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Minutes: Executive Committee Meeting Brussels, 6-8 May 2017


1. Adopting agenda and program

Minutes: Artur

Moderating: Marie

Present: Artur, Gio, Petra, Marie Maria, Adria, Paula, JM

On Skype: Teo


2. Finances

2.1. Budget 2016 and financial report

Office benefits - discussion and feedback from office. More flexibility in expenditures needed - so far limiting on the lifestyle people have. Teo: Benefits should be understood as salaries of employees, where only legal restrictions should apply - not FYEG’s, as this is not FYEG expenditure.

Discussion about carry-over and allocation for 2017: We had 53,000 carry-over from 2015 and profit from 2016 as for now is calculated for 35,000. We have a sum of 90,0000 of carry over, this sum in the end might be smaller but is still reasonably high.


2.2. Budget 2017


Discussion about SPM: how much EP visits we need and if we should fundraise for SPM from joint EGP activities or from EP visits.

Proposal 1: we finance both SPM and WGM in from EP visits in Brussels.

Proposal 2: we finance WGM from EP visits and for SPM we are using EGP joint projects

contributions to organize joint project/ conference that will accompany EGP.

DECISION: Proposal 2


Teo: Proposal that if we have some resources we should use them for campaign team. Proposal to take some money (2000 Euro) out of COP for campaign meetings.


Discussion about finances for EC meetings and EC travel to MOs:

Currently there is 14,000 Euro proposal for EC meetings and 0 Euro proposal for EC travel.

DECISION: Allocating 2000 for MO visits.

DECISION: Merging categories “MO visits and Political work/networking”.


3. General Assembly


On 24th afternoon we will start registrations in EQUO headquarters, then dinner in EQUO headquarters - open buffet for people who arrive, not one time.

People will be checking-in at the hostel by themselves.

Infosheet explains how to get from hostel to EQUO office.

Friday 11:30 - Establishment of Quorum - read how many organizations already registered.

After that appointment of voting committee. Voting committee should - preferably before - learn new voting system. Then adoption of minutes from previous GA, then agenda, then adoption of meeting rules.  

DECISION: To have emergency resolutions and amendments to Thursday midnight.

No food or drinks can be brought inside the room - discuss if this can be done on the corridor outside.

This time we want to create more space for presentations of MOs.

Dinners quite late and tapas break because we’re adapting to Spanish culture.


Discussing elections.

Artur: Proposal to block all the elections together, except the EC members - they need to be voted in the 2nd roundr because someone form co-spokes candidates might want to run.

Saturday - dinner in the venue and then party.

Marie: EC-EC transfer meeting should be prepared in advance if we want to make it well.

Teo: it’s important to design a program accessible for new people. Which is difficult with packed agenda.

1. Proposal to have a debate of Spokespersons to get to know candidates better.

Majority of EC in favor. DECISION: Debate will be put in agenda and proposed to presidency.  

Marie: Proposal to put SecGen into debate. DECISION: To discuss this with presidency.


2. Proposal of pre-voting discussion without candidates present, so MOs can share their experiences with the candidates. Petra: Proposal that Teo makes agenda changes proposal.


3. There should be and EC member “whipping” EC meetings - who would have information when EC is meeting.


Adria: Normally host organizations are speaking first.

Political issue to to discuss: can people running for positions be moderating?

Petra: Do we have capacity not to include these people?

DECISION: Yes, they can.


DECISION: New document - rules of meeting proposed by the presidency - no objections, EC gives comments until Sunday midnight.


Responsibilities for EC and Office:

  1. Everybody from EC should be present and ready on Wednesday 24th May 9:00am for the meeting.

  2. Artur + Laura registrations on Wednesday and Thursday morning

  3. Maria + Nastja - Inclusion session

  4. Presidency - contacting possible counting committee (possible proposal: Anton, Belinda, Antoine)

  5. Fabian - activity report

  6. Paula - Inclusion audit

  7. Simo - Ecosprinter (Marie/Petra to write an e-mail)

  8. Frank -  Strategic Planning Committee

  9. Laura - Advisory Committee report

  10. Teo + Paula - Activity Plan

  11. JM - Budget plan


EC members responsible for resolutions:

    1. Marie - Palestine : Towards the End of Occupation by écoloj and Dwars

    2. Nastja - Time to expand the right to vote by Swedish Young Greens

    3. Adria - A harm reduction approach to drug policy by Swedish Young Greens

    4. Paula - Progressive municipalities to change Europe by Joves d'Esquerra Verda

    5. Maria - Towards a comprehensive protection scheme for Climate Refugees by Climate and Energy Working Group

    6. Teo - A Brighter Future for Southern Youth by Red Equo Joven

    7. JM - Reinventing our agricultural policies by Les Jeunes Ecologistes

    8. Fabian - Stop fighting the smugglers, create safe passage instead! by Migration Working Group

People responsible for the resolution should:

