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Minutes: EC Retreat ii - Mainz

FYEG Executive Committee retreat II

17 - 19 January 2017, Mainz, Germany





Executive Committee

The calendar for upcoming months and the division of tasks should be discussed in the end of this meeting.



Sec Gen

Artur delivers updates on Sec Gen tasks. Accomplished tasks to be seen in the 1.2.Office document.



Paz is going to be part of the Western Sahara Committee in the EP. Next interns will be selected based on a targeted call and will be assigned to strategic committees.


Project Manager

Artur delivers updates on Gio’s tasks. Accomplished tasks to be seen in the 1.2.Office document. The EC discusses the tasks and responsibilities of the new Project Manager.



Will be discussed later in details.


Office Assistant

Artur delivers updates on Laura’s tasks. Accomplished tasks to be seen in the 1.2.Office document.


EVS accreditation

Decision: EC decides to designate the office to apply for EVS accreditation in the beginning of March. Further consult with the E+ National Agencies in Belgium.


Member Organisations


Norwegian YG changed their board. They need time to reconfigure. ViNO is getting ready for local elections. Swedish YG had the GA and re-elected the spokespersons. Elected new international relations officer. Political development: declared that they want stronger EU. They have concrete policy proposals which are worth taken seriously.



Controversy with the French YG.EcoloJ has a GA in a week. Jong Groen had funding cuts but are still doing fine with activity planning.Gruene Jugend are stressed over the amount of things they are bombarded with.

There are initiatives in FYEG WGs to support the MOs with their electoral campaigns.

Hungarians have been collecting signatures against Budapest hosting the Olympics. They are interested to candidate for full MO.



Young Cyprus greens had a GA, re-elected MK as Secretary General. Maria will keep us posted on the developments in Cyprus political miliou.



There’s CDN GA next week. Georgian recently had the GA. They are involved in street protests and exciting activities coming up. Modom they might have local and general elections due to inability to form a government. Belarus Young Greens are in the streets - environmental concerns, there’s upcoming lgbt event. If MIL from Azerbaijan becomes CDN Observer, we will have to establish formal communication with them.


Candidate, expelled, potential

- Denmark: Alternativet > Green Party in Denmark, they just established a youth wing. The Alternativet Youth seems to be interested in membership. We suggested that they need to be in touch with us. EGP is also interested in this party, quite openly.

- Valencia: Valencians have been really active and has fulfilled expectations that were set before them at the GA. The situation however, remains very problematic and causing a lot of controversy.

- Northern Ireland/Ireland: Irish are planning to make their come back, they will either write the explanation letter on why they haven’t paid or even pay. On the other hand, The northern Irish YGs would also like to apply for membership.

We decide to at follow the developments in Northern Ireland, in order to get closer to them. Especially during their elections. (2. March)

- Azerbaijan: Teo will deliver updates after the CDN GA


General Assembly

The prep-team has been established, who also visited various venues to be chosen from. There is a selection of hostels that we need to make a decision upon and we are still looking for the room with large capacities.

Artur has a list of calls and deadlines. Preparing them and will have them drafted for next week.

For the GA there are statutory documents that needs to be proposed:

  • Office/SecGen report

  • EC reports

  • Financial plan

  • Activity plan

  • Activity Report

  • Budget Report

  • AC report

  • FC Report

  • Minutes for approval

  • Resolutions

  • WG Reports

  • SPP Report

  • Ecosprinter report

  • Webmaster report



There were some resolutions that has been mentioned: on austerity, Migration, since it’s developing rapidly, Peace.

ToDo: Contents for documents to be sent to Gio for layouting 1 week before the date for publishing.


We might need to change statutes. There must be a research behind this, before it gets proposed. There’s also the need for amending the IRPs. The EC should think about possible amendments and Maria and Marie will coordinate collection and discussions on it for Liverpool.


Last year showed that changing the way we vote for documents needs to be reviewed with the involvement of JM and Maria with the SPC. Also, the political platform is getting a bit old and would like to see the revision of the Political platform in the activity plan.


Spring Conference

Main topic of the conference should be the change in traditional politics, change in European social-democracy, progressive political movements and Greens in this process. There’s no title yet. The proposal is that the GA takes more space than the conference, that the conference is also spread all over the duration.


Speakers should be revised where we have MEPs next to spanish names and young greens activists. There’s a good reason why the GA and conference have been mixed: people need to attend both for funding reasons and also the GA discussions haven’t always been inclusive and conference is one way of changing this.

