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Minutes: EC Skype Conference 08.10.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  08-10-2012 19:00-21.00 CEST

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Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  08-10-2012 
Time: 19:00-21.20 CET
Attending people: Jakob, Ingrid, Micha, Krassina, Phil (till ~20:00), Terry (shortly), Chema (after 19:45)
Missing: Steva, Maggie 
1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
•   Election of moderator: Ingrid
•   Election of minutes taker: Jakob
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
Meeting Valid from 19:15 till 21.30
4. Approving the agenda
Agenda approved
5. Personal Update - including political update
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
Publishing of two PRs about belgrade pride
 8. Office:
a) update
General update:


Project applications:  see email communication
Steva's attendence to SPM and Athens
EC proposal: Steva to come to the SPM,  and skip Athens
b) finances
•   action 4.5
skipped (Maggie absent)
•   meeting with Bas Eikhout to get money from the GGEP - one EC member should take this responsability
Jakob (possibly Maggie) will meet with him, to ask for the money
9. Internal structure
a) EC
•   changeing council ECM to before SPM or Brussels
Proposal for ECM: Wednesday 31st and Thursday 01st before the SPM 
Jakob will send out an email with this and an alternative proposal, for email vote 
Krassi will check whether she can come.
b) WGs 
c) MOs:
d) SPP:
Update from Kurt Mayer to be a moderator at the SPM: proposes one day, costs 1300
Decision: It is too much and we should look for other options
Divisions: Political Priorities mainstreaming (Mail from Michael)
Idea: Have more coherent narrow political activities
1) Decide on Priorities
2) EC -Working Group comes up with Strategy
3) Have it as prominent permanent point in the skype agenda
Proposal: Micha to write an email with a proposal (keeping the SPP (in terms of timeline, structure) and the decisions of the Retreat in mind (generally no to priority topics to group projects around). Will communicate it with Jakob
Agenda for SPM: Krassi has a request where the Water campaign will be included into the agenda
Decision: Jakob will try to fit it somewhere in the agenda (maybe Sunday)
10. Communication
a) internal communication
b) external communication
c) web
d) Ecosprinter
* Series on Crisis: Its going well Delfina had a question about overlap with Youth Emancipation. Krassi as EC responsible will communicate it further with CC Micha.
Decision: Krassi will consult with Micha before communicating to Delfina
e) Newsletter 
•   cooperation with CDN on this 
Decision: Krassi forwards newsletter to CDN and clarify it with them whether they aren't on our mailing lists. They should be! She will also tell them before we publish a newsletter so that we can include info from them
•   Next month in the Newsletter will be included a section WG reports as well
•   it could be nice every month to have and an interview with someone or editorial
Decision: Micha will come up with a proposal for a editorial for the first newsletter 
Decision: We recommend to the Ecosprinter EB to conduct interviews (that then will be published in the newsletter and the Ecosprinter)
11. Networking
a) CDN
b) GYG
* What is the state of the their Registration? 
Decision: Micha will get in touch with Steva about it, clarifying the urgency
* Financial Situation: Was there any contact with Baart?
* Global Day for the Eradicaiton of Poverty - Everybody  should spread the call
Task: Everybody encourage MOs to participate (Forward info)
Decision: have the eradication of poverty video on top of the Website from Wednesday 10th till the 17th
* GYG Participation to Wintercamp: FYEG to own the process: 
Decision: Micha will encourage GYG one more time to select two pax (send call etc.) if they don't do it, he will do it and send it to the EC as soon as possible.
c) Falafel:
Meeting on Wed. at 12 AM
d) Student's network
e) EGP
 - Athens council issues:
candidates - we made a priority in Belgrade:
Decision: Ingrid will not share the ranking, but rather send an email to the list, proposing that everybody lists what we know about the candidates and then we make a ranking afterwards
* Fringe Meeting:
* Possible Speakers: Someone from the Greeks, 
                                        Nigerian active in Greece, situation of youth
                                        Delfina: explain youth emancipation
                                        Emilie: cancelled, will be replaced
                                        Outline to be published!
1) Micha will communicate now including the entire EC for quicker decision taking and overview of the process
2) we stick to the fringe-meeting, 
3) we can participate in what Marc and the Group organize, but we don't organize it ourselves
*Accommodation Question:
1. would you be more in favour of staying in the EGP venue if it came to that that we would possibly not pay for accommodation and the participation fee, but we would have to pay for travel of additional  number of ppl.
 2. or we would rather go for them paying all our travel, no  participation fee, but we would stay in a hostel which would most  probably have to be paid by us.
Decision: Jakob will communicate this with Steva, Terry and Maggie
financial proposal 2013, 
Decison: Jakob to remind Maggie
g) European youth forum
h) Other organization’s activities 
- TSGC request by the Frenchies
•   Anna Lindh Belgian Network (institut media) - let's take an EC decision
12. Activity plan
•   August - WG meeting
•   September- extra GA
•   October - migration
•   November - ?
•   December - COP19
Decicision: Jakob will write an email to EC, proposing to slow down planning of gender WG
a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting) (new ones to be added on the bottom, old ones deleted on top if report done)
• Turn the green volume on
By the end of this week we will have all the reports and stuff published on the FYEG webpage. Publication and Report committee need just a bit more time for it. We need a special section on the FYEg webpage where we can insert evaluation materials from the training.
•  LGBTQ seminar belgrade
•  SPM 
•  COP18 Workshop: 
•  LGBTQ seminar tuzla
• Second SPP meeting
•  Winter camp
Application submited, calls released, GYG are asking for participants from their site.
 fundraising for GYG participants- already talked under GYG
• Energy and Campaigning Seminar
• General assembly
◦   topic - Youth eEmancipation/Global justice
◦   Decision: we will ask the global justice WG again if they are interested in organizing a day during the spring conference.
•  Second GA fall 2013
• Youth emancipation publication: 
update: a couple of articles missing, they will be compiled
Decision: communication between Krassi, Micha and Chema with the Editorial board to ensure that there’s no overlap between the youth emancipation publication and the ecospinter article series.
•  ECI - Water campaign
Campaign page is ready and updated, power point was created on the topic, FYEG facebook page is created on the topic of this initiative. Krassi will send tonight the email to ask the MOs for support (deadline 21st October) and we can go for it. We need space at the agenda of the SPM for the campaign as until then this will be an official FYEG campaign. We need to discuss with MOs how they could contribute to this campaign and work inside of their countries on it.
The Democracy WG strongly recommends the support letters to contain the approval of the campaign and a contact person.
Decision: we ask the MOs for a signed and scanned letter.
b) project ideas 
• New media seminar: 
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
b) ideas
c) discussions 
14. Any other business