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Minutes of Phone Conference 10.01.11

Minutes Phone Conference  10.01.11

Present: Maggie, Seb, Delfina, Nikola (first part), David (first part)

Minutes: Markus

Excused: Terry


Office update:

Office is functioning, Edvin is working more for Green Group and will be going to Hungary for a few days next week.

EGP Structure Meeting report:

Delfina was representing FYEG, was a good meeting, the document that comes out has a deadline of amendments on the 18th of February for further processing in the WG. Everyone was happy to put FYEG and GG on the same line as such.

EGP Committee:

Thursday and Friday: Delfina represents and presents future of FYEG to EGP. Delfina checks with rest of EC on position on reform of political platform.


Delfina has the documents and going through it.

Spring Camp:

TODAY is last day of application, so EC-members wanting to go should sign up now!

Deadline will be extended a bit, however...

MEPs: Some MEPs would be great to have. Maggie, Markus and Delfina contact Green MEPs and ask them to come. Maggie writes advertising letter about spring camp by Thursday morning.


Going out this week. Maybe a happy new-year-edition, maybe some PR? Markus writes about Brad Manning, WSF and Spinelli-group. Also mention that FYEG will be present at WSF, in case MO's want something done there.

Social Europe Spring Conference at the GA

Markus has asked Tadzio to be a speaker, and he's said yes to appear on the 5th of May.