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Minutes: EC skype conference 04.02.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  04-02-2013 Time: 19:00-21.00 CET
1. Opening of the meeting
Attending people: Phil, Ingrid, Jakob, Maggie, Micha, Steva, Terry, Krassina
Missing: none
2. Elections
Election of moderator: Ingrid
Election of minutes taker: Steva
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
4. Approving the agenda
5. Personal Update - including political update
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
 8. Office:
a) update
GEF report- some corrections were done 
FYEG is happy to receive the whole requested funing from GGEP.
b) accountant
c) reports
d) interns
Odyssee - Micha
update will be given next week
GGEP intern - Maggie to  comunicate with office the intern email sent, waiting for answer
e) finances
amendment Giakannou report (revision of the party financing)
update given last week also. PPTYOs are not supporting it. It seems it is not going to happen. We would loose admin grant and PPTYOs backed up. We keep the initiative for the future.
9. Internal structure
a) EC
Minutes from last EC conference need to be uploaded, Steva will do that.
Chema's replacement:
The MO emails have been gathered, not all MOs provided requested 2 email adresses. Deadline for sending them has passed. No more emails will be accepted. The AC will proceed further with the preparations of the vote. They will have a meeting in the FYEG office on Tuesday, 5.2.
The ECM will start on Friday, 15th Feb at 10:30 and last untill the start of SPM. Agenda will be drafted by Jakob. Terry and Micha appologized in advance for not being able to take part.
b) WGs 
c) MOs:
d) SPP:
Update on Committee work
election committee B: 
Skype on Tuesday. We will plan our part in Agenda. We have big and long document. We are going to discuss this on Tuesday. Quite concretely working on the Election campaign.
External communication A6:
partners& networks committee A8:
 Phil will look into this. Firefith with LGBTQ Tuzla and Falafel and didnt had a lot of time for other things. Jakob will help Phil to get started.
Political work committee A9: 
They are worknig well (5 people). They distributed papers and are writing now. They will      have skype at the end of week. Going well.
Activity committee A7:
They are only few people. They will need a bit more time on SPM. How to improve activites - educational and campaigns/street actions. Steva will join the group too.
Administration and treasury A3&4:
Not very active. They are thinkign about financail guidelines. They are starting from IRPs. Some points need further explanation. 
Structural and Membership  committee A2&5:
We are also small. Starting with a list of problems and trying to find solution. We will be done with our document before the SPM. 
Agenda of SPM needed asap for committees. 
For Committees: There should be outline how to reach objectives that are set before. Try to be consistent. Maybe different people to be responsible for subcommittees (proposal by Jakob)
We should try to produce materials before meeting. We have to stick to the Agenda. 
Until Sunday to send to Jakob a text summarizing what the committees are doing, and a whole document by Wednesday
TO DOs for SPM:
- Until Sunday 10th: summary of problems dealt within the Committee and outline of the direction you take with solving the problem (so MOs know whether they can agree) to Jakob (will compile)
- Until 13th of February: send the complete document you have to Jakob (will compile)
10. Communication
a) internal communication
progress: Jakob will look  into it this week.
 update email lists
b) external communication
c) web
update about moving web site
d) Ecosprinter
update about potential blog part - skipped
e) Newsletter 
minutes should be published
11. Networking
a) CDN
CDN GA - FYEG representatives
Krassi for sure is going  and confirmed her participation. 
Phil confirmed
Dragana - it would be great to network for the Queer Green Network. 
Decision: to pay Dragana's travel costs. 
We should think more in advance about our delegation. We should set objectives if we have this large delegation. Phil and Krassi will make a proposal for next skype.
b) GYG
- Europe-Africa cooperation project - email from Sarah
Micha will look into it and we dissuss again. 
- Book flight for Uma - Steva tomorrow
c) Falafel:
Report from the meeting  and way forward
Report: People interested  and motivated. Cohesion among our MOs. Other partners were not always political. Pax from Israel were not informed where they are coming. Attach      regional Steering Committee with next Falafel meeting. Phil and Gina did amazing work. 
