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Minutes: EC Skype Conference 10.09.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  10-09-2012 19:00-21.00 CEST

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
 * Election of moderator: Phil
 * Election of minutes taker: Steva
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
Attending people: Jakob, terry, Krassi, Micha, Ingrid, Steva, Phil, Maggie
4. Approving the agenda
5. Personal Update - including political update
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
Coordination of Webmaster
7. Decision follow up
- reimbursements- many are still not done
- pilot project- submitted
- subsidized traineeship program - Micha begun registration. We need to be also approved by the Brussels region as an organisation in order to participate in the program (to be a receiving organisation)
8. Office:
a) update
Dragana and Shenna were working in the office for the first week, good atmosphere
Dragana works on Zagreb Report (fundraising for Tuszla), Shenna is working on reports (WC etc.)
Problem: Flow of information: Shenna needs an access to the office email
DECISION: agreed upon it
Proposal: once per month  the Project assistant/ Intern to have a presence in the EC skype conferences and to give updates
DECISION: agreed, but only for specific points (e.g. personal update, office update, specific projects etc.)
Webmaster  - we should invite Cristoph, if he can come for a few days during the  training in Germany.Terry will meet him on Wednesday and Jakob, Phil and  Steva can meet with him on skype
b) finances
 external accountant
Steva, Jakob met two accountants (one proposed by other NGOs, one googled), Steva is in touch with further two
Candidate one (relatively young, approachable) spends one day in Brussels, where he is visiting the NGOs he is advising, accounting for.
Candidate two (somewhat older) office close to Brussels, discussion of the past fraud issue, had proposal to have hourly prices (~70) for anything that is a bit uncertain and monthly rates (~500) for general work
DECISION: Steva will create a doodle on the two options
9. Internal structure
a) EC
Minutes are published. changes are minor and version in dropbox is not changed.
Krassi will update the dropbox versions in a couple of weeks.
b) WGs
 The Activity plan that the WGs can update, will stay in a google doc for now.
c) MOs:
Report from ECOLO-J Board meeting in dropbox and sent to EC list
d) SPP:
SPP answers: 5 on organizational development part and 6 on election part.
Jakob will send out an email to the MOs and WGs about the meeting. He should put:
Deadline for nomination of delegates
and travel limits
Jakob will send a draft of info mail to the EC list as well
10. Communication
a) internal communication
In the dropbox was inserted a Pirate Pad with all Piratepad-links etc.
b) external communication
Editing movie- Claudi has the material. Terry will get in contact with her and get an update
c) web: Phil is keeping the FB account updated
d) Ecosprinter
Krassi published an announcement about the new members on the webpage of FYEG as well as pictures of them. We had skype conference where Marie and Kristian participated. Both of them brought new spirit and motivation inside of Ecosprinter, so working process is gaining again speed.
e) Newsletter -  It was published last week
Krassi will add the report of Maggie tonight as well.
11. Networking
Civil society contacts: We try to share contacts and meet as many whenever possible. The link is not fully functional. Micha will work on it.
a) CDN
Rodion and Phil are working on the agenda for the meeting
visitor´s groups Werner Schulz (possibilty for Eastern Europeans)
b) GYG
 Kenian Young Greens asked us, if we can put something on our web page about their project with an account number where people can donate money, if they want to support.  Activities to commemorate Prof Wangari Mathai. They need this support to buy seedlings-shirts, refreshments, transport to fetch students and KYG members to the Camp Food etc
DECISION: Ingrid will ask KYG to send a link or a text and then send this to Christof. Short descriptive text + link and on the link people can find account number
c) Falafel:
Update on application preparation: meeting tomorrow of Falafel people
Micha, Phil, Ingrid, Chema and Steva tomorrow at 12 meet to talk about Falafel Network
d) Student's network
e) EGP
1. action with ENGS (they want) in Athens
2. in EGP committee: lobby for the train to Athens (Phil could get in touch with Michael Cramers office at some point) 
3. Youth emancipation resolution
It will be created a pad where all EC members will add text. Terry can further take initiative and finalise it.
4. Committee meeting update: Terry will present the election campaign plan + SPP
Parliamentary grant - meeting with Helga’s assistant
Grant for direct funding from Parliament to Youth organizations. We should write the proposal to EGP and Helga as suggested during the meeting between Helga's assistant and Terry. Terry will mention it again at PPYOs meeting
g) European youth forum
Ryan Mercieca (Malta Youth Council) candidacy to the board. We will wait a bit longer for other support requests
Jakob is still drafting maggie's support letter
Deadline is 8th of October for nominations and we should try to make it before 20th of September. Terry, Maggie and Jakob will represent FYEG on COMEM.
 "Vote 16" starts 10th of September
Somebody has to take the responsibility
Maggie will be responsible for it for now, Phill will also join.
Info we have received:
Strasbourg, 10th September 2012
"The hopes of young electoral reform campaigners from across Europe reached new heights today with the introduction to the European Parliament of Written Declaration 27/12 on lowering the voting age to 16. The declaration calls on European Union Member States to lower the voting age to 16, in parallel with the strengthening of civic education in schools, adaptation of teacher training and fostering of cooperation with youth organisations and other non-formal education providers. For the five co-authors, citizenship education is a key element for active citizenship, and this declaration marks an important step ahead of the European Year of Citizens 2013."
The declaration has been co-authored by Members of European Parliament Heinz Becker (Austria / EPP),Karima Delli (France / Greens-EFA), Andrew Duff (United Kingdom / ALDE), Eider Gardiazabal (Spain / S&D) and Jan Albrecht (Germany / Greens-EFA).
Questions for the Youth forum GA we need to answer:

