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Online ECM minutes 15.03.17

FYEG Executive Committee meeting

Wednesday 15 March 2017 at 20:00 CET

Agenda & minutes


1. Internal structures

            1.2 Office (Artur)


Artur: Delivers updates on office tasks, progress and plans.

EC discusses on how the office is organised.

DECISION: When one of the full time employees will be absent from the office, they should notify everyone (as soon as they know) on EC+Office chat.

                        1.2.1. Intern

Artur: Paz’s learning plan was sent out for comments.


EC discusses the responsibilities of the intern.


DECISION: Paz doesn’t go to Liverpool, but focuses on GA. However she’s informed she can cooperate with Gio on communications if she has additional time.

                        1.2.2. Project Manager

Petra is working intensively on both RiF and DoP simultaneously. Besides that she’s obtained basic documents to get a card for her before Liverpool.

                        1.2.3. Communications Officer

Gio is designing communications plan. And already started implementing intensive communication: newsletters, statements, video interviews 

1.2.4 Office Assistant

Laura was at DoP last week and she’s catching up with administrative tasks this week. Making reimbursements, cleaning up the archive. Reimbursement payments went out this week.


            1.3 Member Organisations

                        1.3.1 MO coordination (Fabian)

For general updates on MOs refer to the newsletter.

                        1.3.2 North (Fabian, Paula)

No updates

                        1.3.3 South (Adrià, Maria)

No updates

                        1.3.4 Center-West (JM, Marie)

Marie : at the same time as our GA, Swiss YG and French YG organise federal forums.


Teo: It is normal that many MOs have important gatherings that part of the year. It is important they have all got the save the date so that their international secretary or similar has blocked the dates.


1.3.5 East (Nastia, Teo)

Teo: Some updates in CDN report below on CDN point.

1.4 General Assembly

            1.4.1 GA 2017 (Maria, Marie)

EC discusses the coordination of the GA.


PROPOSAL for DECISION: To transfer the coordination of the GA from SecGen to someone else in the office.


PROCESS: EC have time to react until tomorrow night - Thursday, 16.03.2017.

If the decision goes through, office to have a meeting on Friday and see how to organize this.


1.5 Working Groups

            1.5.1 WG coordination (Adrià)

            1.5.2 Future of Europe WG (Nastia, Teo)

Teo: Some of the members went to European Youth Convention last weekend, you have report on joint EC list. 

            1.5.3 Migration WG (Paula, Marie)

Paula: Migration WG is working intensively. They are meeting every two weeks.

Below you can find some of the goals they want to accomplish in 2017

* Summer Camp of FYEG,

* Organize a new action for the spring "Crossing border action!"

* Write and publish some statements

* Make a bibliopad to write down the articles, books and studies we read about migrants and migrations with a quick summary to give us some education and informations when we're in need.

* Have some quality time to discuss specific topics


            1.5.4 Climate WG (Maria, Marie)

Marie : Kim resigned from the WG coordination, and now Alessa is co-coordinator with Enric. There will be a webinar on Climate refugees on wednesday, I connected them with Gio for the advertisement.

MK: update: the webinar will be postponed for next week because of speaker’s technical issues.


1.6 Strategic Planning Committee

            1.6.1 SPC coordination (Paula)

Paula: the SPC coordinators will meet next week

            1.6.3 Activity Subgroup (Marie, Paula)

Paula: I will try the group will meet next week.

            1.6.4 Structural Subgroup (JM, Maria)

MK: A meeting will be happening on the 16th. GA-voting system and Inclusion Audit will be discussed.

DECISION : Maria coordinates that there are guidelines for new voting system 


2. Finances (JM)

DECISION : Artur will prepare plan on fundraising for in two weeks, i.e. in Liverpool

3. Projects

3.1 Demasculinisation of Politics (Marie, Paula)

Petra: Project went great on the spot. Program was coherent and logical, had a good flow. Prep team was committed and dedicated. Despite many things that needed to be done, aside from minor tension and stress moments, work went smoothly. Participants were very satisfied (according to first feedback and evaluation on the spot).

As to overall project evaluation - majority of criticism came because of non-timely preparation, lack of coordination of the team, unclear project concept and role of the prep team, lack of support from the office, etc.

All details can be seen in the minutes from the PT Evaluation.

Outputs: recorded panel and session with Terry, several interviews conducted, two youtube tutorials, lots of video and photo material, inputs for the follow up

Follow up: publication (to be annexed to next Ecosprinter); proposals for changes within FYEG (IRPs, practices)

To think about: How do we proceed from here? Systematic work with non-males within FYEG.

3.2 Resistance is Fertile (Fabian)

Petra: Logistics - Hostel and breakfast settled, Venue = very good and affordable option found. Participants: so far 35 confirmed, still searching for 3 out of Europe, and 2 in Europe pax. Visa issues making it more difficult. Programme - the concept is ready, session outlines need to be developed in detail. Prep team - more or less, we have prep team assembled - Tariq, Fabian, Ozge and Paula K. Iva helping online in developing sessions. Budget - big part of co-funding should come from external partners as a contribution in kind from covering the tickets of pax coming from outside of Europe. Needs to be communicated with each individually if they would sign a confirmation they are supporting our project. Still in the process.

