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Minutes: Executive Committee Meeting. Serbia, 30.9.2011

FYEG Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Date and Place
19-12 Juni, Serbia

Attendance: Gaya, Jakob, Maggy, Merja, Nikola, Steva, Terry




1. Updates

2.FYEG Statutory activities

3. Networking

4. Communication Strategy

5. Political work, communication and strategies

6. Finances

7. Projects

8. EC Group building and media training

9. Internal communication

10. Meeting of the EC with the PPC






1.1. Personal updates

EC members shared their personal updates.


1.2. Office update:


1.2.1 Handover process report (input from ex-EC and SecGen):


Relevant documents for the change of SecGen have been submitted to the Belgium Government, until the documents are processed the old SecGen is still responsible for finances and practically dealing with transfers.


Stevas working permit discussed: bureaucracy problems to be solved. Temporary solutions discussed.


Decision: EC agrees to give trust to Markus and Steva in finding the best and clean solution according to the discussion.


Finalize transformation process: inform Securex that Markus ends his job on 10.6., consult with accountant


1.2.2 Office assistant and intern


Full-time employment of office assistant discussed. EC expressed willingness to do so if future finances allow which will be shown in September. Markus explained that office admin eases the work of SecGen with shifting project administration to the office-admin. If this job turns into full time one there should be broaden and clear tasks set up.



Debate about this will be on September ECM. In the meanwhile EC will discuss it with the current office assistant.

Tasks: Maggie and Steva should prepare a full financial overview with estimation of the cost of the full-time office assistant.


Since the intern expressed the desire to help the EC in any capacity tasks were discussed.

Tasks for the intern:

to help with the citizenship seminar, attend the Green Summer University, check archive and search for documents that should be on the FYEG website.

Priority task: to compile all the documents accepted by the GA and make the overview.


Discussion on the new intern (Morana ends in October) will be on the ECM in August.




2.1 General Assembly 2011

2.1.1 GA Evaluation

The Presidency made an evaluation of the GA with inputs from ex-EC and SecGen.

In total they were satisfied with the outcome of the GA, especially with the local prep-team and technical support. They stressed that in the future better coordination within the EC, better moderation or agenda, more focus on the political papers and networking opportunities for MOs on the Spring Conference are needed.


2.1.2 Follow up

Tasks: Minutes and documents – IRP, Political Platform, Resolutions, Action plan, CDN FYEG relations paper should be finalized with the help of Markus as he has a good overview.


2.2 General Assembly 2012


The Office should take care of the October call deadline.

Luxembourg Young Greens should make a reflection paper on role of local host of GA.


2.3. Working Groups

Present situation was updated concerning new members. The procedure of acquiring new members was discussed as well as the need to receive support letters from applicants.


2.3.1 Action plans and strategy

WGs have to decide on political issues. Communication withing WGs was discussed. Decisions: E-list should be set up and welcoming e-mail sent followed by an introduction round and regular Skype conferences (weekly or on every two weeks). The discussion e-list should be explained. Coordinator should be elected. What follows is brainstorming on ideas and plans.

Tasks: WG's should be ready to present a working plan consisting of topical blicks and more specific projects until September's meeting. Task division should be defined. International days should be followed. Input from experts gained and different relevant articles read. Contact and communication with the MOs should be kept.


2.3.2  Meeting in September

Plans for the September meeting were discussed. It is possible to connect it with the ECM.


The meeting should consist of up to 35 people: EC members, coordinators of WGs and WG members democratically elected within the WGs. The number of WG members to come from each WG can vary. Final decision on who comes to the meeting to be made by the EC.25 people will be paid for by visitors group.



Communication with the MEPs office should be done by SecGen to facilitate the visit.(Possible dates 23rd-26th September).

Steva and Maggie should make financial plans. Agenda of the Meeting

Agenda of the meeting was outlined. EC will present the activity plan. WGs will present their plans to each other. EC will try to implement the input from WGs into their activity plan. Coordination of project applications should be done.

Tasks: Terry and Nic will make a draft agenda by June 20th



3.1 Internal and External

3.1.1 Member Organizations: Overview of communication with MOs

Ex-EC and Sec-Gen presented the news and plans which they have received from the MOs.

