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Minutes: EC phone conference 9.5.2011

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Evaluation of the GA
Presidency made a guideline and report.
Outcome of the debate was fine but i am not happy with some rules that were not giving the same
space to everyone. It seems that not everyone was able to participate. Big confusion was who was
presidency, structural commission and what is a position of the EC. I was disappointed with a
debate. Next year we will have PP debate and i hope we can prepare discussions for the GA.
We missed leadership on working groups and there was no strategy behind that. People were talking
randomly. I recommend you to deal with it. Presentations were random without political strategy
behind it.
Happy with PP results. Level of participation of the delegates was higher than before.
I enjoyed a culture that FYEG have around GA. We should work harder to be inclusive with Mos
according to their specific needs. To communicate to mothorganizations who only coming to GA.
We need to care of our Mos. Culture around GA's is fun and great. We should still put some efforts
in the inclusiveness of the new delegates.
Budget: I was surprised that there was not much reactions last year. For the budget 2011 i was
supposed to explain better that it is a proposal of the budget. MO's are waiting more from FYEG.
Maybe we can organize some cross-border events. I think atmosphere was very good.
Inclusion was good and atmosphere. Presidency was very good. It is impossible to deal with certain
issues if its not planned in advance.
There are twp levels of the discussion...
It was not strict with pros and cons and I think that this system is productive in terms of helping
people to structure their thoughts and position.
Sometimes it was not clear who is speaking what and on behalf of what group. 3 people from EC
were in Structure group.
I am really happy with questions raised and that delegates showed interest in the budget.
I also think that Conference was very good. Ideological debate.
It was not just talk it was outcome as well, I agree with a lot about what was sad so far about Ga,
The worst case is if there is no discussion at all about the budget. The budget was not on the web-
The same with some resolutions. I also didn't have all of them in paper form during the GA. We
took some resolutions that not all people actually read it. I think we have to give papers before.
Respect deadlines. Not only for IRPs but for all documents .
We should have discussion about Presidency. First presentations and then next day vote.
I think it was better than last year. Conversion about IRPs was not moderated all the time very well.
I want to see report about presidency and then we can talk about it.
GA was super stressful. We have to consider how much stress we can put on the people. I agree that
we should put efforts in MO's but I didn't had time.
Some of the problems that are raised we should discuss. Certification of the deadlines. But it was
not putted on the web-page.
I am very happy with number of amendments. Problematic was that there was no deadline for
amendments and most of the amendments were handing in during the Ga.
That was a big problem for presidency to plan and react on it. They were working till 5am and put a
lot of efforts. The moderation had some mistakes.
I am nappy that structure process is over. Great job! If the amendments came on the last day it is
obvious that it is a problem for presidency to handle. Arrival times of delegates could be approved.
We should stress the networking a bit more. Name games and get to know was good and very
The last day was a bit messy as well. CND FYEG paper was not put on the agenda on proper way
and it was my mistake. Still, I am happy with the results of the discussion.
EC and prep team did a lot. New organizations and new regions should be more involved. The
process of participating can come with time. About working group presentations, I would like to see
more feedback and more about the plans. Saying to people « stop » from presidency is not very ok.
I was very worried about the organizational things. I think the local prep team did a great job with
kitchen. There was a lot of stress and lots of work. When we plan debate and panels that we are
aware of stress that we are putting on the people.
WG: I agree that we need more strategy for the WG. I think now we have a new procedure. More in
accordance with activity plan. Try to structure some long term aims and working plans.
The reimbursement of non EU participants. Its clear that travel will be expensive. We only now pre-
anounced costs of the delegates.
Local costs were fine according to the plans. Yes the FYEG Ga is the most expensive. Cash flow
will not be a problem. There will not be a problem with reimbursement.
Timing of the GA is very fitting in financial plans of the GA. Luxembourg YG did a great fund-
raising. Office had some problems in terms of communication Office – local prep team, office –