  1. Read all resolutions, especially the one you are responsible for

  2. Propose a plan what to do with the resolution you are responsible for (amendments, agreeing, disagreeing, etc.)


DL - online EC meeting in 2 weeks - 17th May


  1. Amendments to IRPs

    1. Amendments on Secretary General by EC - Marie

    2. Amendment on Gender Officer by EC - Maria

    3. Amendment on Gender quota by Grune Jugend


  1. Amendments to Political Platform

  1. Amendment on fee and dividend system by EC - JM

15. 3 Year Plan PDF

Executive Committee (decided on: 04/01/2017)


  • 04/27/2017 E1-129 Swedish Young Greens (decided on: 04/27/2017)


Proposal: The idea to propose the amendment to the activity plan instead of 3 year plan

3.2. Applications of candidates - both had some procedural issues. Now EC should state opinion on organizations.  

3.2.1. Lehet mas a jovo


Decision: Positive evaluation.


Responsible to write EC opinion: Teo

DL Until next ECM (2 weeks) - 17th May.


3.2.2. Joves amb Iniciativa


Discussion on regionalism.


Results of voting from previous year:

Joves amb. Initiative: Yes - 20 ; No - 14 ; Abs - 12 ; not accepted as Full member of FYEG


Decision postponed for the next EC meeting (17th May).

Meantime people think, collect information and try to decide.

3.3. Discussion on current membership

Teo: Thank you for checking status of MOs (referring to email “Results of MO Investigation” sent by Petra on 4 May)! It seems like DEM-Macedonia, South Tyrol, Romania, Croatia and Jóvenes Verdes should have been formally expelled on GA 2014 but for some reason were not? I suggest we propose this to this GA to sort it out finally. Try to reach out to Andorran YG and see if they exist, or someone has access to it.


Proposed for expulsion: DEM-Macedonia, South Tyrol, Romania, Croatia and Jóvenes Verdes

Proposed for suspension: Andorran YG


To Do: Laura to prepare an overview of what we know about paid membership fees.

Office to try to contact these organizations and get contacts.

Irish YG


We have decision on YG or Ireland.

They come on GA as a non-MO - meaning they need to cover their own travel costs, and participation fee is 160 EUR.

They should pay all membership fees they didn’t pay.

They should write a letter to the GA explaining their request - why they haven’t been active, why they want to return, etc. Also if they have any other requests.


Decision: Petra to contact them.


3.5. Other GA-related issues


Workshops during the ga:


Relationships with mother parties-genciz

External communication-gio

Working groups-johan

Requests for the financial conditions:


Check that the organizations can pay for them, at least half, and if no - then full.


Sec gen selection/assessment committee:


Bruno Nicostrate, Marina Barbalata, Esther Ingabire, Maria Kola

3.6. Spring Conference


3.6.1. Programme

Marie: It would be good to include delegates into moderating the SC.


Parallel workshops - Fabian responsible + Marie in CC

  1. Workshop 1 : ‘Is the future of the Greens eco-socialist?’ - the case of France

    1. Moderation: Jeunes Ecologistes

  2. Workshop 2: Being Green and liberal - German case

    1. Moderation : DWARS, Grune Jugend

  3. Workshop 3: Grassroots VS the Institutions in Spain


DECISION: Hannah from UK, Enora and Antoine from France, Clara and Anton from Germany, Iva from Serbia, Onur from Turkey


Session “First we took the streets then the parliaments”

DECISION: This needs to be discussed with REJ


Dinner: would be good to have external moderator. Male moderator - Onur + Adria. Non-Male moderator: DoP participants. Coordinators of both things Marie + Paula.


Progressive Europe - Jean-Michel - it would be good to have German or Nordic perspective - but both Mar and Reinhard are from EGP.


Opening panel - Adria + Maria.

Closing panel - Teo.


3.7. Communication plan

Gio presenting communication Plan for GA. Drafting of press release - help of EC needed.

Gio: It would be good to have evaluation of external communication after GA.

It would be important to think in advance about publishing amended documents.


4. Internal structures

4.1 EC

4.2 Office updates

By the 10th of may we should have Ecosprinter ready - shipment of the issues to Madrid will be organized. Interrail campaign will be starting.

Between June and July - EGP asked about going to Warsaw Pride. Gio proposes going there with Kim. Second week of June - general elections in UK.

Marie: Maybe we should have a statement on French elections.


Marie: Instead of a spreadsheet to keep the dates, it is recommended to start a chat where people can add ideas and proposals.

Idea of having direct communication channels with key people.


Social media

3 different media - means creating 3 different contents, would be helpful to have some tool to make easier coordination between social media. Would it be possible to pay social media manager?

Proposal: paying for social media manager to post on different channels (9 euros/month).

Decision: Gio to explore options of programs and prices and propose to EC.


Things that didn’t function well:

  • Lack of progress on emergency of fundraising and GA.


