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Minutes: EC Skype Conference 17.09.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  17-09-2012 19:00-21.00 CEST

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1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
•   Election of moderator: Krassina
•   Election of minutes taker: Jakob
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
6 are present. valid.
Attending people: Phil, Terry, Ingrid, Krassi, Steva, Jakob , Micha
Missing:Chema, Maggie
4. Approving the agenda
5. Personal Update - including political update
 Political issues: Arab world riots (w.r.t. anti-mohammed movie)
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
 7. Decision follow up
•   Coordination of Webmaster: everything is fine
•   project assistant e-mails and office work: Steva will give Shenna access
•   campaign handbook GEF: Phil is in touch with GEF
•   KYG fundraising on FYEG website update: Ingrid, there will be sent a text to webmaster today/tomorrow
8. Office:
a) update
General update:
•  Accountant: Decision: Accountant recommended by Steva and Jakob was accepted. (the stricter, slightly more expensive one)
 Winter camp EYF report – submitted 
 LGBTQ seminar Zagreb - today (financial and narrative (Dragana is finalising it) – finished few days ago; but have to be sent to GEF
Finalise budget plan for LGBTQ  Belgrade with Paolo from HBS office in Belgrade - done
Visa letters for Youth Speakers'  training - done          
Start preparing receipts for EGP financial support – not yet          
Rio +20 seminar project report (not priority this week)  - postponed
Project applications:  
Energy seminar – submitted: Thanks Steva & Shenna!!!!
Falafel seminar - Phil was in the office. Made a draft. Steva is finalizing application tonight: National agency will be asked whether it would be ok, if not ALL partners will send the originals
Winter Camp – application written and form filled. Waiting for input from Veli and Finnish national agency 
Migration study session – priorities of EYF changed and they are discussing changes in application. Input from office needed
Glassbreaker's  seminar – Dragana was working on Zagreb's report, Belgrade seminar and today on CDN study session, so this is still on her list
Publication -Judith and Vesna  replied. Vesna will work on the application                  
Digital rights
Global justice WG: 
Peace wg : Dragana could maybe take care of the budget
Shenna was involved in writing applications that the office is involved in.
◦   Securex salaries – not done
◦   Shenna's employment follow up (contract sent) – no answer yet
◦   website bills to be paid – not paid yet
◦   prepare for the work with accountant – not yet
◦   EC meeting accommodation in Belgrade – done
◦   email access: Steva needs to take care of this
Additionally, worked with Djole, Dragana and Terry on LGBTQ belgarde arrangements and communication with HBS in Belgrade  
9. Internal structure
a) EC
•  minute taking: Minute takers should read through the minutes immediately before they send it to the list.
•  There is a folder in the drop-box containing "minutes" of off-minutes comments not to be published
b) WGs 
•  coordinator's meeting - Ingrid will send pad for the EC members to fill in points they think should be discussed
c) MOs:
•   meeting with the Swedish young greens: Ingrid sent an email reporting from the meeting. Swedish are skeptical about bus-tours for election (i.e. they won't take part in it).
d) SPP:
SPP answers: The MOs keep answering slowly to the questionnaire, but the WGs are quite active on this. 
SPP meeting: We still need the agenda, optionally speakers, Jakob is working on this. Jakob is making a suggestion for overall agenda. 
Jakob will contact speaker, send calculation to EC, decision afterwards
10. Communication
a) internal communication

b) external communication
Editing movie: Terry will contact the editor again
Jakob needs to prepare the call for the new Press-Officer
•   MO press list: skip
•  Pussy RIOT promotion for Sakharov Prize: 
Decision: Phil will check what we could do to promote Pussy Riot for a prize. To avoid conflict: GGEP is supporting Iranian director Jafar Panahi. 
c) web
•   Christof is doing a great work, will try to come to the SPM, put calender on the web site
d) Ecosprinter
e) Newsletter 
11. Networking
a) CDN 
Joint ECM with CDN: skip
b) GYG
Common mailing list: 
share list (and in what way) with other (non EUR) Steering Committee members
Decision: The European section of the SC will decide whether they would like to have the others on
c) Falafel:
d) Student's network
read Ingrids update by email (thanks!)
e) EGP committee meeting: report sent. (by Terry)
Athens council issues:
- panel debate:  
Proposal to cancel, bc we have a lot of work and the responsible EC Member doesn't work on it.
Decision: Micha will check with the greeks, we will cancel by next Monday if someone has not been working on this   
- resolution: All EC members to contribute to it. It's on us, otherwise we won't have a resolution.
- train: Phil was working on it, seems it's not going to work, because the train-connection to Athens is problematic
financial proposal
Maggie is going to draft something. Office rent is in the FYEG budgetline. So we have to subtract 8000 Euros.
working groups: Jakob will send report soon 
financial proposal 2013: Maggie is going to draft a request: proposal: 15000 € first GA, 10000 € for second GA
g) European youth forum
•   Jakob will make a proposal for FYEG opinion about Work plan: and he is still working on it.
h) Other organization’s activities 
•   Global youth forum in Bali, 4-6 December - we have to write them and ask for reimbursements
    Decision: Micha will write to them.
•   Green leaders
    Decision: skip for today
•   Youth participation in and throughout NGOs in the EuroMediterranean context, cyprus 3-7 december. http://www.salto-youth.net/rc/euromed/tceuromed/tceuromed2012/ows4/
    Decision: Krassi will check whether she wants to go, once she read the call, if not she will send email to Ingrid and we will send out a call
•   Swedish green forum
Read email sent by ingrid. Ask questions at the next skype conference. 

12. Activity plan
a) projects in preparation
b) projects applied for
c) approved projects 
•  LGBTQ seminar belgrade
sufficient participants (55 people), but we had troubles finding food and meeting room, info-sheet and security-issue info has been sent.
PANEL DEBATE: planned together with GEF, but is not organized yet. If it won't happen risk to look bad in front of HBF.
ECM in Serbia: Terry and Steva will be stressed. We need an agenda-  Krassi will prepare it, Ingrid will help her.
money: Terry will ask to use the COP money from Ulrike (MEP) for the LGBTQ seminar.
•  Turn the green volume ON
We need participants, many MOs didn't send sufficient people. Solutions will be found.
•  LGBTQ seminar Tuzla
Fundraising plan that Dragana has worked on, support of Ulrike likely
•     Winter camp 
•   second GA fall 2013
•      COP18 Workshop:  prep-team selection, see Jakobs' email
Jakob will give his part to Shenna and make a doodle with prep-team selection.
Decision: Olfa and Laura will be in the prep-team
d) past projects
WGM: Ingrid working on follow-up
e) projects and campaigns
•   Debating Club:
•   Decision: Call will not be sent with the WG calls
•  Youth emancipation publication: 
 Maggie will probably go to a YFJ YEA conference and present the publication there. Somebody should take the responsibility.
    Decision: Terry and Phil will fight about it
    conference in the Parliament: Can some of the COP-Prep-team Members be on FYEGs list? Probably not
•   Energy and Campaigning Seminar
•   Application sent, see above in Office applications
•   new media seminar
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
- skip
b) ideas 
 Pussy Riot Support for Sacharow Prize
c) discussions

14. Any other business
Conference on Global Perspectives on Development Frankfurt
Decision: Ingrid will send out a call for people to play pax
- TSGC request by the Frenchies
Decision: phil keeps communicating with them
- Invitation Singing for the climate 23.09 Brussels
Climate change WG is working on it