising idea of Joan - Krassi and Joan further to discuss it this week

Micha - really should do fundraising activity with MEPs, and likely to be successful

Krassi - Questioning practicalities of getting into parliament.

Shenna - reminder that it was not a good time because MEPs in constituency.

Krassi - proposal of a video?

Micha - we should still go, increases visibility, and assistants are likely to be there and allows us to spread our message. Just a few people needed. Leaflet with our details, and then send email following up afterwadrs.

Gio - if climate-focused, can take photo with MEP or assistant - publicise online.

>> Shenna to check about participants under 18 and mail back to our young participants, check archive also EP regulations on this

>> Krassi + Joan  + Miléna to develop.

>> All: Push your relevant WG to prepare for WGM. eg. get them to create a pad with ideas of what they want to do etc. And let Shenna know if cancellations.

Krasi to make arrival/departure file


EC decision >> in general, under 18 year old people need to provide letters giving the consent of the parents to participate - mid-term goal is to create standard template to use for this.


Update: COP20 seminar

  • Funding request to Climate Core Group submitted.

Everything climate related to go through the Climate group. We are waiting for the approval

  • GEF expressed interest to be partner, might give 1000EUR

  • Krassi communicated with  MEP Benedek Jávor. We will get 20 spots for the COP seminar. Shenna was registered as a group leader and will keep further the registration process and communication. Visit was so far offered for 10thDecember 14:30-16:00. How many spots we still need to get and when was the deadline?

  • Micha also got 25 spots from Monica Vana.

  • Tomas MEP - they also have left over

  • We might have ven more than enough visits


Decision: General principle - We will keep the geographical balance and will not accept MEPs conditions on participants.


On EP Visits:

In General:

  • DL to provide names to EP is 2 months in advance

  • Idea to provide provisional list 2 months before, and final list 2 weeks before.

  • Usually FYEG office which does the filing of the participant details


EP visit for the Climate Seminar

  • We need until this Friday lunch to give a provisional participants’ list for the COP seminar (40 people)

  • We need to ask for people´s consent to use those details

    • Include prepteam + EC details

    • Prepteam + EC to help getting more names > Explain urgency of situation

      • Climate WG + MOs of EC members

    • Note this doesn't mean they will automatically be able to attend

    • Office to coordinate the administration. This is a priority

    • it should be make cleared that being on this temporary list doesn’t mean people will be the participants at the seminar

    • Climate change WG can be also asked (shenna)


Update: Climate Campaign Proposal Draft - still not ellaborated

Finances of Johannes as campaigner. Member parties will  be asked to contribute. GEF will be likely also involved in terms  of supporting the capacity building part (trainings, publication, skill share). So not so much possibilities to ask at the moment for money.

“Horror-funding” therefore becomes more important.


(EGP >> EC to debate if we want to amend budget to create climate specific line, after conversation that Micha had with Reinhard on this point)


GEF - climate trainings and capacity building. Climate will be still a priority

GGEP - EGP will also have to ask the Climate Core Group

Shenna will discuss with Jochanes to clarify these funding ideas


At the ECM we wanted to make an amendment to the EGP papers on climate change, but they didnt allocate for it a budget. We need to investigate why is this the situation.


Decision: To discuss this through emails further with the amendments to EGP council


Update: Joint project with GEF, Georgian YG, CDN  on “Reaching out to Europe”

Started moving, call is online from Monday.

Gio working on the agenda. Found speakers from Swedish embassy + HB foundation.

Question of EC involvement - Marie , Pepa, Micha interested.

>> Gio to make sure call for participants is spread on all channels.


Update: Twinning Cities


Update: TTIP

Had skype meeting, campaign moving forward.

  1. Other political issues this week:

EGP Council

Decide: Which workshop to register for the EGP Council?

>> Krassi to coordinate with Marie, FYEG office and EGP office

Krassi: Young Greens of Turkey said they have a skype tonight to talk about it and then will schedule a skype with us. Good new - well our workshop is placed on the agenda, so we cant lose it, still we need to speed up with this outline

Decide: Who will be the 4 official EGP Council delegates? those with highest costs; gender-balanced

>> Joan to check with Miléna where spreadsheet is and send it round to make sure everyone´s filled it. Krassi to fill out her costs


Decide: Plan hearings for SecGen candidates during available time in Istanbul > Wait until clearer timetable.

  • Climate emergency resolution

>> Marie, Joan, Shenna to work on it.


  • Ebola emergency resolution - still work in progress (Micha)

  • egp budget amendment - to debate by email.

  • resolution amendments.


  1. Social media campaigns - what  do we want to share this week


- UK debates

  • Friday - international day for the eradication of poverty >>

  • Support for Oleg Brega >> Pepa to prepare statement for facebook + picture + send to eC for approval

  • German + Dutch MOs new boards - post to say congrats.


  1. Issues to discuss next week

Decide: MEP Linnea Engstrom would like to meet us to talk about collaboration (how about before or after WGM?) Prepare beforehand.



  • Green Forum - how do we want to use it. >> Gio EC responsible.

    • Isabella Lovin - minister for international development in Sweden.

-  GEF from GA feedback

  • YFJ - update for newsletter

    • Need to work with Felix on strategy

    • Climate change resolution (!!!) >> Include Jakob in strategy


  1. AOB

    1. Call for Project Assistant

>> Micha to look up

  1. expression of interest from Ingrid to help in office + transition.

  2. potential for Intern funded by Erasmus + to study youth networks on social media, outreach etc.

  3. Krassi’ old pending reimbursements - still not done (only CDN summer camp, Croatia)

  4. Approach Austrian MO


  1. Travel to be booked


  • gio will send the flight details for WGM tomorrow


  1. WGM


  • next call to cover everything until WGM (as following one