We need EC to be responsive, even if they don't have time, they need to have a good communication with Petra. Petra will work on GA until this month - and also on reporting.

Good communication within office: Artur (and everyone) should be present on working hours. In order to achieve GA successes, office and EC need to work closely together.

DECISION : Office staff will be working on working hours, no recup days.  More regular office updates on things happening.

DECISION: Additional compensation for Petra in form of benefits - 100 euro a month.


4.2.1 Intern

Call has been published.

Paula: For future use, tasks of the intern to be explained and clarified according to FYEG and/or GGEP/EFA. Proposal that we have evaluation with the intern in a formalized manner.

Proposal that we re-discuss with GGEP if it is possible for the intern to work 100% time with FYEG.


4.3 Member Organisations updates

All invoices regarding Membership Fees have been sent out,.

4.3.1 MO coordination (Fabian)

4.3.2 North (Fabian, Paula)

4.3.3 South (Adrià, Maria)

4.3.4 Center-West (JM, Marie)

4.3.5 East (Nastia, Teo)

Quite big political upheaval in Macedonia. Following closely and in touch with MODOM in case they need something from us.


4.4 Working Groups updates

4.4.1 WG coordination (Adrià)

4.4.2 Future of Europe WG (Nastia, Teo)

Nils is touring France and blogging about it in Ecosprinter.

Interrail competition will be launched next week, going until 12 June when there is a vote in EP about it. We have 6 tickets we got for free which are prizes. Gio is coordinating competition and doing great work.

Second discussion on French presidential elections on Monday. First one was really interesting, thanks to everyone!


4.4.3 Migration WG (Paula, Marie)

4.4.4 Climate WG (Maria, Marie)

4.4.5 Other WGs (Adrià, Fabian, Maria, Paula)


4.5 Strategic Planning Committee updates

4.5.1 SPC coordination (Paula)

4.5.2 Political Subgroup (Adrià, Teo)

4.5.3 Activity Subgroup (Marie, Paula) Inclusion Audit and questionnaire

4.5.4 Structural Subgroup (JM, Maria)

4. Projects

4.1.1 Demasculinisation of Politics

We have 2000 Euro left from fundraising - we can use it for Spring Conference and dissemination of publication.

Publication is going nicely. Looking for latest updates from Nina and Laura. Only after we collect all the articles Gio can start working on designing the publication.

Work on the report has high priority.


4.1.2 Resistance is Fertile

Report of RiF has end of May deadline - possibility to postpone it. So far Petra believes its possible to do it, if necessary, will be postponed.

Petra will write to EYF to postpone the deadline explaining that we have our GA and don’t have office capacities to write a report.

DECISION: EC is fine that we reimburse people who didn’t get visa, even if we don’t get this money from EYF.


4.2.1 Summer Camp

Selection of the Prep Team. Proposal for prep team consisting of 6 people.

Petra: proposal that Paz is included in PT as FYEG intern. Proposal that there is a German in PT.  Proposal that there is someone from next EC.


Local team will be Julius and Anton, with possibly one more person that could help. They decided this extra person could be selected through FYEG channels (see app). Decision to be made : selection of the prep-team.

Teo: Proposal to have a person working on content from local organization. Political developments in the society where people are coming.


Prep team selection discussion.

DECISION: Julia from Gruene Jugend, Zuzana Pavelkova from Czech Greens,  Greg from Hungarian Young Greens, Salih from Turkish Greens, Cecile from French Greens, Paz as FYEG intern


This year we are planning to have 70 participants - 50 in hotel, 20 will be camping. We envision this project as cost-neutral for FYEG, so we propose participation fee of 60 Euros from EU countries, 40 Euros from non-EU countries + encouraging people sleeping in tents to come by hitch-hiking/other sustainable way.


Call for participants:

50 hotel + 20 pax

Pax fee: 60 EU / 40 non-EU

Should be published next week


4.2.2 Arts, Crafts & Politics

Nastja and Gio are involved in the project.

Preparations will start after the GA.

PT call will published next week - Petra will prepare a draft.


4.2.3 COP23

Maria: It is important we stay involved and present on COP events. We should motivate new FYEGers to be informed and present. If we aren’t doing anything big, we should at least provide financial support to delegation.


5. Partners

5.1 CDN (Nastia, Teo)

5.2 EGP (Marie, Teo)

We missed this EGP council meeting because of EC meeting.

5.3 GGEP (Marie, Teo)

5.4 GEF (Marie, Teo)

Strong representation of GEF is coming to GA.

5.5 GYG (Fabian, Maria)

Alice from GYG is coming to GA.

5.6 YFJ (Maria, Teo)

SecGen of EYAy is coming to the GA.

5.7 PPYOs

PPYOs asking for Spitzenkandidaten process. Teo: It depends what’s the deadline for this information. We should have more info by the end of June.

5.8 Others

EYF sent a question from Advisory Committee if we’re ok with EYF having one deadline a year.

DECISION: Petra prepares draft response.