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Minutes of phone conference 06.01.2011

Minutes of phone conference 06.01.2011



David presents draft budget 2011. Plan to increase wages for SecGen and Office Admin, as decided in ECM, reflected in budget. Volunteer cash for webmaster. Equipment costs reduced due to us having gotten a new computer. Many other costs unchanged, GA-costs expected to be increased. David sends out a report to MO's consisting of the budget.


Nic: Nothing new from Luxembourg.

Markus: First deadlines still a way off. However, MEPs should be asked to join for the spring conference. Ska is unavailable then. =(

Spring Camp Madrid

Edvin & Markus going from the office. Nic going for whole event, Seb possibly, Delfina and David only come for the ECM afterwards.

Future of the EGP

Delfina represents FYEG. We are very happy with the way the paper is progressing. Markus and Nic help Delfina to do amendments to whole document during tomorrow Friday.


Nikola has been confirmed as new EC-member. Markus asks Hector to update web. Maggie communicates to Nikola, gets his phone number and asks him to be ready to be on phone conference next Monday.

CDN meeting

Markus can probably go, Terry should be asked if she can as well. Nikola will probably also be there.