* do we want one CSF for each objective or just one per chapter?

* do you want to keep only one CSF per chapter but add "political results" for each objective?

on KPIs: key performance indicators are quantitative indicators to measure how well something was

Jakob will make a proposal for FYEG opinion

 Delegation to the GA
proposal: Maggie, Jakob, Terry, since Jakob lives close, he could be an extra delegate
 Anti-block campaign
  • the interested people started brainstorming - meeting on skype
  • we have to insist on competences of the candidates and transparency of the process
  • maybe we could cotribute 50 euro max to this campaign
h) Other organization’s activities
Global youth forum in Bali, 4-6 december - No updates. We should write and ask them about travel reimbursement
Youth participation in and throughout NGOs in the EuroMediterranean context, Cyprus 3-7 December. http://www.salto-youth.net/rc/euromed/tceuromed/tceuromed2012/ows4/
12. Activity plan
a) projects in preparation
b) projects applied for
c) approved projects

LGBTQ seminar Belgrade

Things are going their way, volker is not coming in the end, security situation has been communicated to pax,


Turn the green volume ON

There are some issues to be solved with the participants. Participants list is still not  created due to some difficulties to get to full number of participants,  but hopefully today-tomorrow we will have it. Otherwise prep-team is directly contacting the partners and participants.

Silvio is coming as a speaker (Austria) and will help with 2 workshops.


We need 2 speakers to share their experience about political communication in political parties and NGOs

Phil, Terry, Timeela are volunteers


LGBTQ seminar Tuzla

pilot project submitted


Winter camp

So far got only like 5-6 questions about partner organizations - most of them from Non EU countries.

Waiting to get the final application we need to fill out.


Youth emancipation publication:

Conference in the Parliament: Can some of the COP-Prep-team Members be on FYEGs list


 1st of Oct deadline

Energy seminar - Jakob helps Steva with this and they try to submit it by the 12th of sept

Falafel seminar - Phil helps steva with this and they try to have the application ready by the 15th of sept

Winter Camp -  the application should be done by the 25th of sept. Krassina is helping Steva and getting the partner organizations' details

Migration  study session - Steva gives tasks to the migration wg (by the 14th) and  the application should be done by the 28th of sept - WG is working on it very well and they wil finalise it(agree - skyped with them today)

Digital rights - they are on their own, they should be able without steva's help

Glassbreaker's  seminar - applies for the Council of Europe call and will be part of the election campaign, Dragana will work on this application together with the Gender WG.   

Global justice WG - ask them to prepare the spring conference to get a global justice perspective on the election campaign. We could also try to finance two global people to the GA.

Peace WG - will apply to the Olof palme memory fund for a smaller study visit (maybe 10 people). They get a minimal support form the office. DL 20th of Sept. (will not interfere with Yia applications)

Publication - judith and vesna applied for the council of europe publication in our open call. We support this and they should be able to write the application without help from the office.



d) past projects




e) projects and campaigns

ECI (Krassi responsible EC member)

Water Initiative:

More and more motivation in arguments for this initiative.

Democracy working group will work on updating our campaign page

We need to decide how we will collect the approval of MOs as we need 10 approvals

Organizers told us that they can put our fYEG  logo in their webpage when we decide to support them officially. We need a signed letter back.

We could collect already and online signatures


Debating Club:



Youth emancipation publication:

Maggie will probably go to a YFJ YEA conference and present the publication there


 Energy and Campaigning Seminar (COP 18)

 New media seminar
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
b) ideas
c) discussions
14. Any other business
Conference on Global Perspectives on Development Frankfurt
Sakharov Prize for Pussy Riot - we need to answer them
 Terry can do it and say that we support it
TSGC request by the Frenchies
Campaign handbook: Phill will take it further