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Minutes: EC Skype Conference 29.10.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  29-10-2012  Time: 19:00-21.00 CET

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1. Opening of the meeting
Attending people: Jakob, Terry,  Micha, Ingrid, Phil, Krassi, Steva
Missing: Maggie (Excused because of Work) Chema (non-excused)
Election of Moderator: Jakob
Election of Minutes taker: Phil
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
- 6 Present - 1 excused - 1 absent  
Quorum attended, Meeting Validity approved.
4. Approving the agenda
- unanimously accepted
5. Personal Update - including political update
Jakob - In touch with Ecocide Campaign
Phil - in contact with “Global Zero”
Terry&Ingrid - Attending the Grüne Jugend Buko (Federal Congress)
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
a.  Dragana will go to Strasbourg for a vote 16 meeting and Shenna will present the Youth emancipation publication for the Youth forum (confirmed)
b. Publishing PR on EU year of citizens (confirmed)
7. Office:
a. update
- reimbursement overviews will be presented shortly (Steva will make a list together with the office)
- Securex still unclear: Shenna’s account with Securex still not through
- Will be done shortly, then we can pay Shenna when Securex responsible sends all documents.
Parliamentary Grant:
- Steva puts Jacob in CC when contacting the responsible people
- according to Steva it will go quickly once the application is sent in.
- Shenna did a fine job at her presentation at the EGP.
 - meeting with SecGen on Wednesday 31.10.2012
Office& Accountant start making a plan how to finalize this year.
GEF-report: soon will give us the money they owe us for past projects.
Project assistant:
Update Shennas report
Working permit
(under Office update)
action 4.5 - Maggie
how much money do we have on the account  and what do we need to do with it
EACEA grant
(Maggie excused, points reported)
Proposal about e-lists and yeapsy events maintenance
workload to be shared between  Christoph and Steva 
 - EC agrees but finds it problematic
- EC members will sit together with Jakob to have a basic briefing about        
how our website works.
- Urgent Update of our Website needed
- Proposal for Christof to do the website update
party funding (jakob/terry) done (see up)
- Proposal by Jakob that Phil is the primary responsible for the Office, Jakob will assist him. Decision: Unanimously accepted by EC.
8. Internal Structure
a.  EC
- Jakob’s SPM Update: Talked with FYEG Veterans for input and ideas
- Ideas to split up M.O’s in Prague into smaller groups
- Each EC member responsible for one sub-group
- Judith will be facilitator and assist EC members.
- Let people work in committees until February
- Prepare different “scenarios” 
- 18th of Feb. 2nd SPM: Parliamentary Visit
- Agenda not yet prepared
- Ingrid will start drafting it, other EC members will join in.
- Phil had a nice skype with the Migration WG:
Idea arose from the Migration WG for a europe-wide day on migration rights, 10th December
(Approved by the EC)
EC role, section responsible, scenario 
MEP visits
9. Communication
a.  internal communication
b. external communication
press after Terry’s debate:
- less controversial then before
- We failed to sent out Press release and distribute it
10. Networking
a. CDN
 discussion about the joint ECM
b. GYG
GYG Participation to Wintercamp: FYEG to  own the process
Implementation Strategy
read  the document to give Feedback to Micha, so he can further work on it.
 - Specific Action in YiA for global networks
 - Check the possibilty and check the call
 - We need to make GYG aware of this
c. Falafel:
- more and more agreements sent in
- Phil and Lux. Young Greens in contact with Agency
d. Student's network
e. EGP
Athens council issues:
- Fringe Meeting, Moderation by Micha, 
- FYEG Material was sent today with EGP material
 - Accommodation Questions
A) who to tell
b) security
- for the action: Proposition to make it more symbolic than graphic
- Please read Resolutions for ECM
- tell selected people of the action
EGP networks - who are they?
local councilors
individual supporters network
Friends of EGP
EGP excluding the Greens, a request by the Bulgarian Green Party
EGP committee Meeting update:
GG convenor (GYG?) -  Micha takes care of it
Social Forum, WSF? someone from FYEG interested/are going
Monica wants to be informed about the falafel network meeting -  Ingrid will write to her
 Jacqueline wants to know about the timing of the extra. GA - Terry will write to her
financial proposal 2013,
g. European youth forum
Meeting 25 November 2012, Shenna will go
h. Other organization’s activities
TSGC request by the Frenchies
(not necessary any more – taken off Agenda)
Volunteering Against Poverty’ premiere -  30th November 2012, 19:30, anyone who would like to go?
Decision: Phil can go, approved by the EC
Activity plan
Seminars next fall - skipped
Turn the green volume on
LGBTQ seminar belgrade
- During evaluation the success of the Seminar was discussed, very few negative comments, but we will deal with them and take them into account.
COP18 Workshop: 
Dragana is working on the documentation and fundraising  letter
LGBTQ seminar Tuzla
Update by Terry:
 - Revolt Youth motivated
 - Venue, Food and Hostel secured!
 - Goal: Build Network and Future
 - No external speakers
- still money missing! GEF can’t give more apprently
 Dragana, Steva and Terry working on this
 Falafel Meeting
Second SPP meeting
Winter camp
We recommend that the EC will decide to reimburse the travel costs of Gerald Haefner - 4-5h March to lobby, Krassi will communicate it with him and have Steva in CC
Energy and Campaigning Seminar
New Media Seminar
General assembly
Regional Summer Camps - will  discuss it further at the ECM
Spanish speaking
French speaking
German speaking
English speaking
Eastern  Europe - Center Europe - Czech republic or Hungary
second GA fall 2013
Youth emancipation publication: 
Krassi will join their mailing list to keep in touch for now what is going on there.
ECI - Water campaign
project ideas
 Political stuff
press releases
Beginning of SPM (Micha, Jakob helps)
Any other business
Terry and others (Ska, Markus, Maria, Vesna and Delfina) will publish a call very soon, it is on youth in crisis and very good and important, everyone should have a look and be the first signatories, it would also be great if everybody could translate the call to their language, so that it can be published in many languages on the website
Task to everyone: look at the call, sign it and translate it to your language