Norwegian MO had a congress with 30 people and cooperates with the Norwegian Green Party. The Swedes are rewriting their party programme and will organize a peace and summer camps. Finland is initiating a Nordic coordination and drafting a programme on European politics, they also have some campaigns planed and a joint seminar for all political youth oranisations in Finland. Malta reported low activity. Cyprus had a good result on the elections. Jong Groen are active and networking with the Germans. DWARS have a new president and are cooperating with the Germans. Germans had an activity on digital rights and their international board is active and in touch with FYEG. JA/GA, Bulgarian Young Greens, Slovakia and the Belgians are keeping in touch with FYEG. Greece is doing a conference on unemployment, preparing three referendums  and a campaign on pesticides. Serbian Young Greens are organizing the CDN Summer Camp, several seminars and festivals and have had conferences on Nuclear Energy and Gender. Catalans are having a summer camp and a democracy seminar. France organized the Citizenship conference. Luxembourg will have their GA. Spanish organized the Spring camp. Turkey is active on the Censorship topic. Poland is having a party meeting in June.Ukraine's mother party is restructuring and changing the chair. Grune Jugend are hosting a seminar on agriculture in summer, Jakob is the EC member responsible for it. No news were received from England/Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Macedonia, Albania, Hungary, Swiss Young Greens, GAJ and Giovanni Verdi. Romanian Young Greens are being restructured.


Decisions: There should be more networking within FYEG MOs. A possibility to have a second meeting of FYEG beside the GA should be discussed.

Tasks: Gaya and Jakob should send further updates. Steva will send them an e-mail.


3.1.2. Green Students Network

Ex-EC and SecGen made an introduction and an update of the present situation. There is a congress planed in Berlin at the end of August and a call for participants will be sent via the mailing list. FYEG wishes to network on this event and find new organizations for cooperation.

Decision: FYEG to develop a plan and strategy


3.1.3. Falafel Network

Ex-EC and SecGen gave an introduction and an overview of the aims of the network. There will be a meeting in Jordan.


Office assistant is attending the seminar in Egypt.

Nikola should always write updates to the list after ECM or other activities. Falafel Action Plan

Democracy seminar: Network meeting in Jordan in which FYEG office will facilitate with project application.

Tasks: Develop FYEG strategy for involvement


3.1.4. Alumni Network

Ex-EC and SecGen reported that Grune Jugend is in the process of developing the network.

Tasks: Steva is to develop a plan and a strategy and he is responsible for an overview of the present situation.


3.1.5. CDN CDN Summer Camp

Peace WG will be encouraged to join the summer camp and have WGM there. Other WGs should have a chance to present themselves on the camp and possibly have WGMs there as well. The possibility of having a two.day ECM during the last days of the summer camp will be explored.

Decisions: Terry will send the FYEG presentation to Steva who will prepare the presentation. CDN Regional Meetings

FYEG will send a EC member to Albania meeting on Nuclear Energy and present its work and MOs. Croatia should be visited in search of a new MO.

FYEG will send a EC member to a meeting in Caucasus and support political cooperation in the region. Joint event – Study session

CDN wants to organize a capacity building training on youth policy development in the second part of 2012. Joint EC meeting and communication

Joint ECM is possible during the summer camp. Another possible meeting is the PPC where FYEG MOs should each send a delegate.

Tasks: Maggie will communicate to CDN the sum-up of this ECM


3.1.6. GYG

The Relation paper was discussed as well as the FYEG and GYG relations. Seminar on re-productive rights should be held before the GYG congress.

Decisions: Merja is mandated to look into that.


3.1.7. European Youth Forum

An overview of EYF fields of work was given. FYEG is involved in Youth employment action (18th-20th October) and will join work on volunteering. Other events of EYF include Youth rights debate which is to happen on June 23rd, Volunteering conference in September and Comem in November. PPYO meeting will be during that event.

Decisions: Delfina and Steva will meet with James. Maggie will participate in volunteering conference. Jakob and her will develop and react on an activity plan. More to be discussed on the next ECM.




4.1 Ex- EC and SecGen gave a communication overview and a brief evaluation. New methods and tools were presented. Updating of the website, webminar, Press Releases and media strategy were discussed.




5.1 EGP

Ex-EC and SecGen reported on FYEG participation in working groups, EC meetings and councils of the EGP.


5.2 Working Groups and Network participation

5.2.1. WGs

Structure WG – Nic.

Climate Change – Jakob

Gender - Merja

Global Greens – Merja

Human Rights/Civil Rights and Liberties – Nikola

Individual Supporster-ship – Jakob

LBGT – Terry (Maggie on behalf of the Slovaks)

Local Councillors – Markus (ask to confirm)

Economy/GND/Social Policy – Terry

Migration – Nic

Poverty - Nikola


Task: Office should ask Gaya to do Common Foreign and Security Policy WG


5.2.2. Networks

Green East West Dialogue (GEWD) – Maggie

Baltic Sea Greens – Merja

Green Islands Network (GIN) – Seb (ask to confirm)

Green Mediterranean Network (MED) Euromed – Terry and Nikola


5.2.3. EGP activities and our participation

GEF Seminar June 30th – Greening Europe – Merja will attend

Congress in November - opportunity for networking, a FYEG fringe meeting,



Ex-EC and SecGen discussed the present situation and the financial administration. Tasks of office staff concerning financial administration were explained. An overview of the administration grants was made and the savings plan explained. Fundraising opportunities were presented into detail.


