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Minutes: EC Skype Conference 22.10.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  22-10-2012  Time: 19:00-21.00 CET

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1. Opening of the meeting
Attending people: Steva, Michael, Maggie, Krassina, Ingrid
Missing: Jakob, Terry, Chema, Phil
2. Elections
Election of Moderator: Micha
Election of Minutes taker:  Krassi
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
The EC members don’t have quorum on their decisions, so decisions have more advisory function
4. Approving the agenda
Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
a. We will pay food and accommodation for Teo as a second representative of CDN plus half of his travel costs
b. Publication of a PR on the Global Day of Eradication of Poverty
c.  PR on Terry show business to be published
5. Office:
a. Update
 Discussion on working permit of office worker
b. Accountant
c.   Reports
d. Project assistant:
Shenna’s report - she was not in the office these days because of the COP prep-team meeting, so maybe this report will be submitted a bit later.
Shenna could however come to the EC meeting before the SPM and share there her updates
e.  Finances
action 4.5 - Maggie - 
EACEA grant 
f. Other
Proposal about e-lists and yeapsy events maintenance – workload to be shared between Christof and Steva
6. Internal Structur
a.  EC
Update vote on the December ECM
5-6th were the best days, but parliament visit is on the 4th
Decision: to recommend the EC to have the ECM 5-6 of December, but EC members who have the opportunity to arrive the 4th December. The prep-team to use the other 7 spots for their participants, but not the EC.
Arrival day 30th of October (ECM 31st - 1st of November) - Everyone to book their tickets!
Steva's  attendence to SPM and Athens
Steva prefer not to join the Council in Athens, but will try to join the SPM
Decision: we recommend that Steva does not go to Athens and that he himself should make the decsion on whether it is possible for him to go to SPM
Micha’s attendence to the October ECM, SPM and Council
We recommend that the EC should approve Micha’s travel costs
Spanish Young Greens (RQJ)
Update by Ingrid: The  bis Spanish your greens are not our MO, but maybe in future they will join us, so should they be included in the election compaign?
EC should discuss it further and continue negotiations with them
Danish young  greens - the same case as the Spanish
Ingrid could ask them if they want to become FYEG MO
7. Political Priorities mainstreaming (Mail from Michael)
Update from meeting between Micha and Jakob
SPM delegates:
List of delegates/missing delegates: Shenna will give updates list with that very soon and we will try to push MOs a bit
Malta – Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh
Armenia- Association for Sustainable Human Development
Macedonia – DEM Youth of the Ecologists' Movement
Portugal - Ecolo Jovem "Os Verdes"
Slovenia - Gibanje Slovenske Mladine (GSM) 
Italy- Giovani Verdi
Germany - Grüne Jugend
Belgium – Jong Groen 
France - Jeunes Ecologistes
Spain- Jóvenes Verdes
Spain Catalunya -Joves d'Esquerra Verda 
Ireland - Oige Ghlas, Young Greens
Croatia - Mladi Zelene liste 
Slovakia – Mladi Zeleni
Czech Republic – Mladi Zeleni 
Poland - Ostra Zielen 
Bosnia – Revolt 
Georgia - SaqarTvelos axalgazrda mwvaneebi
England and Wales young greens 
Serbia - Zelena Omladina Srbije 
Greece - Νέοι Πράσινοι, Neoi Prasinoi 
Bulgaria - Млади Зелени - Bulgarian Young Greens 
MEP visit
Ingrid will keep communication regarding this 
8.  Communication
a. internal communication - skipped
b. external communication - skipped
c. web
d. Ecosprinter
e. Newsletter 
EC reports 
Interview with EC members - to share their hope and expectations regarding the EGP Council and the SPM- krassi will write an email with more structured idea about it
9. Networking
a. CDN 
b. GYG 
Participation to Wintercamp: FYEG to own the process
Update: Micha has drafted a call
c. Falafel:
Ingrid will write an email to Phil and ask for the update on how many  documents we are missing
d. Student's network
1.  Athens council issues:
Fringe Meeting: we have the panel list and the concept, we will need some technical stuff
Accommodation Questions:
Hotel is book from Thursday until Sunday, we need to register, Maggie will do it, but she needs our information to be sent to her.
There will be a part with FYEG stands and we will have to switch there. Maggie sent an email about it and we need to answer all her questions ASAP.
Micha’s proposal
EGP networks - who they are
1.  local councilors
2.  individual supporters network
3.  Friends of EGP
4.  Gender
Train Ride to  Council Pax: Phil is not going
d. EGP - the proposal of the Green party for exclusion of the Greens (Bulgarian case)
e. EGP committee Meeting update:
GG convenor   
We should find someone from GYG
Social Forum, WSF - we need to find someone from FYEG interested/or going
Monica wants  to be informed about the falafel network meeting!
Jacqueline  wants to know about the timing of the extra GA
f. financial proposal 2013, 
We should all go through it , Maggie and Steva will continue to discuss it and work on it
g.European youth forum
h. Other organization’s  activities 
TSGC request by the Frenchies
Anna Lindh  Belgian Network (institut media) -  we might have some membership in this network, it could be useful sometimes to use their information
i. Activity plan
Seminars next fall - skipped
j. projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting) (new ones to be added on the bottom, old ones deleted on top if report done)
Turn the green volume on
LGBTQ seminar belgrade

Krassi's proposal for the Water campaign presentation is to have it on Saturday after lunch.
For the street action are waiting for the reply of the Czech Young Greens
COP18 Workshop:        
Dragana is working on the documentation and fundraising letter
LGBTQ seminar tuzla
Discussion  of Location (Belgrade-Evaluation Talk)
Falafel Meeting
Second SPP meeting
all skipped
Winter camp
Discussion about the  travel reimbursements of speakers
Krassina is communicating with Gerlad Haefner, Steva in CC

Energy and Campaigning Seminar
New Media Seminar
General assembly
Regional  Summer Camps - will discuss it further at the ECM
second GA fall 2013
Youth emancipation publication: 
ECI - Water campaign

Any other business