Working Groups

Adria gives an overview of the curtent situation: some working, some struggling.

We will look at practices and procedures that worked, and how we can better support working groups and SPCs. And whether this support can come from the office.


Saturday 18th January



We will give an overview of the budget, and tackle open questions like where we want to have SPM, how to make ECMs more sustainable.


Discussion on membership fees takes place. This year alone around 40.000 EUR need to be fundraised.


For Arts, crafts and politics – proposal to have a cooperation with other youth political networks (as strategic partners), and it is possible they would be able to contribute with their own budgets.

EC agrees – good proposal and idea.

To Do: Teo European left has meeting in Helsinki. To connect Gio with them.

To Do: A plan of fundraising, to be presented on the next online EC meeting. Explore options that were mentioned and have some feedback.


Questions & Issues


Bank card for the project manager

Petra gives an introduction to her request, having a card is easier and safer way of transport, managing money on the spot. It is more transparent to follow transactions, also in case anything happens it is better to follow expanses. Makes easier reporting, and also in case of emergencies.

Practically – upon approved project budget with Sec Gen and treasurer we would agree on the amount to be transferred to the account and how it would be spent. Any left over would be returned to the main account, together with the bills proving payments.

Steva from FCC commented that in his understanding payment is payment whether in cash or by card, and it's on EC to see how rigid they want to be about this.


Discussion and previous experience of project manager is shared. There are no objections for a project manager to have a card for projects.


Decision: The project manager should get a card.



Western Sahara

The project went well. The participants were glad. It was an experimental setup. It went along the line with what other MOs are doing. It offered rare opportunity to network with the people outside Europe. There's a lot of material and it needs to be selected and promoted. There's going to be continuity. There was a change in programme and the communication wasn't great either, which was a divergence from the initial idea. It needs to be closely coordinated with the MOs, there must be stronger leadership.


European Ideas Lab

We gathered some input from the participants, which was transfered to EGP as FYEG feedback. They liked the debates, liked meeting with movements, sustainability and atmosphere. EGP liked the feedback. The movements there were professional, which was inspirational.


Upcoming projects

Liverpool (Resistance is Fertile + Global Young Greens + Greens2017)


a) RiF

RiF: things started to move. There were drop outs. We contacted some of the applicants. Pax are receiving the acceptance letters and financial conditions tonight. The overseas participants have to be dealt with. We will have venue within the next week, after evaluating the proposals. There's a prep-team meeting in Brussels in 10 days.

EYF wants to come, they are wondering about technicalities and programme.

Outputs need to be facilitated and carefully planned by FYEG EC.

b) GYG

There are gong to be 20-50 delegates from overseas. They don't know the names yet.

They won't focus too much on topical discussions but instead try to relaunch the movement. Next week, Fabian will found out what is the scale of the GYG congress. 

ToDo: Fabian to speak with Zuzana and Josef and get final numbers

c) EGP

Decision: 5 EC members, 1 Office out of which 3-4 follow the GYG and 2-3 follows the EGP congress. (Anastasja, Teo, JM, Fabian, Marie, Artur).

Petra was invited to be at the presidency of GYG congress.

Division of responsibilities: Teo, to negotiate on behalf of FYEG at the GYG to make sure that things move forward to the right direction. At the EGP, could help with forming the votes and arguments. Marie would be interested in EGP, Fabian will work on GYG, Adria doesn't know if he can come, Anastasjia is interested in EGP, Artur on GG congress.

GYG – Fabian Gio Petra Teo Artur

EGP – Nastja, Marie, Maria


We will make a detailed plan for these teams.


Summer Camp

On 2nd Feb application submitted for KA1. We will now esults at the beginning of April. Dates are for 8 days, 25.07. – 3.08. 3rd is when their summer camp will start and they will occupy all the space. The proposal is to cut the summer camp for one day shorter, and then offer to those who want to stay one more day to do so by camping. The budget from E+ is quite generous. And the plenary is very affordable. If we agree with the plenary that they make overall invoice including all sleeping places, appearing as 50 – from E+ we can cover all accommodation, plenary, food, etc. and travel for 50 people.

The problem is asking for definite answer if we want to go for this particular venue. It is couple of km away from Berlin – accessible, have experiences with groups such as ours.


This location is very nice, and I recommend it. However, if we do not get the grant what we can do is to postpone the event for 2-3 weeks is and apply for another E+ DL (26th April). But it might be impossible to have it in Germany – so other location could be considered. Another possibility is to have a winter camp instead.



