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Minutes: EC Skype Conference 24.09.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  24-09-2012 19:00-21.00 CEST

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1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
Election of moderator: Jakob
Election of minutes taker: Chema
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
Meeting is valid
Attending people: Phil, Maggie, Krassina, Terry, Chema, Jakob, Ingrid, Micha
Missing: Steva
4. Approving the agenda
5. Personal Update - including political update
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
PR on International day of Peace has been published
7. Decision follow up
8. Office:
a) update
Skipped since Steva is not present
b) finances
Terry's funding proposal PPYOs- the EC will send amendments until Wednesday to have the first impression and send it to Lena.
 Phil's Request: for Steva to buy ticket for ECM Serbia - he will get in contact directly with the office.

9. Internal structure
a) EC
ECM in serbia: 
Not be there: Micha, Krassina, 
Maybe not: Maggie, Jakob
Proposals for solution: We could have skype participation through skype if necessary.
Dates: 2-(3th) October Joint ECM, 3-4th FYEG ECM (and start of seminar)
Everyone should put their agenda points, and time of arrival and departure in the pad.
b) WGs 
Question: what happens when a person is too old for its MO but not too old acoording to FYEG IRPs: 
That person can get a recommendation letter from any other MO, considering is not necessary to be part of any MO to be part of the WG.
c) MOs: 
No imput on that topic
d) SPP:
Moderation decision: yes we want a moderation
Micha: Will talk with possible moderators
Jakob will propose agenda on weekend
Reimbursement for delegates: Delegates have to try to stick to the limits. If necessary, it's possible to talk with the treasurer about amounts. Jakob will remind delegates and WGs about the deadlines.
10. Communication
a) internal communication: No imput on that topic
b) external communication
Pussy RIOT promotion for Sakharov Prize: 
Phil will write something and send it to terry so she can send it on to christof
c) web
intro video: Claudia has gotten all the materials and is working on this
d) Ecosprinter
Ecosprinter has a call on a new article series on Democracy

e) Newsletter 
it should go out very soon out. EC members to write their monthly reports
11. Networking
a) CDN
Rodion Vesna and Phil worked on the agenda will be sent shortly 
b) GYG No imput on that topic
c) Falafel:
 We should send the application as soon as possible. Steva has the final version.
d) Student's network No imput on that topic
e) EGP
Athens council issues:

Registration - Maggie will be in charge of all the stuff related with the registration ofEC participants in the Council. Have a accommodation close to the venue!
We can complete it tonight and send it to several partners.

Panel debate
: Problem: we are late with the planning. Need to cancel it now

1. We cancel the debate at the university.

2. We have a smaller panel related with youth emancipation during the FYEG
fringe meeting (only open for delegates).
3. Micha and Chema will work with the local organization to prepare it.
4. Chema will communicate everything to the EGP (Alice Rosmi)

financial proposal: Jakob to take care that Maggie prepares financial proposal! Ask for the Office money additionally (even if in the budgetline, but still additional, second GA, election preparation)
EGP working groups: Jakob will send report soon.
financial proposal 2013: Maggie will prepare (money for the two GAs) 
report from the bureau meeting: sent per email
g) European youth forum
Maggie has sent her candidacy for board member
h) Other organization’s activities 

Conference on Global Perspectives on Development Frankfurt

TSGC request by the Frenchies

"Green European Summer University"
Decision: The Peace WG can prepare a concept of the workshop; we will then push for it towards the EGP

Anna Lindh Belgian network (institut media) - (the people writing in french)
Ingrid will ask Micha what happened with it and what the decision was.

12. Activity plan
a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting) 
No imput on that topic
Everything done
Turn the green volume on
Reports are started. We should have more trainings, small groups
LGBTQ seminar Belgrade
We need as many EC Members as possible -> stay as long as possible
Agenda will be sent, delegates are registreing
Youth emancipation publication: 
 Chema is working on it, will write to ECM to make an update in next two days.
COP18 Workshop: 
First prep-team meeting, went well. Committed people. Shenna will take over.
 LGBTQ seminar Tuzla
 Call for prepteam will be sent out after the Belgrade seminar, Terry will get in contact with hbf in Bosnia again
Second SPP meeting
18th of February -the date seem good, Ingrid will ask the office of Isabella if they can confirm this
Winter camp 
The application should be sent to theFinnish agency to be double checked. The application then has to be signed again with all partners. Krassi and Steva are working on it.
Energy and Campaigning Seminar
There's still some partnership agreements missing but everything will work out fine
 General assembly
 Jakob is responsible of sending the call
Second GA fall 2013 
Nothing moving on yet.
Water campaign 
 Krassi will write the draft for the MOs to ask them to support the initiative. Democracy WG is working on updating the campagin website, as well as to gather the ECI procedure and ask the webmaster to upload it.
b) project ideas 
 Debating Club: Chema will send the call after EGP council.
 New media seminar: Silvio is taking care of the application.
13. Political stuff
a) press releases:
No imput on that topic
b) ideas
- Global Zero Initiative - Invitation:
(Initiative to eradicate all Nuclear Weapons)