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Minutes: EC Skype conference  11-02-2013 

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  11-02-2013 

Time: 19:00-21.15 CET

Attending people: Ingrid, Micha, Steva, Krassi, Terry, Maggie

Missing:  Phil

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Elections

  • Election of moderator: Jakob .

  • Election of minutes taker: Maggie

3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting

At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid.

This meeting is valid.

4. Approving the agenda

5. Personal Update - including political update - provided

6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week - skipped

7. Office:


a) update

JongGroen will check the GA venue on Wednesday

Steva will leave to Serbia afterwards, then going to Winter camp


GEF, EGP (e.g. once a month). Institutionalized, so we don't rely on personal contact.

- to be discussed with Jochen and Jaequeline still.


EYF changed rules, not really possible to apply for simple application. Point for consideration: annual work plan, where to add it

Maggie and Ingrid will help with providing an input for the application for 1st April DL



b) accountant

 Meet Catherine for giving all the receipts for 2012

 Meeting also new accountant to open accounts for 2013

 Current priority: 2012 financial year to be closed 


Steva@SPM question, whether Steva has to participate at the meeting, because he would like to focus on closing the financial year 2012

Maggie will try to help as much as allowed according to the agenda

EC decided Steva should prioritize the finances - closing the year and focus on that instead of SPM.


c) reports

report to EGP - done

YEP report to be submitted tomorrow

LGBTQ Tuzla to be still submitted


d) interns

  • Odyssee no news yet

  • GGEP intern: 3rd of March: 

  • The 2006 phenomenon: unpaid interns??

  • DECISION: We stick to our decision, we pay our interns

The office has been in touch with GGEP, the call for interns was sent to them, no response yet. Maggie/Jakob contacts Jochen and suggests meeting for Monday after SPM.


e) finances

  • overview of the budget, accountant etc. (Prioritize this, vote to have it formal)

  • DECISION: Absolute prioritity above all other tasks.

  • GEF money

  • DECISION: see wintercamp


9. Internal structure

a) EC

  • vote for new ec member

  • UPDATE: registration is done, there few MOs who still want to participate, 

  • DECISION: the registration is closed, no MOs will be accepted for voting,

  • AC will make overview of process tomorrow as one week passed and AC sees if reminders are needed if they dont... steva will call them if they don't do that



  • UPDATE: Jakob is still working on the agenda

  • DECISION: Jakob will keep working, others will be helping

  • UPDATE: Arrival times: Arriving latest at 10:30 on Friday: 

          RESULT: Jakob, Ingrid, Maggie, Krassina confirmed, Terry, Micha not, Phil in         

question (jakob sent email)

      Place: FYEG office


  • Wintercamp ECM:

  • DECIDE: We should all go there and be there for the time!

  • Dates?: Start on Saturday, 9th at 16:00 on 9th until Monday, the 11th at 20:00. The EC checks travel and confirms the travel and dates and the overall participation at ECM.



  • joint fyeg-egp meeting

  • Options: Catering in EGP office, Restaurant (separate room?)

  • DECIDE: Depending on whether we Work or just socialize?

  • DECISION: Evening in the Office.


b) WGs 

  • UPDATE: WGs make booklet. WGs prepare one Session at wintercamp. Krassi is organizing every month skype conferences with the WG coordinators in order to be encouraged a better communication and collaboration between the different WGs. Ingrid is also helping with this. The result so far is a coming WG booklet that will contain general information about the WGs as well as more detailed information with pictures for each of them. This will be prepared before the WC and the call for WGs. There will be soon and a WG video that will be distributed. At the WC there will be and a special workshop where different WGs will be presented - already a lot of ideas from WG coordinators :)


  • UPDATE: Peace wg wants to rewrite big parts of the Global Justice, Peace and Human Rights section of the PP. EC agrees to seek consensus in the WG and to take the number of other actors in consideration when deciding on the amount of new suggestions.


c) MOs:



d) SPP:

  • Update on Committee work

  • election committee B: 

  • Everything fine!

  • external communication A6:

  • People are contributing, but times' running out. There will be something ready on Wednesday, but the quality might be insatisfactory

  • partners& networks committee A8:

  • political work committee A9:

  • Update A9: The EC might want to have a look at the political objectives draft:. To my opinion, there are some decisions of direction fror FYEG, so everybody should look here and build an opinion about it: 

  • Activity committee A7:

  • still very few people joined this committee. We analysed the questionaire answers, went through the discussion at the 1st SPM and tried to come up with very few new ideas. But still we need to work much more on the SPM to get a real output from the so far work.

  • administration and treasury A3&4:

  • personal emails with tasks sent, result: not satisfactory - no activity, Maggie tries with last email

  • structural and Membership committee A2&5:

  • input for spm done



  • Question of whether to discuss restructuring the office and EC at the SPM or not

  • DECISION: The EC itself will not initiate the discussion about this point at the SPM.


  • Advisory Committee discussion to be brought up bring up at SPM or not?

  • DECISION: The EC itself will not initiate the discussion about this point at the SPM.


  • Outcomes of the work of the commitees by now shall be sent to MOs

DECIDE: Send out the whole papers on Wednesday? Or just important questions?

  • The documents are to be sent out on Wednesday, Internal DL for the EC: Wednesday night


10. Communication


a) internal communication

  • platform

  • progress: skip


  • update email lists

  • skip


b) external communication


c) web

  • update about moving web site


  • yeapsy hosting

  • DECIDE: Move it and pay ~250 Euros a year (with autoback up or leave)

  • Decision: yes

  • Proposal to decide: to provide MOs with Yeapsy usage

  • Decision: yes

  • Proposal to decide: to invite Christof to GA and present Yeapsy

  • Decision: yes


d) Ecosprinter

  • update about potential blog part

  • DECIDE: Move from Hector to FYEG?

  • DECISION: yes, Micha is going to communicate to Hector


  • UPDATE: Kristian has the website almost ready renewed


e) Newsletter 

Next Editorial --> We should institutionalise it

25th February, Jakob writes it this time


11. Networking

a) CDN

  • objectives for the FYEG delegation:

  • Update from Phil: Jakob sent request per email

          Krassina will decide whether she join the presidency or not.

  • Azerbadjan seminar: dates the same as for NMSS, 29/04-05/05, EC members are going to decide on their own


b) GYG

  • Europe-Africa cooperation project - email from sarah: 

  • skip

  • Flight is going to be Booked tomorrow most probably for Uma 


c) Falafel:



d) EGP

  • Action before Council 9th of May (Day of Europe)

  • TASK: Update the EGP, organize an action 

  • DECISION: Ingrid contacts Spanish, Micha to take care of the action (to be confirmed at ECM@SPM)

  • do we want to have a session?

  • DECISION: not apart from the three sessions we need to take care about anyways. Final decision to be taken at the

  • Fringe Meeting -> general about FYEG

  • Youth Unemployment -> big session

  • Youth paper discussion

  • note: to promote Youth emancipation publication with a small campaign



skip -> look at the two Jochen points (internship, regular meetings)

    UPDATE: Steva sent email to Bas with Funding request

f) European youth forum

Maggie sends email


h) Other organization’s activities 

  • SALTO: palestine study visit

  • Ingrid applies

  • invitation to ECOSYs GA

  • DECISION: Jakob to go

  • the attractive city Saab conference - FYEG asked for speaker

  • DECISION: FYEG is lacking capacities for that time, to communicate we can not


12. Activity plan

a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)

Steva sent today email with draft activity plan for 2013 - EC shall check till tomorrow 


  • Second SPM 15th - 18th of February

  • agenda

  • delegates: skip


  • Winter camp 02-09th of March

  • UPDATE: program: still not finalized, next week decision from a finished ministry-will affect venue and program, 

  • speakers: Sven Giegold invited, might join for skype conference. G. Haffner - not coming, finish MEP proposed to give 500eur if one MEP joins WC, Panu - Jakob will contact again

  • participants: German/Spanish participants that proposed to come on their own costs will not join the WC 

  • EC participation: skip

  • Budget: Cheap hostel - can get us close to 0 loss


  • New Media Summer School 29th April - 3rd, (28th,4th travel dates)

  • update: Name will be changed, PTM end of February, search for speakers

  • DECISION: Terry will kindly request JPAlbrecht to come to either the Summer School or the GA workshop


  • General assembly

Minutes from GA 2012 need to be published, cause soon when we start with the calls for GA, people might start to investigate and check more about the minutes from previous year.

  • Question: how to coordinate it with the EP schedule:

  • DECISION : Stick to the date, i.e. 17th to 21st 

  • concept of spring coference:

  • Invite people from Civil Society

  • Invite people from ECOSY, JEF, Lymec, YEPP (?), Endyl, EFA Youth (!) etc./YJF

  • Invite MEPs

  • UPDATE: meeting tomorrow Micha and ingrid, update to be sent then

  • To decide:Can GEWG take care of the one panel and the workshop?

  • Decision: yes, Jakob takes care

  • WG : call for WGs to be drafted by Krassi and Steva

The first call should be send out 22nd February


Some templates are already in Drop box folder GA 2013 (activity plan)

I couldnt find deadlines for WGs, presidency and Ecosprinter


  •  what have the Financial control committee done during this year and can  we read their reports upon the audit they have done to the FYEG office? The FCC meeting will be organized somewhere in April - Steva, Maggie.


  • Energy and Campaigning training


  • Summer camps:

  • General Budget: For the election campaign-team travel to summercamps - will be discussed during SPM by EC further, probably on Monday

  • Germanspeaking: question: can FYEG itself for the campaign team to be there? Decision: lets discuss further at the SPM. 

  • Englishspeaking: update: made budget and strategy, they already found around 800pounds, seems developing. They are discussing it on skype-conferences at EC/Spokesperson level. All of them want it. They already applied for YiA. They need our money and are really convinced, so we should help them :-)

  • Eastern Europe:update

  • BeNeLux - update

  • Spanish/French-speaking

Task @all EC members: to have prepared updates by Friday - discussion/updates @ECM


  • second GA fall 2013

update: preliminary agenda done, place: Bad Hersfeld (?), Terry sends the draft agenda to EC for a look, hostel being searched and is being booked

Arrival: Wednesday eveingng

Contribution of German YGs in process of discussion. Terry wi


  • cop 2013

    UPDATE: on talks with fancy ppl - jakob


  • Youth emancipation publication

  • Youth in Crisis conference:

  • UPDATE Iva, Vesna, Seb - moderator (agreed on 4th of March), Micha possibly too: Steva: arranging technicalities

  • falafel people: can not be included in parliament visit, Micah to make related proposal

  • DECISION: ECM: Fri-Sat: ECM (12th-13th April), @all: book tickets


  • ECI 

  • water campaign: update from skype conference

The European Commission has proposed a directive to promote public private partnerships and competition regarding water services. A majority of the European Parliament’s Committee for the Internal  Market (IMCO), dominated by conservatives, defeated proposals to reject  this directive. So this means further discussion on this in the European parliament

  • DECISION: Krassi will provide more info on the topic to Jakob and Terry, so they can investigate a bit in GGEP or EGP

There will be street actions for 22nd March and PR written by the campaign team and the FYEG EC

Water campaign promotion on the website: to be consulted with Christof - Krassi


  • LGBTQ network(Update Phil)skip


  • Gender publication printing costs: funding to be investigated by the office


  • Glassbreaking seminar: update:  the WG want to apply for a study session for 1st of April

  • Terry will provide updates at the ECM 


  • Green Compass publication:

  • UPDATE: Jakob joined the skype meeting, seems very good about economics and methodology how to educate about green economy, should have similar logic as the CoE Compass on human rights


b) project ideas 


13. Political stuff


a) press releases

b) ideas

c) discussions 


14. Any other business

To join the Part of the Solution movement 

Decision: Jakob to type FYEG in spreadsheet


Do actions at EU Summits (it's the only time there is a lot of press coverage, it's a shame nobody's doing anything there. The most interesting thing media has to show is Merkel getting out of her limousine, waving and walking into the Justus Lipsius building)

-> we ask for this info from MEPs