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Minutes: EC skype 07.01.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  07-01-2013 
Time: 19:00-21.00 CET

1. Opening of the meeting

Attending people: Terry, Jakob, Micha, Ingrid, Maggie, Krassi
Missing: Phil, Chema, Steva
2. Elections
•  Election of moderator: Micha
•  Election of minutes taker: Jakob
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
Meeting's valid.
4. Approving the agenda
5. Personal Update - including political update
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week

 8. Office:

skipped most points because Steva/Shenna not present.


a) update
b) accountant
c) reports
d) intern after Dragana
The current internship of Dragana shall finish on 1st of March.
Micha suggested to try Odyssee, a program FYEG should be eligible to apply for.
Tasks: Micha checks Odysee, Maggie communicates the GGEP internship application with the office.
e) finances
Overview about the FYEG financial situationwas provided at the Brussels ECM.
Employees payments have happened. Problems are mostly due to low cash flow (again a result of late reporting and the necessity to wait for reimbursement from the respective funding agency)
9. Internal structure
a) EC
• Call for everything for the GA - around 14th February
•  sec gen
•  EC
•  election campaign team
•  ecosprinter team
DELEGATION: Krassina is taking care of calls (at 12weeks deadline) for EC Candidates etc. for the GA, asking Shenna to put the calls into the dropbox


•  Chema's replacement
•  candidates
•  electronic vote
•  ballot vote
DECISION: Procedure: We propose the electronic vote to the MOs, with the Advisory committee as Voting Commission, if MOs don't resist, we go for it. Beforehand test by Maggie, EC members need to vote.
Jakob ensures the AC people are informed - links them to Terry.
DECISION: Candidates: We extend the deadline (a final time) until Friday, Ingrid informs MOs about the extension of the deadline.
•  Sec. Gen pre- election committee - Krassi is having the responsibility to organize it and she will part of it.
• Micha's participation in next ECM and falafel meeting
DECISION: none, wait for Phil's and Steva's opinion
DELEGATION: Micha will facilitate decision making for the funding of his travel-costs
Maggie will work on rules for the future
b) WGs 
c) MOs:
d) SPP:
Update on Committee work:
• Election committee B: call has been sent out. First meeting coming. The committee is fine.
• External communication A6: work started, all-male committee
• Partners& networks committee A8: no info
• Political work committee A9: communication sent out, first meeting is tomorrow, Adrien, Veli dropped out, only girls
•  Activity committee A7: lack of people, Krassi will contact Jakob for solutions
•  Administration and treasury A3&4: call sent out, lack of responses
•  Structural and Membership committee A2&5: the committee is also very small
DECISION: Travel will be reimbursed to a 100%, MOs will be asked to delegate
DELEGATION: Jakob takes over SPMII organization -> call to the MOs to nominate their delegates
Maggie does the travel communication to MOs
10. Communication
a) internal communication
•  platform
DECISION: everybody use it, Jakob facilitate
• update email lists
DECISION: Jakob reminds Chris to send us the mailing list info (including moderation)
b) external communication
•  Saab conference
DECISION: Micha willl convince Ingrid to go together. Maggie will write to SAAB requesting to have two people at the conference, because we want to have equal representation. If it is not possible, we will see, maybe nobody will go.
c) web
• update about moving web site
DECISION: Jakob will communicate with Chris, and send call for designer
d) Ecosprinter
• update about potential blog part
REPORT: from Krassi, they plan to provide a more interactive page. 
DECISION: Krassi will communicate the ECM@COP decision to the Ecosprinter Board
e) Newsletter 
11. Networking
a) CDN
Call for Balkan Regional Meeting in Stenje, Macedonia - selection of ourrepresentative there - maybe EC member, WG representative etc.
DECISION: we ask Iva if she wants to go
DELEGATION: Micha asks Iva
 Ingrid will communicate to Phil to communicate to CDN (and come up with a Plan B if Iva doesn't want to or CDN has preferences)
CDN GA: almost everybody from the EC wants to go there
b) GYG
c) Falafel:
Falafel Network Meeting: There is 
- a list of participants, there is Organisations that don't communicate, 
- a draft programme
- a preliminary prep-team (Phil, ingrid, dragana, Gizem, some lebanese Slovenian, Micha)
- task division
- Problems with Balance between Israel/palestine 
DELEGATION: Terry communicates to palestinians, tries to get them to come
d) EGP
Krassi will send report from GND Social Dim WG meeting in Athens.


f) European youth forum
h) Other organization’s activities 
12. Activity plan
a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)
•   COP18 Workshop (Jakob)
report done. Waiting for results.
•  LGBTQ seminar Tuzla (Phil/Terry) 


Second SPP meeting 15th - 18th of February
Winter camp 02-09th of March
• GYG ppl update - Uma has her visa invitation, Tanya doesnt need visa
• prep-team meeting 11-13th January
•   issues that need to be clarified
- How many participants we could have with the budget so far, because we will vote upon the participants at the prep-team meeting
- How to proceed with the arrangements of the hostel as we are not sure on the budget?
- FYEG EC need to brainstorm how we could help for the funding as the situations is really not so shiny right now 
DECISION: EC and Krassi will keep looking for co-funding (30% minimum), in the worst case FYEG will have to contribute 8000Euros that aren't backed up by income
Energy and Campaigning TRAINING 22nd - 29th of March 
Austrian Young Greens might want to postpone it to JUNE! Please check our activity calendar and whether we can support this or not (they will take care of communicating it to the agency, other partners are a problem... I'd feel bad to inform them about the delay. Personally I'd be ok, bc I have so much stuff now anyways.) 
DISCUSSION: delay would be ok, as long as Jakob's fine with it.
DECISION: Jakob will wait for Austrian Young Greens, and check with Steva
General assembly
• concept of spring conference (to be done by jakob by 12th)
•  second GA fall 2013
Youth emancipation publication: 
ECI water campaign


b) project ideas 
- GEF call for proposals
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
b) ideas
c) discussions 
14. Any other business