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Minutes: EC Skype Conference 15.10.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  15-10-2012 19:00-21.00 CEST

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1. Opening of the meeting
Attending people: Maggie, Jakob, Phil, Ingrid, Steva, Terry, Krassina, Micha
Missing: Chema
2.  Elections
●   Election of Moderator: Maggie
●   Election of Minutes taker: Steva
1.  Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
Meeting is valid
2.  Approving the agenda
3.    Personal Update - including political update
Was given
4.    Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
5.    Office: 
a.    update                                             
LGBTQ seminars accommodation and food invoices and payments are finalised, together and in agreements with HBS Belgrade and Serbian Young Greens.
COP18 Workshop prep-team meeting over the weekend – Shenna organized it. It was good and productive. Jakob will give a longer report.
30 slots for visit on 4th of December are set. 10 slots for 5th of December still pending.
EYF projects reports, Winter Camp reports, Rio +20 and Ecosprinter publication report  are being assessed, we should expect answers this or next week. Payments will take some more time even if reports are approved without comments and additional requests. EYF had request for additional documents for Rio +20. Shenna responded.
LGBTQ Zagreb
Respond to comments, and missing docs prepared
Final report together with it – for GEF and for two MEPS
Contracts and general budget are done – will be handed over to GEF with other docs
Several payments and reimbursements are done from Belgrade and during the weekend, mostly for EC members and missed reimbursements. Website is fine!
Proposal about e-lists and yeapsy events maintenance – workload to be shared between Christof and Steva.
Financial report – 30000 in total, 10 received, 20 to receive (urgent!) - to be finalized tomorrow
Waiting for EGP support to enter account for following:
Rio+20 reimbursements
Working groups meeting
EC meetings and other EC travel as well
FYEG legal papers are done
GYG legal papers are done – bank account changes are next
CDN papers submitted for the 4-5 time, final answer should be most probably next week
Vesna and Teo are planning to come to Brussels during next week
This week as well LGBTQ Tuzla respond to EYF comments. Further fundraising with Dragana, this week and next.
Next week:
Work with new accountant from next week, signing the contract etc. - day not set yet
Training report
LGBTQ Belgrade report
Final overview of all reimbursements done and check if any still missing
b.  Other
Michael have the idea, that Shenna could report a bit how she finds the work and could maybe come up with some ideas of what to improve in the office processes. It is always very good to have somebody from outside to give some recommendations. If we do not ask her now, she might loose the outsiders perspective.
- Micha writes an email with instructions for shenna, so she can report
6.    Internal Structure 
a.  EC
i.   EC Meeting in december (parliament visit)
We have 10 slots for cop workshop more than we need. proposal is to  use them for EC meeting. 5th of December is the time of visit. If EC dont  use it prep team needs to issue additional call for 10 participants. Jakob will set up a doodle. Deadline for decision is Thursday.
ii.  changeing council ECM to before SPM or Brussels
The Council ECM will be 31st of October – 1st of November 
b. SPP:
i.  Political Priorities mainstreaming (Mail from Michael)
How to be more strategic in our political objectives. Ingrid suggested working group in EC.  Concern about communication flow. SPP will also address this issue so maybe we should wait for the input from there.
The group should prepare input for ECMs about short term, immediate strategies on political topics. We can try it out. People who are working on those topics should actually develop those strategies.
Micha and Jakob will come up with a suggestion for next meeting. 
ii.  SPM
Structurally we are fine. Content plan should be still prepared. EC members and Secgen should fill questionnaire as soon as possible. We should try to find time for it.
Reimbursement of the costs: Maggie will look for cheaper options but finally we need participation of the MOs as high as possible so we will need to pay if there are no cheaper possibilities.
Maggie will prepare info sheet soon. Accommodation is in student dorm. Meeting will be in the Greens building.
iii.  MEP visit
It was impossible to find a date with Isabella. We need some other. Jan is giving us 10 and Buti 3-5.
We will ask Ska if she can invite us for the SPP instead of the WG meeting. 
7. Communication 
a.  external communication
i.  FYEG promo video
Claudia sent an email about it. Terry will answer. 
8.   Networking
a.  CDN
i. discussion about the joint ECM
ii.  GYG
What is the state of the their Registration-Done.
Financial Situation:
Change of bank accountant responsible should be done next.
Global Day for the Eradication of Poverty - Everybody please spread the call
GYG Participation to Wintercamp: FYEG to own the process:
Micha will draft the call. We continue communication on joint EC list and we hope for their input.
b.  EGP
i. Athens council issues:
Candidates - we made a priority in belgrade:
We will finalize it in Prague on ECM.
Fringe Meeting:
Delfina and Ska confirmed. Michael from Greece as well. Terry was asked to moderate. Communication with Chema is one sided. Could someone else join Micha? Terry will join.
Accommodation Question:
Maggie is trying to get answer from EGP. Steva should go and talk with them.
ii.  Financial request draft
Maggie wrote a draft. Now we need financial draft for GGEP.
iii. Train Ride to Council Pax?
Takes a lot of time. 5-6 days. Phil will probably go till Belgrade with them.
iv.  EGP committee Meeting update:
- report coming
- Green Lux
- PPYO parliamentary grant
It is a good time for making initiative now. Due to new  legislation on European parties.
- budget (3.5% but including office, announced further requests)
We try to get additional support for Campaign.
- Future of EU resolution (procedure)
It will be normal resolution. Changes are in the draft. Jakob will send draft and then we see if we need amendments.
- GG convenor (GYG?)
We should find someone from GYG.
i.   financial proposal 2013
Maggie will draft one
9.    Activity plan
a.    projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)  
i.  Turn the green volume on
 Krassi is finishing up the report and very soon the presentations will be published
ii.  ECI - Water campaign
Maggie will talk to the czech young greens about the water action and see what they think.
Krassina and Jakob will discuss about how to possibly fit it into the agenda
Deadline proposed from the Democracy WG is until 21st October to have at least 10 collected MOs’ signature so the SPM is the beginning and big push to this water campaign. 
b.  project ideas
 i.  Phil IBB-Chernobyl Conference in Berlin & Seminar Idea
Action in Belgrade in front of embassy, Phil is working on a nuclear event in 2 years as a finale of his FYEG career
10.  Any other business
Phill will send tonight questions for radio debate
Phil and Maggie will get in touch with Vesna for proper evalutation of the Serbia  LGBTQ seminar.