Sunday 19th January



Call for delegates is out with the deadline of 28 February. We need to  promote it and in cases approach potential delegates personally. We also need to send a timeline proposal to EGP and GGEP, with funding requests. MEPs were approached and they are waiting for information. There's a need for support from the EC and office for fundraising. We must strive to have the same delegated and the inter sessionals and in Bonn COP. In order to come up with a strategy, we need to consult with the potential funders. Would be nice to have a publication/handbook. We need to identify possible delegates also for PPYO, funders and agree on criteria and goals.

Gio: Three profiles, one person that serves as a liaison between the COP delegation and AlterCOP seminar, one person that has a communication background and other two persons who keep the general overview of what's happening inside the COP with a balance in experience.

We centralise the fundraising in the office.

Intercessions are 10 days before the GA and we need to be careful with who to approach in MOs.


Demasculinisation of Politics

The venue is booked. We still need to arrange the hostel, since the number of participants is low, it must be fine. The food is arranged. The tickets are booked. Two persons canceled. The team found a substitution. Petra, Paula and Claire helped a lot with the programme. Cansu was also helpful. Cansu and Claire are not going to be present at the training. We strive to have the handbook for the GA. Gio will help with the handbook (April).

There was a risk analysis document done and we might want to use it for our future projects.


Next Activity Plan


We received 18 project proposals.

We could have a short discussion on how we make the skeleton for the activity plan for the next

Would be good to have events between September and summer camp next year that focus on topics and has policies as an outcome. That could even be short and small scale events.

At the last Activity subgroup meeting there was a discussion on the activity plan. There was also an idea to discuss the European elections with EGP.

There is an agreement that we have to number down the international activities to ensure the quality. There's also clear need to focus on accessibility and have evaluation of what kind of events we want.

Possibility for regional projects should be explored.

Conclusions have always been that the regions need to organise themselves and some of them has done so.

MOs want to be trained on fundraising, communication skills and the topics mentioned were far-right and migration.

We also need to thing strategically on what capacities we want to develop in MOs.Recruitment and management, fundraising and communication are prominent skills.


ToDo: Adria, Petra, Teo and Paula will work on the skeleton for the activity plan.

Office organisies the resources in the office.


Arts Crafts Politics:

We strive to have the event in September/October.

To Do: Gio to send out the call for host organisation

To Do: Office to send out the activity plan to EfaY, Left, Socialists and federalists.



There was a christmas campaign in Climate WG. They are trying to build another campaign with the Migration working group. There's also idea from FoE WG. The questions are what are we doing with the existing campaign ideas and what to do with the European campaign.

The FoE wg is very interested to have a campaign on Interrail. It was presented to the EGP. It would be a one month thing, Mid april-Mid May. The campaign will be on a few stories, one per week. There will be a hashtag, some other content. It will be lottery based. Niels was in touch with some NGO, who came up with the idea and getting free tickets sounds feasible. The EGP would fund the material.




GA coming up next week.


Nothing to decide. There are deadlines coming up. The persons being interested in EGP congress divide the tasks and organise themselves.


Nothing to decide.


They have strategy day in the beginning of 3rd March. We are partners of two projects Migration and Basic income, this will be delegated to Petra.

Decision: Gio will go to their meeting.


Still waiting for input on the vision.


Updates in the document. There will be a call for members of the advisory council on youth department. There will be elections. Maria and Teo suggest to have a nominee. The candidate needs to be with experience with EYF. 19th of March deadline. The interest should be expressed before 5th of March.


Party-Political Youth Organisations

Organise a debate with other PPYOs primaries.

There's a meeting organised on conflict resolution, we've been invited. We might consider having a representative and combine it with the MO visit.

To Do: Teo forwards email to Maria and Maria decides whether she wants to go or not.


1. we got the confirmation from YES that a PPYO debate on Saturday 8 April in the framework on the Europe TurnLeft event should be possible. You will soon receive more detailed information from Lucie and we can then also discuss it at the next meeting.

2. We would therefore very much like to invite you to join us for a focus group exchange on Wednesday 22nd of February From12:00 till 14:00.  The goal is to capture your inputs on your experiences using our Pool of Trainers, but equally getting a better understanding on what prevents you from using the POT now and gather your ideas on how we can make the POT more useful for the MOs.

3. The European Commission is organising 6 focus groups taking place as part of preparations for the upcoming Stakeholder Conference on the future of the EU Youth Strategy, which will be held during the EU Youth Week 1-7 May 2017. For each of the meetings a minimum of 2 MO representatives will be able to participate.

