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Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting. Berlin, 18.12.2010

Find here the minutes of the latest ECM meeting in Berlin.



- personal update of the EC members and reports from FYEG activities 2010

Meeting with Malte:

Malte from German Greens: Responsible for international cooperation, with Global Greens, EGP etc. Next year will be a very European for the German party. What is the new narrative for Europe?-working group leads up to future-congress in June. Local councillors meeting end of May. European Summer University. Both topical Europe-processes and European events. Global Greens Senegal meeting 2012.

Sum up: Digital rights WG, table paper at next EGP council, in line with Freedom Not Fear. Malte and Delfina meet before next EGP future meeting. Common action around summer university, GJ take lead, on Frontex and citizenship? FYEG focuses on European students network and figures out the process.

Campaign 2011

Campaign 2011 brainstorming:


· differences in needs and level of Mos leads to material not being distributed and used

· political content leads us to being stuck with old, odd positions

· campaigning can increase visibility

Previous campaigns:

· migration

· no forest no future

· tell me what you eat

· keep it cool

· gender

· unity in diversity

Terry: Not too centralised, on-line material.

Maggie: Collect ideas on-line from Mos.

Nic: Tool kit.

Proposals to decide upon one theme for next year’s campaign:

migration/minorities + EU citizenship

civil liberties/ digital rights

social Europe/ economy


Decision will be taken on the next ECM.

Planning of 2011

Big year table made

Spring Camp 2011

· Prep Team is working, meeting 15th to 17th of January

· democracy, direct democracy, European Citizens Initiative

· target is 150 applications, deadline is 10th of January

· outcomes:

· get young greens together

· learn about direct democracy

· produce text

· support local greens

Continued Year 2011 planning: MO applications and visits

Current candidate members who will apply for full membership:

JG/JA: Terry visits them

Azeri Young Greens: Seb contacts them and checks if they intend to apply

Revolt: Maggie contacts

Groza: Maggie contacts

Non-members who might run for candidate membership

Estonian Young Greens have announced they will apply

SFU Denmark: Nic contacts

Green Movement Israel: Terry contacts

Organisations that were suspended to observer status based on non-payment of membership status:

ZôFi: Maggie contacts

Ukrainians: Markus talks to Anna

Norway: Seb contacts

GA report from Nic updated the EC about preparation of the GA:

David will create a financial plan for GA.

Use fyeg_ga-prep-list, Nic sends e-mail lists.

White areas on the map of Europe:

· Iceland (Maggie researches, Ska)

· Italy...

· Poland...

Schedule and deadlines according to IRPs concerning GA:

Call for GA registration, Sec-Gen, EC, MO, EiB Ecosprinter and Advisory/Transfer Committee. To be sent out on the 5th of February. Markus sends. Call must contain deadlines: SecGen application 16th of March. EC candidates 6th of April. Ecosprinter 6th of April. Advisory Committee 6th of April. Delegate registration 23rd of March. MO applications 23rd of March. Policy papers, motions and resolutions, 13th of April. Emergency resolutions 3rd of May.

EC and SecGen reports, activity report, FYEG financial report, FYEG activity plan 2011, FYEG financial plan: 20th of April.

Call for presidency: Terry: send out a call after ECM. Target: 4-6 people, involved in content planning etc. Deadline for people who want to be on the EC proposal 31st of January. Non-delegate Presidency members get travel reimbursed.

Spring Conference:

Proposals for SC themes:





social Europe

campaign topic

The EC agreed to have a proposal for Social Europe as overall topic for the SC. Nic will communicate it to the prep-team of the GA and asks for opinion on it.

Political documents:

Economy paper: One person should work it out, in cooperation with Green Economy WG.

Violence against women: Gender WG

Digital rights: Malte/Digital Rights WG


General remarks:

Applications must be spread in a way that maximum one per call is submitted. Not more than 3 are realistic. Needs and capacities come into play. Procedure is to look at all the events set to take place in one period, then prioritise in terms of which event corresponds to which call and deadline.

1st of February deadline

COP17: Again a Brussels based event is possible. Deprioritised because other funding is most likely available.

Falafel: would be smarter to apply in June. It could still take place in December then.

Question about the 2 following projects then:

Capactiy Building: Question wether this is a training or a seminar. If training it would be a 4.3 which was used sucessfully for the Helsinki inclusion seminar. Training is preferable. Consensus around doing a 4.3 from september to november.

Intersectionality: call will be sent. Gender wg volunteers will rework the application to make it fit to 1.1 under coordination by Markus. Vienna remains location if Austrians react, if not it goes to Bratislava.

2/ COE admin grant: office checks requirements in terms of projects

April 1st COE: publication and international youth meetings

Mid January call for hosting for the 2012 Spring/Wintercam, topically link to campaign. The chosen host can of course also influence the topical directions. Once we have a reliable partner things should fall into place.

Publication grant: We will apply for a printed edition of Ecosprinter as well as the website.


Falafel under 3.1, migration, make sure it is in the euromedare, e.g. Istanbul

Commission publication to finance Ecosprinter


Youth Unemployment topic, to be defined further (Maggie)

- member organisations report

Sunday 19. 12. 2010


Terry presents work of the Structure Commission

Style of the document is more coherent; main points of new IRPs:

General principles


General Assembly

Bodies: EC, SecGen, WGs

Elections + voting procedures

Gender + womens statute


+Annex – about communication, gender guidelines and recommendations

Different procedure of changing the IRPs –> First replacing the whole document with a new text as a global amendment (no voting on chapters etc) – acceptation of the new document

Then there will be discussion opened for amendments to new document. - simple majority needed for each amendment, 2/3 majority needed for the whole document to pass

Important that every delegate reads the new text!


15 Feb – the Structure Committee will propose the new IRPs to EC – EC will have time for comments

15 March – publishing for MOs in order to have more time to make comments and amendments

Work with GA presidency before the GA is important and necessary.

EC discussed external relations to PPYOs, YFJ, EGP, GYG and Falafel


Status quo

David will draft some official communication reminding MOs to pay their membership fee.

Budget 2011

David will draft the budget at beginning of January.

Until April FYEG runs on budget approved by MOs.

Partnership agreement for CDN summer camp

Partnership supported by the EC


FYEG was asked to add Esperanto for use of the website.

EC agreed to let Esperantists to translate our website into Esperanto as well.

Plan for next ECMs in 2011:

20th and 21st March Spring Break Madrid

4. May - GA in Luxembourg