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Online Meeting - 02/09/2014


7pm CET - 2/09/2014 ¦ Platform: Hangouts

Present: Julia, Gio, Josef, Maggie, Krassina, Milena, Michael, Marie


Moderation: Josef

Minutes: Micha

  1. Personal updates: Everybody is fine!

  2. Office updates

  • Secretary General

           Met with accountant (working out of Brussels) to set up the cooperation and procedures. Working on rearranging archive and adapting filing to the needs of the accountant. The accountant will be on vacation till end of September. Maggie to finalize accountancy till the end of September. Accountant will send a report back at the beginning of October. In case there is something need, Maggie will work on it during the transfer period with the new SG, but Maggie will be responsible for the accountancy till the end of September, which will be the starting point for the new SG to take over with proper overview.

Green partners were informed about resignation. Reimbursed all received claims for the GA and other present bills are paid, info about payments always here. WG applications collection + database were done (suggestion to improve process next time (use registration as for GA - google form for example, by which database would be done automatically by applicant)


  • Project assistant

Shenna refreshed the fundraising plan, finishing the Green Compass publication report with Vesna and Gio, worked on project application plan, submitted salaries, consultation with Pepa on Mission INclusion, with Marie on YMCA migration app, searching for possible source of funds for twinning projects, advising Global Justice WG on their Erasmus+ app, partnership forms with CNJC & EndEcocide, checking NGO strategies in the run-up to COP21

  • Intern

Edu passed by the office, moving slowly to Brussels, starting on 15th of September.


     3.   Approve minutes of last meeting

DECISION: approved.


     4. Activities: any updates, and current plans

    1. TTIP (update)

  • 11 October Action Day

  • ECI (try to get indication in time for 1st of September launch!)

  • Plan to write to WG to create a TTIP Action Group


                 b. Olive Tree Branch (if update)



         c. Climate:

UPDATE: COP20 seminar in Brussels (Shenna, Joan)


  • Need to submit funding request to GGEP next week by September 9th, and send the EP visits requests to MEPs. Need to draft a proposal.

  • There is also a need for a coordination team until COP 21 in 2015, the decision should be taken when everybody is here.


     d. Far right, populism and inclusion (if update)

  • UPDATE: workshop proposal on inclusion has been sent to the EGP, waiting for the answer. Springcamp on inclusion; we probably try to apply in October 1 and implement it on April. There was already an online planning meeting. There will be a proposal for workshop sent to the EGP Council organisers.


         e. Capacity building exchange (if update)


     f. Twinning cities (if update)

  • No application for 1 October DL

                 g. WGm  (30 October - 2 November) (if update)

UPDATE: Requests for EP visits were sent by Krassi.

DECISION: Office to make reservations at hostels.

For the WGM a first version of the agenda is in the google drive.


  •      Politicising the Personal (if update)


  •      Economic Compass

    • Its online.

Great design:http://www.economiccompass.org/

    • Launching event planned (At next ECM)

     5. EC meetings

    1. Belgrade 3-5 Oct – Ecm + CDN joint meeting


UPDATE: Proposal to skip proposed ECm in Belgrade and move it to Georgia in November 28 to Dec 2  was sent to the mailing list due to insufficient funding for this meeting and unfitting conditions.

DECISION: Need for further discussions, as we have budget issues with this meeting.



     b. 30th Oct – 2 Nov (both working days)




     c. EGP council – 7-9 November – Istanbul  




Georgia Meeting 28 Nov - 2nd December:

* Gio will update us on the financial situation


     6. Network* & Partner updates

     a. MOs


* Polish YG will change their Spokespeople soon.

     b.  WGs

UPDATE: WG application deadline is over - the motivation letters were sent via email


* All applications of WG are approved

* All EC Members will organise a Skype/Hangout meeting for their respective WG


     c.  Partners

  • EGP

Coming events:

4th of September - Party leaders meeting

5th of September - Climate action coordination meeting

5-8th of September - Committee meeting

UPDATE: Documents were sent, EC can give input on them


Council in Istanbul


UPDATE: GEF supported project in Georgia, that is a joint one with FYEG.


CDN - CDN wrote they can reimburse one FYEG delegate to the GEF event in Belgrade 3-5th October. Who is going?



** Attempt to get GYG person to Spring-Camp

* Follow-up on Congress: Possibility of Internship;

     7.External Communication

  • Newsletter

    • Marie is responsible that EC Members will write EC reports

      • Content: Explaining the resignation of SecGen (it was done in good faith with good understanding between SecGen and EC)

      • Explaining the Plans and the retreats

      • COP Preparatory meeting in Paris

    • Newsletter should be send out once per months


  • Social media


  • PRs




World Water Week ? ( from 31 aug to 5 sept) maybe linked to the Icebucket










International Literacy day




     8. Communication tools

  • Mumble (input from webmaster in the mailing list)

    • postpone


  • Website

  • Corporate Identity:

     9. Finances

  • GGEP financial request (for COP20 seminar, Spring conference/GA, etc.


EC to write a draft proposal.

  • EP visits

UPDATE: the deadline for accepting requests for MEP sponsored groups in 2014 will be Friday, 17 October 2014. We already wrote tok some MEPs, already some positive feedback.


Closing of campaign budget

UPDATE: To be progressed by the end of the week. Tours, all events - final call for requests for reimbursements.

  • pending EYE reimbursement to be done.


Battal case : All documents related have been received. Milena will get in touch with the lawyer (for update).



     A: applications (Shenna)


Deadline 1st of October:


UPDATE: Result from migration project submitted in Spain still unknown, due to NA postponing their decision making timeline.

Decision of the EC is to re-apply for Migration Youth Exchange.

We will also work with the office on Capacity exchange.


  • EYF

1, Mission Inclusion (refer to info above on inclusion)

2, Work Plan postponed to next deadline either on March or April



  • pending financial reports: Internet Governance, EnCatra

  • Green compass: narrative report submitted, bills on the way


     10. Internal structure

FCC applications

UPDATE: Deadline for applying is over. One application received. Advisory committee was requested to coordinate the online election process. No response yet.

  • SG call

UPDATE: Call was spread and applications have been received. deadline: 7th of September

     11.Other political issues this week



     12. Invitations


     13. AOB

INFO: Milena to be in Brussels and visiting the office - 4-9th September

INFO: Marie will discuss with Green European Journal 5-7th for possibility of having a “Journalism/communication” training with them and Ecosprinter.


  • Issues postponed for discussion next week: