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Minutes: Executive Committee Meeting. Brussels, 30.9.2011

FYEG Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Date and Place
30 September 2011 (9:30 - 21:00), Brussels




1. Personal update (Friday morning)

2. Office update (Steva) (Friday morning)

3. FYEG Statutory activities

3. 1 General Assembly 2012 (Thursday)

3. 2 Executive Committee

3. 3 Working Groups

4. Communication (external and internal) and online tools

4.1 Online tools (Jakob and Steva)

4.2 Press Releases strategy (Terry and Nic)- (all)

4.3 Press officer (Jakob) (30 min)

4.5 FYEG Material (30 min)

5. Networking (Internal and external)

5.1 CDN (Gaya and Steva) (30 min)

5.2 GYG (Merja) (30 min)

5.3 European Youth Forum (Maggie and Steva) (30 min)

5.4 Falafel Network (Dzoni) (30 min)

6. Political work, communication and strategies (each with 30 min)

6.1 Political Platform Process (Nic)

6.2 EGP (Steva)

6.3 Green Group EP

7. Finances (30 min after lunch)

8. Projects ( 2h on the wall)

8.1 Projects preparations

8.2 Project to be applied

8.3 Projects planning




Present: Jakob, Terry, Maggie, Nikola, Merja, Gaya, Steva

Absent: Nic

Moderated by Terry

Minutes taken by Maggie and Steva

1. Personal update (Friday morning)


2. Office update (Steva) (Friday morning)

- Overview of work and report

Preparing wg meeting food and rooms

Report citizenship – markus and zofia

Report spring camp

Working on applications

- Publication

- Study session


- Sent again modified proposal for EGP

- Catherine on holiday

- Most urgent transfers

- Made calculation for costs

3. FYEG Statutory activities

3. 1 General Assembly 2012 (Thursday)

- Host organization (one request, so far no application)

- Drafting the plan (Wednesday till sunday)

Wednesday- energizer, coming, getting to know each other, networking through world caffe with specific questions for every table (fundraising, structures, actions etc)

Thursday- energ., start of GA in the morning with presentation of candidates, then plannery session, followed by working groups/ small gorups, in the evening organize dinner with MEPs ( Ska, Eva Lichtenberg, Karima, Jan or some young MEPs etc)

Friday- energ., Spring conference, street action, starting of the GA

Saturday- energ., discussion about PP proposal

Sunday- energ., the rest

- Fund-raising and financing of GA- latest unitl end of November GG wants preliminary budget (include GYG in it)- we might ask 10 000 euros for GA, Heinrich Bell foundation in Spain, Catalan ways, try to make delegates be reimbursed by national Green foundations,

3. 2 Executive Committee

- Communication overview and brief evaluation of the work

EC communication and - ECM Minutes – forms and procedures

suggestions for better work:

- clear dates and times of meetings

- updates to be given also via email for example in case of non-ability to work fully, busy-ness etc.

- More clear agendas for meetings – to specify points – whether decision or discussion is needed, how much money is involved... - to be prepared before meetings in typewith.me before meetings

- keep all minutes online on one place, use kind of updatable template and minutes based on the agenda points... Merja sends the template to the mailing list

EC meeting proposal – before Congress

decision still to be taken!

Steva sets up doodle

Emergency communication strategy shall be drafted by Merja

3.3 Working Groups

- Working Groups Meeting

Agenda for WGM

Getting to know each other (in Office, Sophia and Krassina),

- announce: (meet with steva before to change the things to be announced)

- material to be printed to bring in the morning

- hand in receipts on saturday morning, during the joint session on sunday-> go to steva


After Dinner (Bar in center)

Saturday morning:

Walk from Hostel to EP (Jakob, leave 9:30 arrive 10)

General intro: FYEG Intro and activity plan (Terry), Campaign (Jakob)

11:00: Parallel-Session

Rooms: GEF small room, HBF room, two rooms in back, one room in front

Democr- HBF, GE- Plennary, CC- GEF, All others can find places in the EGP space

from 4:30 till 5:30 last parallel session

from 5:30 till 7: merging the activity plans, group events, try to group in three issues

dinner with ska at 7:30


Jakob is hostel-office guide

Plenary-room: Nikola and merja guiding the joint-WG session


Afternoon, PPC will organize (Jakob talks to seb and delfina about it)