All focus group meetings will take place at the DG EAC office in Brussels. Traveling costs will be reimbursed by the contractor of the Commission. The timing of the focus group should allow travel into Brussels in the morning and departure in the evening.

4. For the European elections 2019, we would like to start early this time, and take on a more comprehensive approach. We would like, firstly and most importantly, to work closely with the PPYOs and meet each relevant European political party together. Our objectives in this are to get to know more about each political family’s plans when it comes to campaigns, how they aim to reach out to young people, include young people in their campaigns and as young candidates, manifesto drafting, and especially the selection of their lead candidates. Therefore, please let us know if this is something that would interest you, and if you would be willing to meet your party together with the European Youth Forum team, and have a common approach. 



Gio’s Plans + Social Media Strategy

People who want to get info about FYEG need to be able to do so without too much energy and autonomously. Efficiency – how to optimize tools we are using and get immediate feedback along the way in a coordinated manner. Target group that is diverse, create an audience to enable FYEG to have political discussions on multiple domains.

Innovation, how to reimagine policy making, create different spaces to stimulate people's minds.


Target group:

1. FYEG bodies – WGs, MOs, partners

- support them, be in direct touch with WGs, and see how they can exercise feeding in the content and delivering concrete output

- constant feedback needed to improve work

2. General public

- potential pax on our events, those who we want to intrigue, get them interested in our political content

- specific target groups according to the message


Additionally – explore how to work with traditional media, support to spokes and other EC to get their messages through traditional media, relations with their media officers


Areas for work:

1.     Online – social media, but also mailing lists

2.     Material content


Three directions:

1.     Startegy

Not immediate task; work continuously on a strategy for 2017-18 and build up to the campaign for elections.

Mission, values and believes – clarify through dialogue and communicate it openly and accessible.

Long-term goal – targets and indicators to measure if this is ok.

Defining target groups more clearly – who is here now and whom we want in the future.

Improving the tools we are using currently.

Timeline – one of the first tasks, clear vision for this year.

Data management, archiving digital library and create history.

Marketing – identify various marketing strategies – atm not high on priority list.

Optimization – explore tools to support work of target groups, and optimize what we are already using.

Networking – foster network of external communication officers with our partners, synchronization of our work

Ecosprinter – different strategies to support their work, improve online communication, assist in layout design and coordinate delivery of printing issues


2.     Management

We are producing a lot of things, analyzing content, social media, process and target groups, and evaluation (feedback).

Support Christoph with management of the mailing lists – check who is there and is getting what kind of information.

Contacts with people who aren't in direct communication with us – i would like to add those to our mailing list and build a follower.

Website – change the structure and usage of the website, not only design. In next two months we might have significantly improved website.

Ownership over coordination and managerial (leadership) role in smaller campaigns.


3.     Branding

Guideline how to use logo – to be shared with our partners

Several templates for the documents that can be used when Gio is not available that EC can chose from and know where to put what

Improving visual cohesion of our identity – templates for different things

Photo, video and graphic production (creation of original content) – videos already proved to be effective

weekly visual stories – every week another political subject (next time: intern strike with Terry)


4.     Production

Promotion and production of outputs from educational events (next guideline from DoP and following from RiF)

Newsletter – redesigne a bit

MO letter?

Press releases (traditional media) – work with spokespersons to have press releases monthly


5.     Materials and merchandize

Making materials and exchanging them for a donation.


Things already started or to be started soon

Capacity building work – MOs or Statutory meetings, prepare a workshop to circulate skills

Contacting people relevant for Gio's position – either direct audience or those creating content (WGs, MOs – check where they are -> include them in newsletters)

Find someone to work on podcasts with (Morgan)

EGP has advanced technological equipment that they don't use due to lack of capacities which could be used.

Website – page for projects which can also accommodate multimedia content; space for political content; separate page where EC members and spokes can have for political content (also possible to combine with language – and ECs can write on their own languages.

WG on technology and communication – innovations, new technologies.



Revising responsibilities

Marie has too many responsibilities until the end of the year, and is lacking capacities to meet them all. Not sure where someone could replace her.

Paula would like to help with GA, and have more information about local perspective and ensure that everything is going well.

Adria has a new job, not sure in possibility to travel. 27th of May he has to be in Barcelona.

Fabian available to help Marie with individual tasks (like EGP).

Nastasja has troubles with the coordination of the WG. She is available to help someone on their tasks.

JM wasn’t present for the Structural subgroup. He can also help with some tasks.

Pool of tasks to be potentially redistributed.