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Minutes EC Skype 2.7.2013

Official Minutes for publishing

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  2nd July 2013

Time: 19:00-21:00 CET

Attending people: Ingrid, Kristian, Krassina, Clarisse, Silvio, Maggie, Micha, Stevan

Missing: Phil, Dragana

2. Elections

  • Election of moderator: Kristian

  • Election of minutes taker: Micha

3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting

At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid

Quorum is confirmed, meeting is valid.

4. Approving the agenda

5. Personal Update - including political update 

6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week 

Call for the 6th Central-East European Green Summer Academy was sent out

Call for the manifesto draft was sent out - confirmed

7. Office:

a) update busy with organizing two events, many people in the office, now quiet - preparation for retreat and for moving the office

ECI conference support, preparing things for the 

b) accountant

c) reports 

FALAFEL report - nothing was done

d) interns: Meeting to be scheduled with Jochen after 15 July @Maggie and Steva!

e) finances :no financial reports were done. @Phil: Please give update about FALAFEL

9. Internal structure

a) EC: 

Retreat agenda: discussion:

  • Clarisse would restructure the thing

--> More time for FYEG Vision

--> Fr: Teambuilding --> Sat: Start vision

--> External Communication (should be part of the vision) details should be done on Wed. with Kristian, Silvio and Ingrid)


  • Short exercise on styles of work

  • Evaluation of work in the last EC

  • Trust building will be a big part of it

Krassi: Has special ideas and will be present at the skype tomorrow to 

Cla: ExCom: Everybody should be there. We need to coordinate it

Steva and Krassi will finalize he agenda and make the final task division until tomorrow

Steva will send around a personalised list for all the task to prepare by tomrrow night

FYEG summer party - decision or weather we have it in July or September. So far more people were for having it in September

  • Summer party is to make all of our partners aware that there was a major change in the FYEG Leadership (Spokes and SecGen)

  • Possible it is better to make it in Sep.

  • 13 Sep. @Maggie to send out save-the-date asap

  • Invited people: Partners: GEF, HBF, MEP Assistants, EGP Committee

b) WGs:

Youth policies WG already has 8 members and it is about to start working!!

  • Micha will organise a meeting

WG involvement in the Manifesto - EC should help maybe motivating their WGs to come up with input

  • We want to have the WG involved in the process. But MOs need to own the Manifesto. WG should not substitute the MOs work-

Ask for the creation of the twinning cities WG

  • During the retreat we will take a decision on setting up such a WG

7 persons for the Food systems and animal right 

  • cool

c) MOs:

* Micha will visit Greece on Friday. I will try to connect them to red equo joven 

  • Will motivate them to come to the Southern Summer Camp

10. Communication

a) internal communication

  • platform:

  • Micha wants to try google hangout next time!!

  • Skip for retreat

b) external communication

c) web

Feedback should be given to Kristian until 3rd July

  • Feedback: making it more youthish

The timeline is here: 

Ska's section on the webpage

  • Kristian will send a report shortly

e) Newsletter

  • at the retreat will be published

  • @Micha to write the editorial

  • @All write EC-Reports

11. Networking

a) CDN

Very good news from CoE, we got the joint CDN-FYEG study session!

d) EGP: 

  • Micha to write a report of the Campaign WG

e) GGEP:

Respect My Privacy Campaign of the GGEP (Silvio)

  • Input via Email

h) Other organization’s activities

anna lindh foundation

  • FYEG will renew membership @maggie

12. Activity plan

a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)

Election Campaign:


  • Ingrid and Micha to call MO to get their commitment to

  • Manifesto

  • GA 

  • Youth Campaign

  • (Join GJ Hochtouren)

Second GA fall 2013 (August 29-31)

    - draft invitation and agenda to be approved for sending out

1. Invitation to the exGA      

  • MAGGIE: To be send out tonight

2. Draft program    

  • MEPs to invite

  • Put the new Campaign Plan prominent in the programme (Jakob Style doc)

  • Micha to send a request to German leading candidates tomorrow

  • Micha needs support for organising this

  • Participants?

  • Will be probably more than 50

  • We will have to find out where to host them additionally maybe in tents

  • WG participation - maybe we clarify the number at the retreat

  • @Maggie to check the number participants

Youth Campaing: 

Final version of the draft was sent to GreensEFA

  • Summary version: 

  • Long version: 

  • Budget: 

  • Clairsse, will give feedback from Karima

  • ECI Conference  

Quite positivie feedback on the agenda and further motivated people.

  •  Summer Camps

-- Silvios overview: 

-- overview on the website (Steva)

  • Germanspeaking: 14-17 of August: 

  • Inter-Isles: (18-21 July) 

  • Eastern Europe (CDN) August 10-16th: still no update on the workshops. 

  • Southern 19-22 August. 

  • Nordic (wintercamp) 

  • Central (Hungary)-  17-21 July 2013.

COP - letter to polish ambassadors

  • EnCaTra people send it out

  • Possibility to make a bigger campaign out of it after the summer

  • Green Economy webinar : it will be on Wednesday, 3nd 8pm

  • Heinrich Böll conference 

  • Please send ideas about activists from greece or spain to Micha

  • Micha will meet them on Wed

  • CDN - FYEG study session "Open source-open mind"

  • to appoint a contact person for this project 

  • discuss it in detail at the retreat

  • Spring Camp 2014

  • in the youth proposal to GGEP

  • EU-India project

  • Silvio had a meeting with Durgha. She is writting a draft until the retreat. will be discussed at the retreat/skype

14. Any other business

internship in brussels action - email from maarten 

  • Silvio authorised to take action on it

registering in the transperancy register: http://europa.eu/transparency-register/index_en.htm (for public consulations) internship in brussels action - email from maarten

  • Decision: speak about it at the retreat

Logistics and technicalities for Skopje:

  • Steva will send details tomorrow