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Minutes: ECM 02-04.09.2012

FYEG ECM at WGM, 2nd and 4th of September

Moderator:  Jakob
Minutes: Ingrid
Attending 2nd of September: Jakob, Ingrid, Terry, Krassina, Maggie, Steva, Phil
There’s a quorum
Election Campaign
Summer Camp Strategy
We should start presenting this to those who we can imagine want to organize this. 
DECISION: Jakob will make a map of what countries could potentially work together
We can make a concept and the campaign team can go around and make workshops
DECISION: Jakob will send out some ideas behind the austrian-swiss-german summer camp
Summer camp contact persons:
Phil: Belgians, fFrench, CDN
Terry: Germans, Dutch
Jakob: Swiss, Austrians
Chema: Catalans, Spanish
Ingrid: Swedes, Finnish
Maggie: Czech
Micha: UK
Maybe the campaign team can take part in the prep.team of these summer camps
Extra  General Assembly, fall 2013 (maybe in Germany), Report from meeting with the Germans
The German Young Greens cannot organize this. We can make a call for prep.team members  within Germany.  It would have to be in the middle of Germany. Thursday would be a  conference with the green group, friday would be our GA and saturday-sunday would be the German young greens opening of the tour. During the saturday and sunday there would also be campaign trainings that we could use. It could be the 1st or 2nd weekend of september. 
The German young greens would organize all local practicalities. We need to organize the agenda for the GA. 
We should try to get as many as possible people there and it would also be good if people can stay there and campaign in the german elections for one or two weeks. Steva will  probably stay in the office until june-july 2013. 
 Next summer we should have an extra intern that works on the extra GA and possibly on the summer camps. Maybe we could have a intern together with the German young greens or a  person working for FYEG in the office of the german young greens. 
SPP meeting in Prague
The Czech now booked a place, but they're still searching for something better. 
Jakob will send out info to the MOs about the meeting and put a clear deadline for when people should have decided person and booked tickets. 
European Youth Forum 

Maggie and YFJ

Maggie is a candidate to the board of the youth forum. She is attending some meetings this fall. Next one is Molina (end of September). The EC people will meet with their national youth councils and try to promote Maggie.
 - Jakob will go to the consultation on the working plan
League of Young Voters - the EGP will take a decision on if they support this or not 
at the Committee meeting in September
Anti-block campaign - Maggie has written to them that we support this. 
Work Plan amendments- will be discussed tomorrow, Terry has put her comment
Green students 
They are asking if we can help them with the application. Maybe they could also ask the campus grun. 
DECISION: Ingrid will ask Merja about her cooperation with the sweds from before. 
Business cards for the EC members
DECISION: Steva will order for the new EC members and Terry. 
Social dimension working group - Terry has written an email about pensions. 
  • we are not strongly against the point system
  • we are ok with subsidies for the second pillar but the first pillar should be first priority
  • we are for maximum pensions
  • we should also take up the issue with long-term sustainability of  pensions
  • we also want to stress the European aspect and the gender aspect. 
Saturday afternoon session (8th of September)
There's two meetings in Brussels parallelly. One on GEF's magazine that they are sending out once a month and the other about how the EGP can use the belgian campaign. Maggie, Phil and Jakob will go to these meetings. Jakob will check up if we need to register for any of these meetings. 
Council in Athens debate
The panel is going to happen. The publication team definitely need to start writing the paper. 
DECISION: Phil will contact chema about this
Joint ECM with CDN
2nd and 3rd of October, the EC should arrive Monday 1st
Dutch fundation
Terry will talk to Jeroni and then email them, Terry has also written to green campus which is a part of the Heinrich Böll fundation. 
Jakob will not be able to be in Brussels for the cop event since he will be at BUKO. Jakob will try to find the finance for the meeting this week. 
Jakob will send an email to Flora if she can be a speaker. He will also send an email to Krassina with the email adress of Flora. 
Krassina keeps on looking for speakers.
There's also a problem that the MOs have elected their participants very late which means that the tickets are quite expensive. 
Krassina will see what has happened with the Grüne Jugend participants. 
Krassina will send the email of the Algerian contact to Ingrid for the falafel. 
Most EC seem to stay for the pride. If the pride is cancelled actions should be coordinated, especially considering the security issue. It would be good if this is planned beforehand. 
The application for Tuzla has been sent.
1st of October deadline:
FALAFEL - Luxemburg 
Energy - done by 10th of sept - Austria
WinterCamp - Finland
DECISION: these applications are prioritized
Migration study session
Digital  rights - Austria
DECISION: these working groups will work basically without Steva's support
Gender - glass breaking seminar   Sweden
Peace working - study visit Israel/Palestine - Netherlands
DECISION: these working groups can write the applications on their own but Steva needs to focus on the ones above
Global justice - European development policy. 
There is not time to apply with this for the 1st of October. This seminar does also not really fit into the election campaign. 
DECISION: we will ask the group to apply with this after the election.
Swedish Green Forum
Ingrid will meet with them, please send input.
Water campaign
ECI Campaign - we start gathering MOs to support the Water campaign
Krassi is keeping in touch with the Democracy WG
At the SPM we definitely need a workshop about it where to promote the campaign to the MOs
Support for a project partnership with YEU 
YEU wants us to be partner in this project. It’s about the social inclusion of minorities and developing an online platform where these groups could participate. FYEG is asked because we are working on digital rights, we would play a minor support role. 
DECISION: we will be partners and Maggie will be responsible for this. 
Campaign handbook
Terry will send the email about this to the general list. Their idea was that FYEG or some of the MOs could write something for this book. The Ecosprinter could also be involved, Krassina will talk to them. 
Christoph was elected in the doodle. Jakob will inform him. Phil will inform the people who were not elected individually. 
DECISION: We will pay for him to go to Berlin to meet Hector. We will pay both during one month for the transfer. 
Project assistant decision
DECISION: we chose Shenna
She can start from next week. Steva will prepare the contract. 
FYEG Intro video decision
DECISION: we will ask Terry's friend to do this, if she wants more than 80 euros we will discuss this again
Beas input for new press strategy
Bea wants to quit, she will keep on working with the press strategy though
DECISION: Jakob will send out a call for a new press officer
Youth emancipation publication
DECISION: Phil will ask Chema for an update on this
Maggie will have a meeting with Lena. This will probably happen on Monday. 
Attending the ECM on 4th of September: Steva, Phil, Maggie, Jakob, Ingrid
No quorum
Support for EGP candidates
DECISION: we will recommend the EC to support these candidates