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Online Meeting 11/08/2014



Time: 19:00-21:00 CET


Attending: Gio Megrelishvili, Krassina Demireva, Michael Bloss, Julia Boada


Excused: Maggie Maria Dokupilova, Milena Cazin


  1. Confirming the quorum


At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid.


  1. Approving the agenda : approved


  1. Personal Update


  1. Office Update


Secretary General online from tomorrow and focusing on work after the Office holidays. She met the new accountant with whom she setted up a date of meeting, and he gave her the first bills to work with, after re-organising a bit. Maggie also collected the WG applications, and distributed the overall file to the EC, for collectie review, and for all of the EC members to connect with their respective Working Groups. Maggie solved some GA reimbursements already and is working on it.


Shenna Sanchez will come back to the office starting from Tuesday 19/08. Edu Loren Garcia, the new intern, will start from September ( arrangements to see during the retreat, along with the tasks and expectations).


  1. Retreat


  • Agenda


→ Logistics: (What do the EC need to bring? Who goes when? Did something change?)


Maggie: Everything is in the folder, Maggie will send an email stating the main points of the agenda/transports/accommodation with the instructions tomorrow morning after confirming she will get a car.


→ Agenda (What do the EC want to be discussed?, Is it in the right order? Is something missing?) (Link to agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kx9zuQwO_Ydj0GpfftKNN0PUT1fs7x2AVAFrVcmFQbc/edit?usp=drive_web )


Still some doubts and possibilities for change on the Friday’s program, as, because of short schedule notice, Maggie couldn’t find an appropriate trainer. The proposal is to extend the teambuilding period, as it is proposed in the agenda.


* On first working day: Objectives/Motivation for FYEG work/ Different Working styles


* For Saturday : Micha will work on a more detailed agenda.


Sunday’s whole day should be used as much as possible. EC participants should think over what they want to be discussed, the decisions they will have to take, and write them down on the retreat agenda.


  1. WGM


→ The discussion over Parliamentary visits will take place during the retreat.


  1. Communication


a) internal communication


Maggie confirms that the mailing lists have been renewed and cleared, but we should check once again with the AC, and other potential people.


b) external communication


  • Facebook:


  • Tomorrow is international youth day! Youth and Mental health!


  • Twitter:


  • Until the retreat, the Twitter account is opened to the whole EC, a more general discussion over the use of social media will take place during the Retreat.


c) web


Need to check and modify the access to the FYEG website.


  1. Networking




  • The Young Greens of England and Wales had new elections and a new Sec Gen, who is now Sophie Van Ham.
  • There will be a summercamp in Greece.


a) CDN


b) GYG


c) Falafel:


d) EGP:


  • Request has been sent to participate in their Climate Activities


e) GGEP:


f) European youth forum


g) PPYOs