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Online Meeting - 09/09/2014


a7pm CET - 09/09/2014 ¦ Platform: Hangouts (until suitable alternative is solved)

Present: Krassina, Maggie, Micha, Marie, Júlia

No Quorum - fast meeting and call in the end of the week



Moderation: Micha

Minutes: Everybody


Very short meeting - due to lack of quorum - we go to the essentials


  1. Personal updates:


Office updates

  • Secretary General

Participation in Party political meeting, prepared agreements on finishing contract - informing Securex, registration to Moniteur Belge, working on finalizing Green compass, payments, EGP WG on inclusion on Wednesday


  • Project assistant


  • Intern

Starting on 15th of September.


    3.   Approve minutes of last meeting : approved



  • SG applications and selection (point 10): We need to discuss it all together. We will have an online or offline call where everyone can be present and debate it together.

  • ECm decision:

    • We need a meeting from 4-5th October. Everyone should block its calendars, most probably in Brussels. EC to check if there are financial solutions to allege FYEG budget.

    • EGP Council: It is not a priority, but would be better if everybody is there. Julia can probably apply through the Catalans, Gio with the Georians, Michael will try to find ways for financing his presence. People in the delegation should be people with highest travel-costs.


  • WG dates final decision: Not necessary to move. Krassi needs to send asap a date for the Parliament Visit, so we can ask Terry to be there.


  • YFJ representation - vote on supporting Felix as FYEG candidate:

    • From the discussion, we recommend to support him. We will have a doodle to involve the whole EC.

  • Call for Spring Camp: Proofread and finish the debate on it to have a common plan.

  • Proposal for a statement on Commission: Julia to draft a draft.


    4. ACTIVE Activities: any updates, and current plans

    1. TTIP (update) Micha

  • ECI to be launched on 24th of September


                b. Olive Tree Branch (if update)    Joan   


         c. Climate campaign Joan/Shenna

    d. Far right, populism and inclusion (if update) Josef


         e. Capacity building exchange (if update)


    f. Twinning cities (if update) Milena

Miléna got in touch in people who worked on the project. She will draft a project proposal which will be improved by Edu.

                g. WGm  (30 October - 2 November) (if update) Krassina

UPDATE: Proposal for new dates.

50 EP visits

Proposal : dates to be 1-4th November (we still wait for the reply of some MEPs)

  •     Politicising the Personal (if update) Gio

    5. EC meetings

    a. 30th Oct – 2 Nov (both working days)




    b. EGP council – 7-9 November – Istanbul  

UPDATE: Request for adjustment for participation of FYEG representatives sent, response expected



    c. Georgia Meeting 28 Nov - 2nd December



    6. Network* & Partner updates

    a. MOs



    b.  WGs



    c.  Partners

  • EGP


4th of September - Party leaders meeting:

Micha and Maggie present, program: evaluation of the campaign and discussion about strategic priorities for 2014-2015

5-8th of September - Committee meeting

UPDATE: Micha present. FYEG proposal for organizing a workshop on inclusion was not supported as topic of inclusion was moved to Spring council 2015.


Council in Istanbul












    7.External Communication

  • Newsletter


  • Social media


  • PRs



















    8. Communication tools

  • Mumble (input from webmaster in the mailing list)

    • postponed from previous meeting


  • Website (Gio)


  • Corporate Identity:


    9. Finances

  • GGEP financial request

DECISION: draft proposal sent by Milena


  • Closing of campaign budget

UPDATE: no special update, Maggie starting to work on campaign tours


  • pending EYE reimbursement to by done

UPDATE: reimbursements done to both FYEG account and personal accounts


  • Battal case (Miléna)

UPDATE: contact with the lawyer, problem seems to be the previous lawyer is not responsible for our file anymore



    A: applications (Shenna)


Deadline 1st of October:


  • Migration seminar

UPDATE: no update

  • EYF

UPDATE: Josef sent Call for partners for approval - to be published



  • pending financial reports: Internet Governance, EnCatra

UPDATE: Maggie requested updates.

  • Green compass

UPDATE: done


    10. Internal structure

SG applications

UPDATE: FYEG received 6 applications

FCC election process

UPDATE: Advisory Committee prepared the process of e-voting with letter of instructions with a code, that were sent to all full member organisations.

DECISION: (Proposal) The EC checks with MOs within the week, if they received the information and take part in the process.

     11.Other political issues this week



    12. Invitations (link to activity overview)


    13. AOB

  • Issues postponed for discussion next week: