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Minutes: EC skype 28.01.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  28-01-2013 
Time: 19:00-21.00 CET


1. Opening of the meeting
Attending people: Krassi, Terry, Jakob, Steva
Missing: Ingrid, Micha, Phil

2. Elections
Election of moderator: Krassina
Election of minutes taker: Jakob
 Discussion on the number of EC members now needed for quorum
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
dont have a quorum
4. Approving the agenda
5. Personal Update - including political update
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week
PR on Detention of Algerian Falafel - Pax: will not be sent out immediately (will be published ex-post)
 8. Office:
a) update
Preparing Administrative Grant for EYF
working on Falafel Network Meeting
Working on transfer of Social Security for employees
Steva will go to Falafel-Network Meeting in Lux
Steva Will have to go back to Serbia for Visum
b) accountant
c) reports
d) intern after Dragana
Odyssee - Micha

GGEP - Maggie to comunicate with office the intern
: Maggie will be the responsible. She is communicating to the GGEP
e) finances
Amendment Giakannou report (revision of the party financing)
Update: Amendment hasn't been proposed
The liberals&cons are  against (for whatever reason)
Decision: We wait for  responses of GGEP Budgetary Responsible, but little chances of success in the EP vote
9. Internal structure
a) EC
Call for everything for  the GA - 14th February
 Decision: Krassi will prepare calls for all documents/functions according to IRPs

Chema's replacement:

electronic vote we will need to have two rounds
Update: Steva is collecting the emails of the MOs

Decision: Steva will send a list of MOs that have already sent


: set the dates
Decision: Jakob will send out a doodle, asking for who can be there on friday, the more the better
ECMs: Decision: Ingrid will try to find effective dates for ECMs  (new media summer school)
b) WGs 
c) MOs:
Bulgarian Young Greens - in Bulgaria there was a referendum on nuclear energy. The MO tried to encourage a bit people to go to vote. Unfortunately very few people went to vote, so the referendum will not be binding.


d) SPP:

Update on Committee work:
election committee B:
external communication A6:
partners& networks committee A8: Update urgently needed.
political work committee A9:
Activity committee A7:
administration and treasury A3&4:
structural and Membership  committee A2&5:


10. Communication
a) internal communication

platform progress

: Jakob will look into it, latest on the weekend update email lists

b) external communication
Saab conference

Maggie is communicating to Phil, if he doesn't answer within 3 days, we cancel our participation at the conference

c) web
update about moving web site


d) Ecosprinter
update about potential blog part
Decision: Jakob will write to Edu to start a pad with objectives for FYEGs ex-com and how they aline with the Ecosprinter's, and how the ecosprinter can contribute to implement the steps towards the objectives
e) Newsletter 
EC should submit their Monthly reports until 30th January
Krassi will contact with the press officer of the EGP
Decision: Krassi will put link in template-document in dropbox
11. Networking
a) CDN
CDN GA - who is going  
Decision: Krassi will book the tickets and inform CDN that she is coming
b) GYG
c) Falafel:
Who will lend money to falafel: in the project is not fully covered financially
Decision: We count it as FYEG project, not Lux Project. Coverminus.

d) EGP
online primaries:

Update: European Commission President issue

: FYEG in favour of primaries (with 7th of march, party leader's meeting)

Update: EGP member party leaders are supposed to come, topic: European election campaign
Terry can not come to the entire wintercamp, but to the ECM (the weekend after)

committee meeting
Update: see email, discussion points: papers sent out by Jakob

Jakob will make a serious effort to attend all three WGMs (Social Dim, Manifesto, Future  of Europe)
Shenna will go to League of Young voters meeting (Steva will tell her, Maggie inform her about what's needed)

Action before council

Update: meeting with Bas, signals positive
f) European youth forum
European Youth Forum Meeting on Quality Jobs for Young People (Brussels, 27-28 February 2013) - who could go
= a meeting of its YFJ MOs active on employment issues in Brussels on 27-28 February to discuss the issue of Quality Jobs for Young People. As part of this meeting the participants will attend a joint Youth Forum - Eurfound seminar in the European Parliament event entitled "Youth Disengagement – what costs and what remedies?" which will look specifically at the issue of NEETs. The deadline for applications is 12:00 (CET) on 4 February.
Decision: Maggie will send the email to WG coordinators list and ask whether there's anybody interested
h) Other organization’s activities 
SALTO: palestine study visit
12. Activity plan
a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)
 COP18 Workshop (Jakob)
Question: what happened to the GGEP Climate Core Group support?
Decision: Steva will call the GGEP accountant tomorrow :-)
LGBTQ seminar Tuzla (Phil/Terry) 
Update: call for coordinating body sent out
 Second SPM 15th - 18th of February - agenda discussion
Discussion: Socializing with the EGP Committee, maybe a Dinner
Decision: Jakob will be contacting Ann, asking about whether we can have Dinner together with the Committee or another way of socializing


Winter camp 02-09th of March
EC participation
Decision: Steva will ask EC through email. Prefers having EC members participating in the entire wintercamp  (co-funding)

New Media Summer School
dates PTm: 22-24.2,  event: 29.4.-5.5 - both in Vienna
Should we link the ECM to the event? (Vienna is central)
Decision: Ingrid will try to find effective dates for ECMs 

coordinator money: question about what we can do about it.

General  assembly
concept of Spring coference: Micha wrote a draft and the EC should comment on it, so we can further discuss it
Decision: EC comment.

Decision: the date is going to be changed from Friday to Tuesday! Steva informs      Belgians to book immediately.


Energy and Campaigning training
Update: postponed to June, partners are informed

Summer camps
Germanspeaking - things seem to be going fine
Englishspeaking - update from Micha needed
Eastern Europe - no  feed-back
BeNeLux - seems to be moving, trying to apply for YiA project till 1st of Feb, will know      tomorrow whether it's going to happen
Spanish/French-speaking -  chaos, Ingrid will discuss with them

Second  GA fall 2013
skipped to the next skype conference where Terry gives update
Youth  emancipation publication
Youth in Crisis conference:
Update from PT meeting last tuesday: big conference with around 100 people, 10th of April, we are supposed to moderate 4 different sub-topics, Iva and Vesna. We are also responsible for the social program of the conference, MundoB is to be booked. 
Decision: We need to  do press work!
ECI : water campaign: 
Decision: Krassi will contact the EGP Press contact - convince them to support the Campaign

ecocide communication

Decision: Jakob can send out information through FYEGs channels, and inform activists and MOs about the campaign (without getting a majority of the EC for each forwarded      email/message)
Green Compass publication - Dragana
Decision: Jakob will talk to Adrien.
b) project ideas 
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
b) ideas
c) discussions 
14. Any other business