General communication rules:
Terry: different tools that we use:
Mailing list: advisory committee is on the mailing list and you should have it on mind. They can
not post on the list.
When proposing something through e-mail or discussing try to put concrete requests what would
you like from others concerning your points in the mail and how would you like to proceed.
If it is urgent write in the subject of the letter.
We also have skype conferences. We take decisions on skype sometimes but also e-mail. We are
trying to reach consensus. Secret voting can be done through doodle in extreme situation when we
don't have other way to reach the decision.
Markus: Mailing lists are stored on this laptop. EC list have archive. Hector will download from it
and put it in the archive.
Spokesperson should have access to office mail.
We also have google calendar and recently we were not using it very often.
Markus: It is very important that you make clear and proper headlining of the mails!
It always feels like a violation when spokespersons are entering office mail but this is something
that has to be done.
SecGEN is on the EC mailing list.
About voting;
Proposal is sent with the deadline for voting. You can make amendments and as soon as people says
that it is fine decision is taken.
Skype/phone conferences:
SecGen keeps the overview of what has to be discussed for skype conference.
Monday is very good day. Its first day in the week and it is very useful for secgen and all of us.
Q: Will we have a possibility for phone conference?
Not always. For the phone conference we need access to parliament office. It is much better to have
phone conferences but its not always possible. We should try it whenever possible, otherwise we
use skype.
I would like to stress that we are shouldn't be late with starting the conference. We should respect
each others time. I now its very hard and I just wanted to insist that we all keep it on mind.
Monday noon is reasonable time for SecGen to send agenda of the phone/skype conferences.
I would like that we discuss Agenda every time. It should be at the begging of the agenda.
Decision: Secgen sends agenda every Monday noon!

2. Formal task division
Usually we have EC meetings connected with some events. First one will be in June. Second
weekend of June. We have to decide today.
10-12 June. This is a proposal that you have to vote on it.
Merja will check it again but probably not able to come.
Decision: Meeting will be held on 9-12 June.
We will connect EC meeting, EC meeting with previous EC members and PP committee meeting
Thursday noon begging of the meeting.
Sunday afternoon end of the meeting.
Options: Belgium, Serbia, Netherlands.
Delfina, David, Markus, Seb, Dudu, Vesna and EC
Steva estimates travel costs and budget for the meeting and sends to EC.
Steva will work on practicalities of the meeting.
Practice in public speaking and media training will be included in the Agenda.
Markus will draft Agenda.

3. Tasks IRPs and statutory/legal
President – female spokesperson
Stuff – male spokesperson
Legal representative – SecGen
Sexual harassment:
Nikola and Maggie
CDN – Gaya
GYG – Merja

Working groups:
Open the call for members, say clearly objectives and the way how the working group is supposed
to work. Ask people if they want to leave the group. Make a round presentation through the e- list.
On skype you select two coordinators and define your objectives. Afterwords EC members should
help and transfer information between WG and EC.
Keep in mind that whatever input WG propose it is still on the EC to make a final decisions.
Political representation remains within the EC.
IRP's is valid from now. So procedures about WG from IRPs we have to follow.
David: Proposal to change the name of the Climate WG to Energy WG.
Nic: Jakob is interesting in Climate WG.
Gaya is already part of the Peace WG and she should be in-charged of the Peace WG.
Nikola: I am involved in Peace and Democracy WG.
Merja: I can take over Gender, if Terry is ok with it.
Peace – Gaya
Democracy – Nikola
Gender – Merja
Climate – Jakob
Green Economy – Terry
Migration – Nic
Regionalism – Nikola
Digital rights - Maggie
German Young Greens offered to pay for one meeting of one working group during the year. They
would prefer digital rights but they are leaving the space to EC to define priorities. Also WG has the
activity to organize, Winter Camp if it will be accepted.
Bilateral communication with previous coordinator is very important.
Ecosprinter – Jakob
Green students network – Merja
Falafel Network – Nikola
European Youth Forum – Maggie
Efi from Cyprus, Mark and Terry are proposed for EGP EUROMED WG.
Maggie: There are some EYF conferences on Employment Action and I would like to support
Delfina to participate since the meetings are usually on the working days and i can not participate.
Decision: Delfina will participate in Employment Action conference.