Tasks: Treasurer will prepare an overview of the budget for each ECM. Plans will be made on fundraising opportunities by Maggie and Steva.



Updates on Study Session 2009, Spring Camp and Citizenship seminar were given.

7.1 Activity Plan 2011

7.1.1 Overview, brainstorming and discussion about activity plan

- Political activities :


PPC work and involvement in educational activities

Involvement in EGP

Closer relations with GGEP

Campaign – related activities, CC WG and GE

Long term media strategy

Involvement in EYF


- Educational activities


Youth exchanges

Study sessions


Winter Camp

Spring conference

Educational activities

Workshops on GSU

EGP fringe meetings


Network meetings


- Topics of FYEG:


(Direct) Democracy, Energy- Campaign, LGBTQ, Climate change, Digital rights, Education, Green economy, CAP, Middle East, Peace, Migration, Regionalism



direct democracy


middle east

digital rights



7.1.2 Campaign on Energy

nuclear and renewable energy

effects of nuclear on poverty

democracy (related problems)


Start with campaign during our mandate and continue with next EC. Planning need some time and we need some time to prepare first activity of the campaign.


Focus campaign against nuclear power – more far reaching campaign outside of green spectrum

more partners in campaign – YFoEE, Greenpeace

Inside – discussion among MO's on alternatives

PPC should be included in discussion where do we go with the solutions and proposals


What do we want with campaign:

to have outreaching effect and to give FYEG visibility outside green movement

more coherent action by Mos and together make it European issue

energising people and empowering people – gain momentum for anti-nuclear


energise people (internal+external)

gain momentum for anti-nuclear

outside visibility of FYEG

abolish nuclear

more coherent joint actions of MO's


partners on European level (EC and campaign team)

partners on regional level (networks and MO's)

partners on national level (MO's)



7.1.3 Activities in 2011:

Ex-EC and SecGen gave an overview and an update on FYEGs' activity in 2011.

- Citizenship seminar II

- Participation in Green Summer University: FYEG will organise two workshops: Young people in Arab World and Right Wing Populism and Extreme Right Wing             - Climate Change – workshop on COP 17 in Brussels

- Revolutionary movements for democracy

- Climate Change WG project

- CAP seminar


7.2 Activity Plan 2012

Future activities were overviewed.

Digital-rights winter camp in Switzerland - Maggie is the responsible EC member. Further funding opportunities for this event were discussed.

LGBTQ seminars in the Balkans - Task: Maggie and Terry to make a financial plan.

Capacity building project

Regional meeting Balkans on Nuclear Power

Gender Study Session on Women in the Labour Market

Seminar in Egypt


Deadlines for grant applications for upcoming events (Capacity building training, EUROMED Jordan, Egypt, Intersectionality, Winter Camp) were outlined.


Ex-EC members shared their already preexisting engagements and outline the available time they have for each new assignment.


Decision: Activity plan till GA 2012 is made. Attached to the minutes.

We will apply to following deadlines with projects:

1st of Septemeber YiA Capacity building training

Winter camp – Swiss YG will apply to YiA national agency

1st of October EYF - Intersectionality seminar  (talk with Merja and Gender group)

In October – GEF application for LGBTQ

In October – EYF pilot project application for LGBTQ


Communicational strategies, press and online tools – topic for Capacity building training



Media strategies were discussed. A possibility to have a media coordinator who speaks the language of the host country and a volunteer press officer who would make a strategy for communication with the media for every event in order to get coverage on EC members in national and local medias.


Press officer:  Volunteer, outside EC, elected on open call (like a webmaster).

Tasks of the press office:

making a strategy for communication with media for every event and priorities activities

press map, finding people in advance that would be of interest for media

what to do with press releases

make a general overview and give advices


Tasks: Spokesperson will draft a call for press officer.



9.1 EC Internal

EC list, Google-docs and calendar, Doodle, Atrium, phone conferences and physical meetings were discussed.


9.2. FYEG Internal

Website, Webminar, bi-weekly Newsletter and mailing list were discussed and the content they should entitle. Ecosprinter will have a special issue.


9.2.1. Alumni network

Formation of FYEG Alumni network was discussed.

Decision: Call to be sent by Steva.


9.2.2. JEF open letter

The deadline was postponed to 4th of July


9.2.3 PRs

Gruene Jugends PR on migration was supported by the EC. There was a brainstorming about publications and a priority list was made. Nic is responsible for the publication materials.



The plan proposal was presented (See document: Provisional Calendar for the Political Platform Reform Process) and the role of PPC in FYEG activities was outlined. PPC will have an active approach in the activities until February and then work on finalizing the draft proposal which will be sent to the MOs on a one-year discussion. Transparency of the document will be ensured via website and wiki.

Nic is a PPC-EC bridge person.

Possible external partners in the process and the structure of the draft proposal were discussed.