Intro into action


sophia gets people from hostel to EP

Tour: Anna (Ska assistant) will take care


Gender Action (Sabine, Juliane, Steva)

Follow up: Merja&Krassina finds somebody to take care (maggie, gaya)

Everything needs to be removed and cleaned etc. after 4 (bc it's gonna be used)


Proposal for structure of political platform to be printed

4. Communication (external and internal) and online tools

4.1 Online tools (Jakob and Steva)

- Web-site

Website – Hectors report discussed and appreciated

4.2 Press Releases strategy (Terry and Nic)- (all)

Press release strategy

- to keep it as a „living document“

- needs to be discussed with the press release officer later

- working groups should discuss the press strategy proposal

- when it comes to national Prs -> joint press releases

- initiative by Mos – Mo proposals – visibility for both FYEG and MO

Terry restructures the paper:

1. goals – visibility, to push FYEG standpoints in green family and raising awareness

2. methods (and how the press releases are distributed); PR for every activity...

3. types of Prs

4. annex(?) - list of media

5. annex 2? - fix dates PR proposal – for events that happen regularly every year

6. press officers task to clarify – how to publish Prs on blogs...

· try to get access to press overviews from EP offices – Terry, Steva checks with EGP (Helmut...)

4.3 Press officer (Jakob) (30 min)

Press officers tasks:

· update twitter/Facebook – connect it with the website

· edit website and update the website in cooperation with Hector

· reaction to comments on FB.. - to find a way how to anwer to these

o suggestion: that spokespersons check the discussions once a week

o press officer should be getting the notification and checks cases, where spokespersons should react or simply consults answers with spokespersons

o supervisor for press officer – Jakob (Jakob shall be the most in touch with the press officer...)

o brief introductory meeting shall be done after the PO is elected

· press strategy and website – suggestion for improvements...

Procedure of election of the press officer:

1. Steva sets up a doodle in order to elect two-three people – one week deadline

2. interview via skype – Jakob, Terry and Steva (?)

3. decision

4.4 FYEG Material (30 min)

- Second round (plan for printing)

· general brochure - send pictures for campaigns and Wgs


· general design

o preference for simple progressive agressive design with visible simple message, comic style

o every WG and EC member prepares concrete proposal

o typical FYEG font

o format, shape, size, logo, font shoud be the same (backround, slogan to be still worke on with the wgs)

o Wgs shall send to EC/Steva any input on stickers still

o deadline: Tuesday after Wgs meeting

· deadline for printing: to be ready for the EGP Congress

5. Networking (Internal and external)

5.1 CDN (Gaya and Steva) (30 min)

- Update and CDN Activity Plan

Teo from CDN EC:

- This autumn we are focusing on Trainings and regional meetings.

- In Romania two days training after citizenship conference. Vesna and me are doing it.

- In November - 8 days of training and EC meeting and training for Revolt. We will also decide about new office person in November.

- Next short trainings maybe in Macedonia and Kosovo we will do.

- 2-5 december: EU integration in Caucasus. Regional meeting. We are looking for the funds.

- 16-21 December we got funding for YiA project on energy. It will be Balkan regional meeting. Dudu is responsible.

Next year we are shifting focus to BRUM region .

- GA in Ukraine.

- Spring seminar in Turkey.

- Summer Camp in Belarus. Topical will be introduction to green values.

Balkan regional meeting: CDN, SGY, Revolt, Albania, Greece. Include more member organisations. Jakob will talk with Dudu about that.

Caucasus – Gaya, Sopho and Teo are prep team.

5.2 GYG (Merja) (30 min)

- Relation paper

Merja sends letter to MO’s

- GYG Congress

We ask support from GGEP 8000 and 3500 from EGP.

Seminar will be at the same time as GYG Congress. 3 days before Global Greens Congress.

5.3 European Youth Forum (Maggie and Steva) (30 min)

- PPYO and Advisory Committee elections in November

- EC meeting in Brussels beginning of February. In the same time most of the PPYO will have their Board meeting in Brussels. Idea is to have one day sessions together and maybe to have meeting in same space (different working rooms) and get to know each others during breaks

COMEM – Maggie, Terry and Steva goes. We will see if we get reimbursement for all of us.

- The League of Young Voters

- initiative by the European Youth Forum and is currently in its Feasibility phase

- help young people by raising awareness about what is at stake for them at elections and provide impartial information on the positioning of the various parties involved on youth-related crucial issues.