We will have people from CoE EYF visiting us for 3 days in Liverpool. 

Questions: App. 30 participants from seminar are staying for the Congress. We are providing their food and accommodation. Any additional management expected from our side? Any FYEG expectations from having them there? Or are they welcome to move around as they like?

One of the outputs of the seminar was supposed to be a policy paper to be submitted as a resolution to GG Congress. So far, it seems there will be no possibility to do that. Alternative options are - a manifesto (conclusions from the seminar, without specific target), hope for GYG or GG to open a call for resolutions, or to prepare a resolution for FYEG GA. Any thoughts, wishes, advices from EC?


DECISION : All young people should be coordinated with the GYG and coordinate with them. Help them as much as you can based on the judgement.

Ask GYG if it is possible to have a workshop or a session devoted to this topic, where we could discuss it and have some outcome - like many people approved and agreed on it.


3.3. COP23 (Maria) - 6 - 17 November


PROPOSAL: Delegation to be decided via email (so everyone have time to read applications), and also Maria can take part.


DECISION : Decision to be made by email with Maria coordinating that this happens asap because not everyone feels they have enough info and they didn’t vote.




The EC discusses the accommodation and dates for AlterCOP23


DECISION : Reservations will be made by Petra as soon as it doesn’t involve money, some plan as well should be done. Clarifications on budget should be done, as well as what can we do with this budget. (JM, Teo, Marie, Petra, Artur)


3.4. Summer Camp (Adria, Anastasiya)

We are waiting for project results until mid-April. Preliminary reservation for the venue has been done (no payment was required). We have 6 weeks to confirm it or lose the reservation, which should be enough to find out the results.


3.5. Arts, Crafts, Politics (Gio)

The call for host organization is out and open until 3rd April. EYF is notified we want to change the date and location of the event. They are expecting information from us where and when.


3.6. Project proposals for 2017/18

Gio, Paz and I went through project proposals submitted by different bodies and structures within the FYEG, and we summarized them in this simple table. There are different types of projects proposed - some for international educational events, some are smaller MO exchanges, some are ideas for campaigns or online activities. They may serve as an inspiration for the next activity plan, or next project application. Would you like that Gio and I do any further work on this?


Decision should be taken asap because the DL is close.


DECISION: Teo sends email to the EC list with his proposal on the project idea, together with the links on project proposals.


4. Communication

4.4 Statements and other external communication

Marie : On 8th March we published a statement on women’s rights day. I think it’s a good practice to involve participants to our stuff in drafting it, and also to get them translated: both Ecolo J and REJ translated it and it was cool. We should do more of that.


Teo: Talked with Marie and Gio about making a statement for 20 March (1 year since EU-Turkey deal came into force). Working on a draft and will send out tonight or tomorrow morning. Aim is to get other PPYOs to join the statement.

DECISION : Teo will ask for help tomorrow morning and whoever interested jumps in, just let him know


5. Partners

            5.1 CDN (Nastia, Teo)

Teo: presents report from CDN GA


            5.2 EGP (Marie, Teo)

To finalise the list of delegates to the congress and council.

EGP invited Teo to be a host on the welcoming session. :)

DECISION : Artur to call Paula and Adria and register people as said in discussion, according to travels costs


5.3 GGEP (Marie, Teo)

Marie: Can there be someone from office to assist Maria and Marie in the communication with MEPs/GG regarding the communication on financing a delegation for COP23 and intersessionals.

And since there will be transfer of responsibility for the GA in the office, that the new people in charge go to the meeting with the GGEP next week

DECISION : It will be discussed in office who takes these responsibilities in next days (probably on Friday if there is a meeting then)

            5.4 GEF (Marie, Teo)

Discussion on mailing list regarding the strategic days.

            5.5 GYG (Fabian, Maria)

            5.6 YFJ (Maria, Teo)

Marie : Kaca wants support for the Advisory Council on Youth of COE. EC agrees to the nomination.

Teo wants to coordinate the process from EC side.


DECISIONS to be made: Kaca to be approved as a FYEG delegate for the AC.

Teo to go on the meeting as a representative of FYEG (already discussed with Maria).


            5.7 PPYOs

MK: PPYOs study visit by IUSY in Cyprus went well. Meetings with both communities negotiating teams happened and also with Espen Barth Eide.


            5.8 Others

Marie : Euromed network: We took the decision in Mainz that office would discuss who could be responsible within our staff about this. Who is this ?

DECISION: Marie to send an email on the list on what is EuroMed and what would be expected from the office in regards to this.

Office to decide on Friday who will be responsible for this.

6. AoB

6.1. Mumble :)

We should start using Mumble more regularely.