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Minutes: EC Skype conference 25.02.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  25-02-2013 

Time: 19:00-21.15 CET

Attending people: Steva, Ingrid, Micha, Terry, Maggie, Phil

Missing: Krassina

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Elections

  • Election of moderator: Terry
  • Election of minutes taker: Maggie

3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting

At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid

The meeting is valid

4. Approving the agenda - approved

5. Personal Update - including political update - provided


6. Office:

 a) update                               

Approved grants:

Commission admin grant – 50000  

Green group cooperation on spring and autumn conference – 20000


b) accountant

The previous accountant was contacted, waiting for response.

Steva cooperates with the new one by now.


c) reports


d) interns

  • Odyssee: New Update: We can just offer an traineship. We have to agree upon the dates-->3 to 7 months. As I understand, they cover costs for salary, accomondation, language classes and insurance. (sounds not bad, but Office might want to call them and find out everything)

Procedure: we applied, were checked and approved, thus we are registered now in their database, we need to submit dates when we would like to have the intern, they spread it on website, they provide language classes, insurance, salary.

It is only for EU citizens.

Decision: Micha and Steva prepare proposal for WC ECM.


  • GGEP intern:

Call was sent out with the DL of 3rd of March.

Person responsible: Maggie

To do: install a pad


e) finances

The budget overview shall be prepared for the WC ECM.

Person responsible: Steva, Maggie


7. Internal structure

a) EC

  • vote for new EC member

Overview of the participation was sent to the EC mailing list.

A report from AC will be sent to the EC during the coming days.

Decision: registered voters still get oportunity to vote by extending the deadline (to be considered due to the fact, that there is a possibility one candidate could get absolute majority in this round if all registered voters could vote.

Steva will communicate this to the AC.


Wintercamp ECM: Start on Saturday, 9th at 16:00 on 9th until Monday, the 11th at 20:00. 

Minttu proposed a short training useful further process of SPP - on vision and mission.

Decision: The Training can take place, before or after the FYEG ECM. Jakob will communicate with Minttu.

Agenda: to be prepared by Ingrid.


b) WGs 


c) MOs:

  • ViNO update: Maria & Veli are newly elected Co-Spokespersons



d) SPP:

  • Update from meeting and editorial group

The editorial group started to work, divided into 3 groups working on different objectives.

They will work less on implementation, focus more on structure of the document and on coherence.

Discussion about who is going to prepared discussed IRPs changes is open. More input next week.


8. Communication


a) internal communication

  • platform

Jakob and Ingrid work on improvements of the platform and suggested changes and useful tools to EGP. The platform could serve as storage of important documents.

  • update email lists

Decision: the call for updates shall be sent out to MOs after the EC online elections.

b) external communication

Two PRs have been prepared, EC needs to vote:


- Youth Guarantee: 

Person responsible: Terry

Publishing date: 27th Feb

Will be published on website, facebook, twitter and sent to media, 


Intn'l Women's Day

Publishing date: 8th March

Phil works on image-collage to share on facebook (FYEG against glass ceiling)

Website, social networks (share it within our MO's)



Prerson responsible: Phil

Publishing date:11th March

- Will be sent out to the press on time ( maybe in addition with a Japanese NGO - publish it also there)


- World Water Day

Person responsible: Krassina

Publishing date: 22nd March


c) web

  • update about moving web site

Jakob and Steva have worked on a new structure and they will propose it to the EC in the mailing list. EC comments and approves. Jakob then sends call for the designer.

  • Website problems:
  • UPDATE: FYEG faced problems with the website, uploaded content was not showing up, including the calls for GA. Chris fixed it and the website is fully functioning now.

d) Ecosprinter

Update: They have a new website, needs to be promoted


e) Newsletter 

no update


9. Networking

a) CDN

  • update from GA

Phil provided short second-hand update, proper update will be given by Krassina at the WC ECM.



b) GYG

  • Europe-Africa cooepration project - email from sarah 

Update:Micha and Sarah (GYG) with cooperation with Adessou have been working on application for a grant to make Adessou representatives able to join FYEG statutory activities. Micha and Steva work further on the application.


c) Falafel:

Micha will try to find places for a few european falafel people and fundraise for to or so non-EU representatives to join the conference on youth crisis in Brussels.


d) EGP

  • Action before Council 9th of May (Day of Europe)

Michael will come up with a concept.

  • do we want to have a session? 

The task division will be done in Finland

  • Fringe Meeting -> general about FYEG
  • Youth Unemployment -> big session
  • Youth paper discussion
  • note: to promote Youth emancipation publication with a small campaign



Update: Financial support as requested.


f) European youth forum

  • advisory council for youth
  • Working Groups
  • - Education
  • - Funding (about YiA grant etc.)
  • - Youth Work
  • - Mobility
  • pool of trainers

Maggie and Steva install a doodle till Wednesday with candidates - vote till Friday

DL for applications: 5th March

  • YO! fest
  • money from the league of young voters


Proper discussion - at the ECM.


h) Other organization’s activities 


11. Activity plan

a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)


  • Second SPM 15th - 18th of February

UPDATE: Jakob and Ingrid will prepare an update and decisions to be taken at the ECM at the Wintercamp

  • Winter camp 02-09th of March
  • program
  • speakers
  • participants
  • EC participation - Micha will also be there until Monday lunch
  • budget


  • New Media Summer School 29th April - 3rd, (28th,4th travel dates)

        Update: Prep-team meeting took place. They are still searching for co-funding for the second event (the conference) in Lisboa



  • General assembly
  • minutes from GA 2012
  • spring conference
  • calls to be sent out (question of retreat dates)
  • venue
  • jong groen wants conference on europe friday evening


  • Energy and Campaigning training

no update


  • Summer camps:
  • Germanspeaking
  • - Possibiltiy to have one with the "Rhineland-Palatinate German Young Greens" with BENELUX participation
  • English-speaking is working alright and has a lot of motivated people. But still we need to follow-up and be cautious.
  • Eastern Europe - update at the ECM
  • BeNeFranceLux & Mobility Seminar May by French YGs
  • - French YGs organize YiA Event in Strasbourg on Mobility which can be used for the Europ. Election campaign aswell: Pax from Lux, Fr, Swi, Be YGs
  • - 1st Meetings happened for the BENEFRLUX Camp - Motitvation looking better than before
  • Southern - update at the ECM



  • second GA fall 2013

Update: Terry is working on a de


  • cop 2019

Decision: Jakob works on booking the hostel for the event.

  •  Intersessionals in Bonn:

Update: Jakob sent out a call for participants for climate change talks in Bonn.


  • Youth emancipation publication
  • Micha  will discuss with  Steva about possibilities to get funding for printing for YiC Conference


  • ECI 



  • LGBTQ network(Update Phil) 

Can do it, Dragana briefed me on the CDN G.A (move on I did it already under CDN)

-> Should be on the agenda for ECM WGM


  • Gender publication printing costs

Terry to update next week

  • Green Compass publication:

There will be the preparatory team meeting in Brussels on 6th of March.

b) project ideas 


  • glass breakers

CDN has been asked to host the project, they have not answered yet. Terry will keep the EC updated. 


12. Any other business


Note: Discussion 2014 Project possibilities to be added on the agenda of the ECM-Finland.