- political parties to target youth directly in their campaigns,

- to strengthen youth participation in the 2014 European Parliament elections and mobilise young people

Steva send documents and we can react on it.

5.4 Falafel Network (Dzoni) (30 min)

- Falafel Network Meeting

Our white see! - Annual Network meeting of Euro-Med Youth Platform

Venue: Adrasan, Turkey

Date: 7-9 December 2011

Nikola will apply and ask for reimbursement.

6. Political work, communication and strategies (each with 30 min)

6.1 Political Platform Process (Nic)

- Report and overview of work so far

- Meeting with MO's representatives

- Plan

6.2 EGP (Steva)

- Congress

FYEG fringe meeting (Nikola)

general intro to FYEG, then action (for the action PPC shall join)

Nicola takes care of the preparation – program

- Action

Action on anti-nuclear (Jakob+some people from CCWG?)

should be simple and providing good picture for press

idea of domino effect (showing Germany fell ...rest of nuc-power plans shall fall around Europe)

- Exhibition

no final idea about the concept

two initial proposals - link it to the nuclear topic or to make it on youth activism

nuclear actions – to link it to the action (domino effect – campaigns around Europe and now France....)

there should be a story under every picture, to add interesting reading (like the Youth participation B/W had)

idea of having line in time and a line in space (countries)

schematic small texts focused on certain issues/problems

- FYEG stand

- Registration

EC chooses option: delegate to be reimbursed by EGP

- Financial support

EGP financial request for 2011

Steva and Terry will meet with EGP after the Wgs meeting

EGP financial request for 2012

after EC meeting and Wgs meeting – after these inputs

deadline – one week

- EGP Committee meeting

to submit financial support proposals and activity plan

FYEG activities to be included in EGP work plan – main points anti-nuke campaign and political platform process; focus on democracy

EGP work plan – FYEG probably under the point networks and working groups

still can be amended if necessary

- Meeting with EGP sec-gen (Terry)

EU-China meeting

Terry joins...



- Tadzio – speaker for the Ways of the crisis


Gender based violence policy paper

Resolution/cooperation on COP?

6.3 Green Group EP

- Green Summer University - evaluation

Emergency communication strategy shall be drafted by Merja

- Green Group support 2011 – plan

GGEP financial support plan 2011 – done, shared and more or less rejected

- Green Group support 2012 – plan

GGEP financial support plan 2012 (Steva, Maggie)

will be done afte EC and Wgs meeting

deadline for November – before Congress

- New Intern - Call and procedure

· Try to open channels for open call

· we can not make an official open call – GGEP has to be asked for preferences

· Steva writes and asks Jochen about proper and better procedure

7. Finances (30 min after lunch)

- Present situation (Maggie and Steva)

Steva presented finances (Maggie out on the meeting with Digital Rights WG and assistant of Jan Philipp Albrecht)

Incomes sheet and expenditures sheet presented

Still some troubles with new form. Steva and Zofia will work on it.

8. Projects ( 2h on the wall)

8.1 Projects preparations

- COP17 Workshop

We still have to finalize funding of the project. Jakob and Steva will start with asking MEP’s.

- Winter Camp

Jan-Philip is interested in the event. Collecting partnership agreements and finalizing application.

- Revolutionary Movements for Democracy

We want to apply again. Steva will work on the application and we will see with Catalns if they want to apply in November, otherwise we apply in February.

- Ecosprinter publication- Jakob and Maggie separately

The call will be out for prep team with next newsletter.

- Campaign

Select campaign team through doodle. Steva installs hidden doodle. Tuesday doodle. Friday voting.

8.2 Project to be applied

- Rio +20

Steva and Terry apply on Saturday.

- Youth emancipation publication

Steva will apply.

- Falafel Network Meeting

We need 10-15 organisations.

- Training - Youth speakers

New call for partners will be issued during next week.

- LGBTQ seminars

Still waiting for the answer from GEF.

8.3 Projects planning

- Youth empowerment in Mediterranean region

Nikola and Zofai worked further on it.

Oriented towards training on structures, gender and networking. First part should be training in one country, idea is Egypt. Second part of the project are traineeships of young people from Egypt in PPYOs or National Green parties. We contact partners after we know if network meeting is accepted.

Network meeting application is priority.