Division of the MO's
Terry – Netherlands, Jong Groen, romania, GJ, Azeri, Cyprus
Maggie – Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech, Turkey, Ukraina
Nic – France, Ecolo J, Lux, JEV, Spain, GAJ
Nikola- Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia
Jakob – Austria, South Tyrol, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Malta
Gaya – Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Andora, Portugal, Belarus
Merja – Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland, Scotland
We should update contacts list. EC members should write an e-mail to MO's that they are
responsible for, introduce themselves and ask for contacts update.
Rejected applications - Israel, Lebanon, Kazakhs, Romania
Draft an e-mail for Lebanon and Israel – Nikola and Terry
Maggie – Kazaks
Terry – Romania

3. Staff and Office.
Sec gen Transfer modalities and questions.
Markus: transfer: practicalities, time management and legalities.
The EC has to decide on the hand-over period. Markus is willing to do it in voluntary basis,
when he is not on holidays (end of July and August). Until the end of May he wants to be in full
working time. Steva can be one week in Brussels during May to do legalities and practicalities
mainly (bank account, offices keys, passwords, etc). Steva can sign the work contract today. The
visa and working permit in Brussels is going to start now.
Markus want to ask for continue under determinate bases doing financial and bank control.
On the upcoming weeks the how the office work will start.

Steva: he wants to come as soon as possible to Brussels, probably Tuesday (17th of May) next week.
Steva is open to do more than one week of hand-over, depending on the needs and the decisions of
the EC.
Steva wants to do a task list, with the EC, to go on the office beyond the transfer process.
EU-Citizenship seminar reimbursement in Paris with Steva and Markus.
In the Activity Plan, the office holidays will be during all July, as long as the EC is fine with it,
although we should be flexible on this.
The final decision will be send as a proposal on the tasks and holidays in the office as well as the
hand-over process by next Friday 20th.
Proposal: sign the contract with Steva today. We will sign it.
Zofia and Morana.
Zofia, part-time office assistant. prepare bank transactions. Secgens only performs transfers
prepared by Office admin and that are approved by Treasurer. Zoffia prepares paper and Maggie
signs it and then only transfer is made. That is senseless and not possible.
That process had to be completed. Task of the treasurer is to confirm the transactions. EC agrees.
Zofia is looking for jobs and applied for several. She applied to Social democrats. Technically she is
not green, she is good and works good. She is not irreplaceable. If the EC decides you can start a
process of looking for new people.
Handover will not be the problem in her case. Chief of stuff should go with her about this.
She has 2 year contract that started in 2010. Early 2012 should be normal time to start process
unless she gets the job before.
Its a position that is hired by EC.
She has being doing weekends, traveling in order to work with FYEG. She would like to take some
In June there are some tasks for her.
Today and tomorrow she will be in the office. Next week starting with Tuesday. In meanwhile she
can take days off.
Morana – she is highly motivated and she likes FYEG. Sophia is in the office for long time. Morana
has a lot of dynamic energy and she is organizing her own tasks according to the tasks decided.
We have a deal with GG as they have places for interns. FYEG suggests someone. They want the
other half. It is good for the intern to have also possibility to work with GG. Last year there was one
open call and one decision of the EC. There was around 300 applications. Edvin gave very good
impressions from GG. We got unofficial request from GG to find someone from Croatia. Its up to
the new EC to decides about the process after Morana leaves. Morana's internship ends on 1 st of
October. We should communicate with Green Group about next intern.
She is doing some commitments also. Organizing some conferences in Croatia.
Any transfers that are made before GA, David will sign.