Gina was a bit sick but still was amazingly committed. We are all happy with how it went till the end. Many people were really experienced from pax. We have a great feeling about future of the Network.
Thoughts from small ECM in Lux
Maybe not the best idea to have meetings in small groups. Minutes from the meeting will be sent out by Ingrid
Possibility  for the coordinators to meet
Could they meet for the youth emancipation meeting in Brussels? Micha will write to      MEPs.          
d) EGP
Action before Council - skipped
Jakob sent an email on Social Dim WG and other meetings
Activity plan to the documents and proposals that Steva have for the budget should be send to Bas
f) European youth forum
Report from Shenna from League of Young Voters meeting
h) Other organization’s activities 
SALTO: Palestine study visit skipped
12. Activity plan
a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)
COP18 Workshop (Jakob)
LGBTQ seminar Tuzla (Phil/Terry) 
Second SPM 15th - 18th of February
agenda discussion (and conclusion. Will be sent out delegates)
Action: Jong Groen and trying to get EcoloJ also. We intive participants to the action. Jakob will send info around.
Jakob intvited Alumni. Some already answered. 
Saturday evening: dinner wiht EGP Committee 
Monday afternoon: We have meeting with partners. Jochen from GGEP might come on Saturday.  
Winter   camp 02-09th of March
 The EC agreed to continue with organization of the Winter Camp although the financial support for the event is not sufficient. The EC and the office continue working on raising the income side of the budget: Jakob will try to get in contact with Panu in the morning. Ingrid will call Taru and the board. Phil will  in engage in fundraising with his contacts.
Based on the IRPs, which say, that FYEG events are open, the EC agreed to involve participants that are interested in attending the event and are willing to pay their related costs themselves. This should be communicated to Green Youth Organisations of Madrid, Barcelona and Stuttgart who already expressed their interest.
Speaker Gerald Häfner -  due to the fact that the requested costs of Gerald Hafner are not possible to be covered from the very limited budget of the project, the EC suggests the prepteam to search for another speaker.
EC participation
Terry 09.03-12.03 weekend - for ECM
Jakob - will inform asap
Phil is coming
Maggie not sure, for ECM for sure (TBC soon)
Ingrid will definitely be there for the ECM and part of the winter camp, will inform krassi asap
New Media Summer School
update: organizers cooperating with partners, preparing the prepteam meeting, inviting      experts, spreading the net, searching for cofunding
General assembly
concept of spring coference: 
Invite people from Civil Society
Invite people from ECOSY etc.
share responsibilities
Ingrid will help Micha with Agenda coordination.
It should be checked if the GEWG can take care of one panel and the workshop.
The first call should be send out 22nd February, Krassi is working on drafting them
Deadlines for WGs, presidency and Ecosprinter should be clarified
Jakob and Steva will see with Belgians if there is any posibility to change dates still. 
Energy and Campaigning training
Summer camps
- Germanspeaking
- English speaking: will have a skype conference next Sunday. Jakob has invited Ross      (northern Ireland) to join the skype conference
- Eastern Europe: Maggie meeting Daniel around SPM, the preparatory team of the SC would like to  have a proposal from us for workshop we would like to do/a concept -  Maggie will prepare with Terry 
- BeNeLux - update
Financial situation: Yia application is not submitted. France still in (they are hoping for us to fundraise). Flamish are out (they prefer to do it on their own)
Phil will try to motivate and find a solution. 
Spanish/French-speaking - update from meeting at the falafel meeting
second GA fall 2013
Youth emancipation publication
Youth in Crisis conference: Update 
ECI  water campaign: skipped
Sexuality publication
Decision to be made - Terry
Gender working Group will apply on 1st pf April to EYF for a publication grant.
LGBTQ network(Update Phil)
b) project ideas 
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
b) ideas
c) discussions 
14. Any other business