Activity plan deadlines.
– Citizenship seminar in France
Citizenship seminar in France. In cooperation with GEF. Second seminar will be in Bucurest in
October. Delfina and me were responsible for this and I would like if someone else takes this after
the Paris conference.
Migration working group can be more involved. Nic will be responsible for it. Nic will continue
working on it together with WG. Nic will try to find support from someone else for this but is
responsible on behalf EC.
– Falafel exchange:
Office has promised to handle cash reimbursements and to provide other support.
Delfina will take more responsibility. We will apply to Commission and National Agency in Spain.
First or second week of December. On Wednesday draft of the application Delfina will send.
Final input for the budget for Sophia. Partners are sending the faxes to office. Office will take care
of contracts.
Armenia, Azeri, 3 from Izreal, Germans, Ukrainian and Georgians and Catalans, Tunisia, Lebanon.
It is important that there is a geographical balance of the countries. We can take these decisions on
– Capacity building training
From technical reason we will postpone application for later as we don't have partner organizations.
Young Greens councilors – Young Green activism
Markus is still in charge of this activity. There is 400 budget for speakers traveling.
Nic and Delfina will go there in Berlin.
Markus will send explanation of speakers.
Both of these projects are
Young Greens involved in local politics. Jakob Dalunde, from Finlanda and Paola from Berlin.
They will do workshop on sunday morning.
Green Summer University
It would be useful to find other financial partner. It was really tide and our workshop. I
We should put our own contribution. We c to an still fund rise on a side for other.
1sr Workshop – I went in Poznan with Sophia. They want to provide space for young people.
Falafel and We need finances for this. We can fundraiser specifically when we know speakers for
the workshops. For Falafer we put 400 max for the other probably we will not need much.
Green Summer University - 8th - 11th of September and we should try to be there. Its a good place to
lobby people. Nic will send on the EC list proposal already sent to GG.
There will probably be organized buses. The information on that is still wage.
Ecolo J
They have General Assembly on 17th of May, 7:30- The topic is Israel and Palestine.
Nic will go if possible. If not we send them apologies.

Leftover decisions
Financial transaction procedures.
My mandate is over but I still keep the bank card. Transactions approved by treasurer, and
communicated with SecGen.
Party political youth organizations meeting of the EYF are meeting on Thursday. I would like to go
there and explain that new SecGen is elected and new spokespersons.
GA follow up:
Nic will write the press release. Nic will communicate with Hector about his tasks. Adding people
to the e-lists and create e-mail adress. Everyone should write small presentation for website.
The follow up of the GA (editing resolutions, other docs, minutes...). Office responsibility. During
the May.
Tasks division to be putted on the website and press release. Everyone will send short presentation
to Hector. Nic will communicate with Hector. Should be done till the end of the week. Press release
will be tomorrow morning. 3 hours for the comments from EC members.
Special newsletter for GA. Hopefully Thursday. Jakob and Nic will do it.
About newsletter in General. Following what is going on and everything that was relevant for MO's.
Short intro about the topic and then link. I was asking for input from EC and Office and then send
to Hector.
Merja: EC should take a look at the press release. Where should we send it?
Terry: We will need a proper media strategy in general.
Terry will write report from GA for the website. Until the end of the week.
Update contact details of the MO's and introduction by the EC member. Ask them if they are on the
general list and MO list.
Markus role:
His proposal is very generous.
Until 9th of June Markus is employed. After that he will have volunteer status. Nic will find out the
amount and propose to Markus.
Green new deal
social dimension
East west dialogue
Green new deal is most important one. Structures as well.
Terry will be in-charged for Green new deal WG and Nic for Structures.
On the next ECM we will have a discussion. We should be flexible and follow the work of other
Advisory Committee
The aim of previous GA was to have a body that can help transfer of knowledge processes.
Nic: We have already members of the EC.
They didn't took any official action. But informally we asked individually many times different
members of the Advisory Committee.
Prep team of CDN Summer Camp
Gaya will think about it and inform EC.
Joint Study Session with CDN
Deadline is 1st of October and we can still have time to define our priorities and decide on the next
Joint Working group
Two working groups working closely together.
There should be initiative from the Working Groups for that.
It is not EC decision about this.
According to our activity plan Gender Working groups should cooperate the most.
Capacity building working group is something where we can joint our efforts.
We would like to support this Working group and have someone from FYEG in this Working group.
The minutes will be sent and we will talk with them informally.